Sunday, October 17, 2010

The New Normal

Secret societies? UFOs? Numerology? Transhuman cyborgs?

Strange occult symbols showing up on cereal boxes and toy commercials? Rumors of arcane rituals lurking behind the headlines?

Pedophile priests and rabidly anti-gay preachers on the downlow? Vampire cults, suicide cults, polygamy cults, body modification cults...?

Welcome to the New Normal.

A jaded public, a ravenous media beast (that reaches into every corner of the globe every minute of every day), terminal disillusionment with the old certainties, and extreme economic anxiety have all conspired to unleash a host of memetic contagions (that were once safely ensconced in the underground) onto the mainstream.

Strange ideas once kept hidden from the public have reached into every home via a digital barrage of movies, TV comedies, radio shows, video games, bestselling books, magazines, podcasts, blogs and whatever up to the minute form of digital media I haven't been made aware of yet. It's all happening all at once and slowly but surely rewriting the rules of respectable public discourse.


Secret fraternities like the Masons and the Rosicrucians were once sworn to keep all of the weirdness they discussed in the safety of the lodge secret, under pain of death. The point was to prevent exactly what we're seeing now, a battalion of Djinn flying from their digital lamps, Pandora's box thrown open for all the world to see. Now we have morons who can barely read or write holding forth like unassailable experts on the "occult conspiracy." It's unbearable.

The weird irony in all of this is that although the Church kept a lid on all of this for 1500 years through a ruthlessly efficient program of torture, imprisonment, excommunication and the occasional mass genocide, it was militant paranoids within the Christian camp who've done more than any other group to disseminate and popularize all of these strange new memes.

Sure, you had your occassional prankster (say a Robert Anton Wilson or Church of the Subgenius) or occasional Masonic theme show up in a strange venue (like a TV detective show) but it was the tireless efforts of a hard core of Christian zealots who've truly unleashed the contagions, just as their forebears unleashed the Plague and Black Death on an unsuspecting Europe.


Cooper was a radical Fundamentalist, so where's the Christian symbolism?

Radical Christian Fundamentalists like James Shelby Downard, Milton William Cooper, Texe Marrs, Fritz Springmeier, Michael A. Hoffman and countless others predated all of the Da Vinci Code's and the Last Templar's and planted all of those seeds that are growing into magickal beanstalks as I write. (At the same time, the Nation of Islam and sects like the Nuwabians were disseminating some of the same information in the inner cities.)

Their goal was simple- they were out to find strawmen and scapegoats to blame modernism and secularism and liberalism on. It couldn't possibly be that their ideas were tried and found wanting - or that the white working class they sprung from was being systematically sold out by the global corporate interests they unwittingly acted as apologists for - it had to be some powerful cabal behind it all.

Old church lady rants against an obscure, extremist Masonic splinter group called the Illuminati were dusted off and brought up to date and the legend continues to grow. (Of course the most dastardly Illuminists are those who question this overheated exegesis, or point out the countless logical fallacies wielded like chainsaws in lieu of actual research.)

A lot of the energy to this culture came from the Cold War, especially the second wave of anti-Communism black budgeting that brought huge amounts of untraceable cash into the 80s militia/gun show subculture that popularized the work of people like Cooper.

The unconscious message: "The occult is sexy, virile and captivating"

Having closely watched the Fundamentalist Conspiracy underground for 20 years I've seen a strange process take shape- the arcane power of all of those strange occult symbols has obviously taken hold of many of the researchers who claim to be "exposing" it. In some ways it's the same process as the porn addict who poses as an antiporn crusader or the "antigay" activist who immerses himself in the deepest bowels of the gay S/M underground.

Having known more Fundamentalists on a personal basis than I wish were so, I can safely say the subculture has no shortage of hysterical drama queens. There's also a kind of approach/avoidance conflict behavior- where an individual is powerfully drawn towards a thing but simultaneously feels deep shame and guilt for that attraction so they have to attack what they are up to their necks in.

And it's everywhere these days.

The unconscious message: "Witches are rich and powerful and you are not."

So while you've always had occultists working on the far fringes, it's been these ostensible anti-occultists who've done more than a hundred thousand OTO lodges ever could to disseminate these memes among the public at large.


But surely, some might argue, aren't they doing God's work by "exposing" all of this alleged devilry? Well, here is where the extreme - and absolutely deliberate- impoverishment of American religious discourse comes in.

When I was a kid I had a lot of exposure to the Nazarenes. I don't know if they've been dumbed down now as well, but back in the 70s they were pretty hardcore. All of our youth pastors at my church were Nazarenes and my mother also got her degree at a Nazarene college, so I got a pretty good read on where they stood.

The Nazarenes were not allowed to watch TV, listen to secular radio, drink, smoke or dance. They didn't need to get out their super secret decoder rings to declare secular culture fallen and wicked, they knew it was. One of my youth pastors once bragged that she got a hiding from her grandfather because he found her with a deck of playing cards.

As to the work of the Makow's and the Marrs', the old school Nazarenes would scoff and tell them to turn away from all of it and preach nothing but the Gospel. They might cite the wife of Lot, who couldn't keep her eyes off of Sodom and was struck down for her curiosity. Never mind looking for the works of the Devil, they'd say to their backsliding co-religionists. They're everywhere, you idiots, and you'd best spend your time in prayer and Bible study if you know what's good for your soul.

And so it goes.


Is this for or against the "Illuminati?" That's the big question, isn't it?

And now we're at the point where you can get yourself a pretty decent education in the occult by reading nothing but Christian Conspiracy sites. In fact, I'd recommend it to aspiring occultists since a Tom Horn or a "Vigilant Citizen" is going to make it all so much more alluring and glamorous than sitting around with a bunch of dizzy old hens at the Lucis Trust, or a bunch of dabbling, Dew-gulping D&D gamers at the local occult "lodge."

In fact, I remember one OTO honcho (since expelled, as always happens with these groups) gushing that aspirants should read Craig Heimbichner's "exposé" Blood on the Altar since it made the OTO infinitely more dangerous and exotic than it really is.
The same holds true across the board.

Though a self-confessed Christian, the person or persons called "Vigilant Citizen" helpfully keep/keeps a separate site containing a sizable library of occult texts for the all of the budding Crowley wannabes out there (as well as an abundance of corporate advertising bursting with arcane symbology on his/their main site).

Don't forget that the Great Beast himself was raised in a strict Fundamentalist cult. Did he discover the dark arts through similar "exposés" kicking around the old Brethren meeting house? Don't bet against it.


Now, there are plenty of other factors in play- a preponderance of magic and supernatural memes in kids entertainment, for instance. Not that it's not always been the case, but it definitely feels different. And just in case the kiddies don't grasp the full effect of all the sorcerous memes floating around out there, they're just a Google click away from a well-appointed (and lavishly-sponsored) Conspiracy website who'll help them get the full effect of all of the symbolism....and make it all seem impossibly sexy and rebellious and empowering at the same time.

Twenty years on (a lot longer if you factor in the old Apocalypse scare literature from the 80s) I'm getting a bit sick of the hysteria. Maybe that's why I feel myself being drawn back more and more into the science fiction that filled my own childhood with magic and wonder. But we're faced with the New Normal and we can either engage it or watch it metastasize.

Luckily, there's a lot of good coming up through the floorboards- a rediscovery of powerful mythological memes, spiritual explorations in popular sci-fi shows and films, cosplay, conventions, the rediscovery of the power of festivals... I could go on, but just check the archives.

Other writers have noted how people like Crowley and Parsons were still psychically under the thumb of the millennia-long campaign to annihilate the indigenous beliefs and folkways of their ancestors (a campaign created as the hammer-fist of the original new world order), and so gravitated to the role of villain. Maybe all of this new pop occultism is part of that process as well. When you discover something that's been deliberately hidden from you, social conditioning instills a feel of naughtiness and transgression. That inevitably will pass.

Maybe this New Normal will be replaced by a new New Normal in which all of these things seeping back into the mainstream will be processed and refined, in the best sense of those words. Not maybe, actually- I'm certain of it.

PS: From a FB friend: "I was always under the impression that Marrs doesn't realize people like me (Occultist) enjoy his books more and learn more from his stuff then just about anyone. Love his books."
UPDATE: Somebody - say the Greeks, the Germans, the Japanese - must have a word for self-defeating propaganda, for making an argument that makes one's opponent's views seem not only reasonable, but self-evident. I'm not aware of such a term in English, so I'll offer my own suggestion- the "Tom Horn."


Now, I think Horn is a perfectly decent fellow, if not a bit excitable, a bit dramatic. But he has this odd knack for selling opposing viewpoints to his own. In his latest anti-Transhumanist essay (excerpted from his upcoming book), he makes the case for Transhumanism by painting a nightmarish Future Shock scenario for children whose parents have resisted having their children modified. Here Horn presents a young Christian girl whose life is a living hell because she can't even coexist with her transhuman classmates:

...starting in 2019, parents whose children went without basic modifications were charged with neglect and had their kids put in foster homes. She just wishes it wouldn’t come to that...(t)hat’s why she gave you the school report compiled by Prof. Joel Garreau describing the average high school pupil today, so you could understand how her classmates:

• Have amazing thinking abilities. They’re not only faster and more creative than anybody she’s ever met, but faster and more creative than anybody she’s ever imagined.

• They have photographic memories and total recall. They can devour books in minutes.

• They’re beautiful, physically. Although they don’t put much of a premium on exercise, their bodies are remarkably ripped.

• They talk casually about living a long time, perhaps being immortal. They’re always discussing their “next lives.”

• One of her new friends fell while jogging, opening up a nasty gash on her knee. Your daughter freaked, ready to rush her to the hospital. But her friend just stared at the gaping wound, focusing her mind on it. Within minutes, it simply stopped bleeding.

• This same friend has been vaccinated against pain. She never feels acute pain for long.

• These new friends are always connected to each other, sharing their thoughts no matter how far apart, with no apparent gear. They call it “silent messaging.” It seems like telepathy.

• They have this odd habit of cocking their head in a certain way whenever they want to access information they don’t yet have in their own skulls—as if waiting for a delivery to arrive wirelessly...which it does.

• For a week or more at a time, they don't sleep. They joke about getting rid of their beds, since they use them so rarely.
I know there are a lot of religiously-motivated parents who make their children's lives difficult by denying them some of the frills of secular life, but I can't for the life of me imagine any parent- any decent, self-respecting parent- who'd put their children through the pain and humiliation that Horn presents here. Sure, you have your bizarre cultists- Christian or otherwise- who seem to exist only to put children through hell, but most normal Christian parents are not going to sit back and watch their children be tossed in the evolutionary dumpster.

I have no doubt that most Christian families will do (if and when Transhumanism becomes an everyday reality) what they done for the past 50 years when faced with challenges from the secular world- find some obscure Biblical passage, stretch it to the absolute logical limit and use it as a banner to "christianize" Transhumanism. As Horn has pointed out, it's happening already.

Rather, it has happened. I'm old enough to remember a lot of nightmare scenarios relating to computers and now everyone-particularly Evangelicals- use them to put across their worldviews. In a way we are already Transhumans- many of us essentially exist in the digital world. Nearly everyone has some kind of electronic device that acts as an external neural hard drive.


But I'm also old enough to have seen several generations of technohype come and go. Horn wants us to believe that we're just a couple years away from becoming cybernetic superhumans, and certainly people like DARPA, the Singularity U folks and the various Transhumanist associations would like us to believe that as well, but it took 30 years for most people to adapt to personal computing, which is child's play compared to Transhumanism.

If we were 20 years away from a Borg reality we'd already be hearing about real cyborgs, and all of the elite class would look 50 years younger thanks to nanoplastic surgery and tissue regeneration and all the rest of it. We're just now starting to see ideas talked about in the 60s and 70s hit the market- private space travel, videophones, jet packs, exoskeletons- which is means we're looking at a 40 to 50 year lag time. And there are still a lot of sci prophecies that are still struggling (terraforming, hovercraft and flying cars, fusion energy) to get out of the prototype stage.

Horn should know better. He, more than anyone, should be aware of the messianic delusions of the scientific priesthood. Just because something exists on paper, doesn't mean it has an application, or even will reach that stage. We've been sold science as salvation in the secular media (and as sorcery in the so-called alt-media), but the truth is often as messy as the countless failed apocalypses of the religious fringe.


  1. Brilliant and ranty! Just exactly what I was looking for today.

  2. Well, I was halfway through and thought exactly what I was going to read in the last part... Again, pleased to come here to read what I read, ...we are not alone ;-)

  3. Things are getting crazy these days. Releveant Gawker article on Rand Paul.

  4. The problem that I have with the 'normals' getting into left-field subjects is that the mass of them only do it in a very hallow way. It's all surface to them - girls getting into 'wicca' via Charmed or Buffy or whatever, the ENTIRE 'wampyre' thing. I noticed a preponderance of 'spellbooks' when I browse the 'Mind Body & Spirit' sections of bookshops - shorthand for 'occult, 'cuz it's still a dirty word, really - even before the 'Harry Potter' craze, which leads me to think that there are people out there that genuinely 'believe', of BELIEVE that they 'believe', such things ACTUALLY work, and that is what 'magick' and 'witchcraft' IS.
    I've met more than a few 'Wiccans' who do NOT practice magick and perform only THE most perfunctory and half-assed of 'ritual celebrations', just enough that they can legitimately lay claim to being a 'pagan', and wear it like a BADGE. I EVEN met one fool who claimed to be a chaos magician, based entirely on his love for the 'Warhammer 40,000' tabletop wargame. I asked him about deities and magick and he said he 'didn't do that stuff'.

    What I'm getting at is that there is a serious danger of these idiot yahoos diluting things to the point of uselessness, as they seem to be growing in number and writing MORE bullshit books.

    Personally, I like the occult as the occult - veiled from the eyes of the profane. At least THAT way I never have to have another conversation about 'Satan', 'spellcasting' or 'handfasting' EVER again.

  5. Having cut my conspiratorial teeth on the writings of Robert Anton Wilson, I grew up with the notion that consideration of the likes of the Illuminati was a somewhat fringy, left-leaning undertaking. To see the conspiracy community completely taken over by the neo-conservative Christian camp has been a decade long reality check. It is not surprising however, that fear feeds the very thing that one is afraid of…

    So it follows that the Christian fundamentalists have been instrumental in spreading the concept of an evil elite, feeding (like vampires) on the populace… puppet masters controlling humanity for their own macabre purposes.

    This is also what the Islamic fundamentalists are up to…

    What the “new normal” needs is calm, clear discourse on the needs of humanity… all of humanity… in the 21st century.

    And that, my friend… is what I love about the Secret Sun… Keep up the good work, Chris.

  6. HI Chris,
    I have been away from the Net for some times.
    I hope you still read us even after the story dries off.
    I would like to get your attention the fact that on the first days they were talking about 34 miner in Chile:

    What happened to this 34th one? And Like I knew some how, those rescued guys are already on the move to Cash on their stories. See them in a theater near yo soon.

    Same old, even within the symbolism you described so well.

    Thanks for sharing your inputs and knowledge.


  7. It might seem like the new normal to people like us who spend a lot of time researching it, but we're still a small pocket of the overall culture (including the right wing Christian conspiracy theorists).

    The average person on the street doesn't understand all this stuff, except in the broadest sort of "Oh aren't the Illuminati those guys who run the world" etc.

  8. I've always thought that James Shelby Downard was a wiggy poet of the surreal. I never took his stuff literally, but I think on a poetic subconscious level he really tapped into something. He's an American original!

  9. Eris bless you for writing this article, Chris. This is a subject I could talk and talk about...

    I've been following the conspiracy meme for about 20 years (I was a very early adopter at around the age of 14, and my young mind was probably slightly warped by the likes of William Cooper).

    Before the web, I used to get my info in other ways, such as the BBS scene, and I used to consume Bill Cooper material quite ravenously, along with much other related info. (And as a side note, the fortunate discovery of Robert Anton Wilson along the way probably played a significant role in the retention of my sanity).

    After a while, I started to have this realisation that quite a few of the concepts that Cooper was describing as forming this evil nexus of social corruption... I kind of agreed with.

    I found myself actually resonating with some of the alleged philosophies of the "Illuminati". I DID form a personal interest in the occult, experimented with practising magick, and found the whole thing extremely cool, exactly as you say.

    Let me tell you, I've been writing science fiction for some time now, and I am quite possibly on the verge of some quite major successes... and you know what? I DELIBERATELY put all this occult/esoteric/conspiracy memetics into what I write. And if anything I write ever does make its way into mainstream attention, I have no doubt whatsoever that it would come under the scrutiny of the very kind of conspiracy theorists that triggered my interest in such topics in the first place.

    What a beautiful irony that would be.

  10. Great post Chris, just what the doctor ordered. It smells like evolution of a particular nature is being forced upon us. I'm a bit of an old fashioned believer (through encounters) of good and evil myself, if something doesn't feel right (good) I find something that does. These are testing times. If they bring back the old laws regarding witchcraft I know that a lot of people would be in serious trouble. Especially the way people advertise their lives on the net, and via other means. It's all gotten a bit out of hand. You said it first.

  11. Thank f**k for this rant (and all the secret war against the new age posts).

    What's weird is this conspiracy stuff is being paired with 'indymedia' quite a bit. For instance I can go down to the local pizza joint or head shop, and find copies of The Agora for free.

    And I live in a relatively small Canadian town!

    Not sure if it's related or not, but I've been seeing articles from this popping up here and there:

    Which seems to have some connection, or so it paints itself, to an old timey Quebecois separatist newspaper of the same name. Except I'm sure the original didn't publish much in the way of 'articles' on exo-politics, or thinly veiled ads for she-male porn, paraded as op-ed pieces.

    It's a Retarded New World.

  12. Thanks for sharing the link, but argg it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my message if you do!

    I would appreciate if someone here at could post it.


  13. 1."The weird irony in all of this is that although the Church kept a lid on all of this for 1500 years through a ruthlessly efficient program of torture, imprisonment, excommunication and the occasional mass genocide,...":

    When did this 1,500 year long period begin, and when did it end?Also, what do you mean by "the Church?"

    2." but it was the tireless efforts of a hard core of Christian zealots who've truly unleashed the contagions, just as their forebears unleashed the Plague and Black Death on an unsuspecting Europe."

    Aren't the Plague and the Black Death equivalent terms? For that matter, how did the "forebears" of contemporary "Christian zealots" infect Europe with the Black Death?

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  15. Hi Chris,

    Am i seeing horns on Potter's head ?

  16. Chris,

    Your post is full of insights that need to be understood and words that need to be heard.


  17. Great Post.

    "Maybe this New Normal will be replaced by a new New Normal in which all of these things seeping back into the mainstream will be processed and refined, in the best sense of those words. Not maybe, actually- I'm certain of it."

    I couldnt agree more. A lot of people are talking about this battle between good and evil and which is which. But isnt this all a process? Heroes to villians and back again.

    Integration and acceptance of opposites seems to me to be the true message of almost everything people are debating about.

    I do believe once we have that worked out in ourselves we can just sit back, watch and enjoy the show(process).

  18. Bravo! Excellent and timely article.
    The wiser I become,the more I see that being "anti" anything is silly.

  19. a lot of people look at all this is a war or battle between good and evil. they argue who is right and who is wrong. It seems to me the true nature of most teaching whether it be religious, occult, political or personal is the integration and acceptance of opposites. Which makes all of this much more of a process then a battle.

    it also seems to me once we can learn to not only integrate but also love and be thankful for the things we loathe most, which we all know is just a part of us, then we can sit back and enjoy the show....which is just a big beautiful process with the end already written by us all a very long time ago...being right now.

    Chris. I would like to plant a seed with you. The number 22. An important number in many avenues of study. My notice of this number has recently lead me down some miraculous paths with many many connections. From our DNA, to the tarot, to the kabbalah it now seems to be making importance known these days. Just sayin...22 could be a new 17.

    keep it up!
    much love!

  20. This post was curiously passonate. I sense that you were writing from a deep place.

  21. very apt article for now chris.
    Read like a summing up of sorts.
    My first taste of,'power through ignorance',(which I think your article is basically suggesting)was back in the seventies.When as a young punk rocker I and my friends became interested in the nuclear dissarmament campaign .
    badges were worn as declaration and the most popular were peace sign/ban the bomb badges.
    One day an older,wiser(?) man approached my friends and I and explained what a triskel was and what it represented.
    from then on we were aware of hidden shit.

    To add...I also seem to find myself seeking comfort in my old escape pursuits,sci-fi and comics.
    I have young children who have also taken an interest in geekdom,and so we re-read old marvel and dc and as I can now look at comic histories as a wholeI see lots of info on the various subjects being discussed nowadays.
    I will be honest with you,Comics educated me ,school did not, but the content worries me now.

  22. As an Eastern, Orthodox Christian, I find much in the writings of these Christian men, that have been helpful as an introduction to these topics. Some have been unbalanced and poorly researched and some I have been well researched. I disagree with you Chris though about this being the New Normal. I believe those of us who visit these sights are so steeped in these topics, that we may have the perception that others see these trends in the majority culture also. I don't think this is the case. Others I share these ideas with just don't see it.


    Looks like the BBC is getting into the Norm as well.

  24. Hi Chris,

    I've been following your series on the Fundamentalist anti-New Age stance with increasing interest. Some salient points you've mentioned include:

    1. The growth of the "megachurches" has been accompanied by types of mass programming that were first tried in various 60s cults (NLP, loud music, etc.). You noted that the Fundies had lost a lot of traditional rituals and music, and replaced them with Christianised versions of hard rock and trance-inducing ceremonies. Of course a lot of traditional religious worship is aimed at inducing this state in people (see "Why God Won't Go Away" etc) but Fundamentalism amounts to a very specific type of conditioning.

    2. The rise of the Fundamentalist subculture is concurrent with the new corporatised militarism and receives sizeable funding from this source (including the support of Dominionist political candidates).

    3. The movement is permeated with Rapturist end-times theology which was regarded by more traditional Catholics and Protestants as tantamount to heresy.

    4. The Fundamentalists profess to hate spiritualism and occultism but have made speaking in tongues and faith healing central to their religious services. These were formerly fringe activities in Christian denominations that are now mainstream. And very weird stuff like the Toronto Blessing and being "slain by the spirit".

    5. You've also noted the increasing use of solar symbolism and sun metaphors by these groups. Some of this imagery is decidedly Egyptian or even alchemical.

    6. Fundamentalist authors are obsessed with finding the occult symbolism in everything, more than most conspiracy types, and obviously it all points back to their fear of "Satanism". However some of the symbols they fear are actually ancient Christian ones!

    7. Your point about Crowley being raised by the strict Plymouth Brethren is excellent. It seems self-evident that a heavily repressive religious movement would end up glamourising occultism simply by making it an object of such intense hatred.

    Keep up the ood work!

  25. Beautifully appointed 'argument', Knowlesy. Another perfect illustration of how those Fundamentalist mindset Christians obsess, track, & archive just how the Evilluminati overlord Left Hand Path baddies are meticulously taking over the world couldn't be made clearer than at Aussie back-to-the-lander Christian couple, Arthur & Fiona Cristian's site, Love for Life.

    On it they've archived an alleged voluminous deathbed confession of an assumed now deceased higher up evil-doer's extremely descriptive comings & goings in a Satanic order, perusable here. Freaky deekie stuff for sure, if it's genuine.

    Then again, perhaps it's a highly embellished hoax, something to whet the appetite of exactly the kind of fear-mongers you've cited herein. Cheers.

    From atop Apple Mountain, Virginia,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro von Thüringen
    Elven Mage & Ambassador to Faery

  26. Many of these Christians see parts the pattern very well. But often it's a case of missing the forest for the trees. They rope in a lot of interesting facts but they cannot put the story together because their beliefs get in the way.

  27. Chris it is queer that you have a Nazarene up-bringing. I can see the fantasy/sci-fi excapism as being a counter weight against the oppressive dogma of such a church. I admire your courage and personal growth. Toby James said something that resonates to me, to consider our other half(evil side or what not) is necessary to be whole. The right hand must Gno the left hand. When they work together much is accomplished. The Dominionits agenda to me is so completely out of synch. Being an absolutist in our mythpoetic world is the problem, in my view.Hail Satan (a cab)(Thanks wiz). Shine forth brave souls! Dennis from culp creek.

  28. Have you ever read Dave Sim's 300 issue "Cerebus" comic series? I've slowly been acquainting myself with conspiracy culture over the last few years, and what I've learned has thrown the ending of Cerebus into stark relief, and put Sim's descent into paranoid monotheism into context. He actually works a genetically engineered sphinx (lion cub with human head) into the final few issues. There was an online chat with Sim in 2004 where he explicitly stated his belief that the Egyptians had advanced bio-sciences:

    "Griff: Comment: Dave, That's Brilliant Just wanted to let you know. That's interesting. How about in terms of "The Last Day"? Did you always intend form Cerebus to have a son with New Joanne, who had ambitions of godhood as the Sphinx, or did that part become clearer after you found your direction in scripture?

    DAVE: Griff [re: follow-up to Q2] I had always intended—at least since issue 100—for Cerebus to have a son and for that son to have his DNA genetically manipulated into a sphinx. That was a nerve- wracking seventeen years, waiting to see if anyone else was going to figure out that these Egyptian sculptures weren't whimsical fantasies—that at some point in the unimaginably distant past when "Really Ancient" Egyptian society was at its peak, I assume that they "cracked the code" and began creating these monstrosities and calling them gods. Er. You did understand that that was what I was saying, right? And unless we turn away, we're right on course for going through it again."

  29. Chris we have a lot in common, I see myself as a childhood hostage of fundamentalism. What is happening is exactly what the Cult of Grissom wants! Fundamentalism has run out of the energy signature which makes it unique. I come from a Southern origined family on my mother's side, so I was taught at home the Uncle Remus children's stories. Do you remember the "Tar Baby". When you become one with the Tar Baby, the Tar Baby becomes one with you! Every time fundamentalists touch the output of their enemies, they have product of those enemies stick to them. The fundamentalists become weak, their message becomes contaminated of purity. Even as various fundamentalists fight each other, they are becoming very weakend. We are seeing the early to middle symptoms of fundamentalism's oncoming death!

  30. "Barcelona clubbers get chipped"

  31. not sure why you think any of this is new- all this stuff has been around for centuries- different types of mysticism flinging poo at each other. What's a little different is that because the church has so little power it can't control the "opposition" any longer. (also media is absolutely everywhere) These are the latest variations- this has been going on forever-

    What's real is that there is an on-going attempt to control everyone on the planet, as the Catholic Church nearly did! While using the words of the pacifist Jesus. Now THAT is sorcery!

    Hypnotism is central to the human condition. What is hypnotizing us?

  32. Chris, overall your blog is excellent. What I don't understand is your recurring stubbornness concerning the role of Satanism in Hollywood and rock music.

    While I personally consider myself an atheist and bisexual, a cornucopia of sites like and NWO blogspot have clearly demonstrated a satanic presence in Hollywood and music industry productions. Your pitching of a few strawmen about Lady Gaga and Jay-Z does not disqualify the evidence or the underlying thesis.

    I see no contradiction between the power of Satanism in the media, and the power of Fundamentalism in politics. They could be independent entities. Or perhaps they are both funded by the same corrupt overlords. There could be a national elite either pursuing a complex occult agenda, or simply an agenda of disinformation distraction and control.

    Or perhaps Hollywood's domination by Satanic imagery is simply the result of smaller, more regionalized California cult control. Or as you so rigidly maintain, maybe it's merely the random accumulation of So Cal counterculture memes.

    Wisest is she who knows what she does not know.

  33. Texe marrs' Codex Magica is sold in the occult... uh, metaphysical section at Borders, and it is basically indistinguishable from everything else there, except that it looks slightly more badass. There's no way--absolutely no way--they don't know what they're doing. I'm sure if confronted they'd come up with some mealy mouthed excuse to the effect that they're trying to appeal to the heathens. And they are! But not on behalf of the bowdlerized, Velveeta religion which they themselves manifestly find too boring to devote thirty seconds of thought to. Is it conscious? I don't know. But when I was in that milieu, it's stuff like Texe Marrs' work that kept me from making the clean break that I desperately wanted at the time. And at any "Christian" bookstore, the occult conspiracy section is the most well traveled, with the exception of those sections containing blatant ripoffs of whatever is jazzing the proles in general pop culture at large. It's pretty much the only truly original and creative genre ever to come forth in the Evangelical "Christian" milieu.

  34. 88_28- Ranty? I like it.

    Peach- Most certainly not alone.

    Heskato- Yeah- talk about your water god memes.

    MP- Thank U.

    The Thing- Excellent, excellent insights there. I recently wandered into a wiccan blanket party on another blog, so I feel your pain, brother. The problem is that the cat's out of the bag and now the work ahead for keen minds like your own is to work to shape the narrative- or be controlled by it.

    Jack Heart- Like I was saying "What the “new normal” needs is calm, clear discourse on the needs of humanity… all of humanity… in the 21st century." Well put. Let's be awake and aware.

    PJ- Yeah, still some mysteries to explore with that story. It's fascinating how the Pope has basically co-opted the entire drama as his own.

    926- You think? After the Tomb Raider and Dan Brown movies? I think it might be changing...

    930- "Wiggy poet of the surreal" is one way of looking at it. Paranoid schizophrenic sex deviant is another one. But the two often travel together don't they?

    Omega- Cooper had his moments. But again, everything was filtered through his religion - and his lifelong role as an intelligence asset- so it's hard to parse the wheat and the chaff. And I heartily approve of your approach to all of this strangeness.


  35. Wotie- Well, that evolution is here. And it will have a lot to do with higher levels of communication than simple speech or writing.

    Riotfish- Well Quebec is where Serge Monast hailed from so maybe it's in the air there. I read this at your link:

    John- Can you be more specific?

    Syon- By killing millions of housecats and snakes because they were allegedly familiars of the devil, Christians allowed the rat population to explode and hence the fleas that brought the plague. Of course, William Bramley might sense another agenda behind all of that.

    Octagon- and you need to capitalize and to punctuate

    803- >:-o

    Toby- I think it will. Work to make it so. And I'm all about the 22- which seems to be linked to 17 in weird ways.

    1003- Being anti means giving all of your energy over to those you claim to oppose.

    C!- Don't I always?


  36. The point never made by either alarmists, like Horn, or anyone else is the self destructive path the world has always been on, and ultimately and continuously leads to the downfall of any civilization. The world we know right now is coming to an end, whether it be a couple years or 20, society eventually eats itself alive. It has happened before it will happen again. It's not prophecy or religious idealogy, it's the plain simple fact of history. The apex of damaged self destruction and self centered individuals is near. The crash is not far behind.

  37. Raj- Thank you my friend. High praise coming from a writer as skilled as yourself.

    Baab- Well, Escape was the highest Gnostic ideal. Their scriptures were pretty wild in their time- that same nexus of vision and imagination. I have high hopes for Geekdom, especially seeing how it is now compared to how it was when I was a kid.

    Beyond- Do you have kids? Not only is this stuff all over kids entertainment but they themselves are a kind of new wizard race, given how quickly they take to technology and software. Which ultimately is where this will all play out.

    Christopher- That's an old ad- I know I did at least one post on it a while ago.

    324- An excellent overview and nicely summarized. A+. I linked to this on the Sun FB page.


  38. Anadae- The only Satanists I worry about are the ones on Wall Street, or Geneva or the City of London. Are you with me? Unfortunately those are the ones who crush you if you mess with them, which is why all of these brave crusaders keep their mouths shut.

    John- The Fundamentalist mindset is primarily about making demands on God. Which is why Dominionism isn't some aberration, it's actually the logical evolution of a belief system that constantly imposes temporal demands on the Eternal.

    Dennis- I wasn't a Nazarene, but my church was partnered with Eastern Nazarene College. So we had a lot of interaction with them, particularly in the youth programs. My church was old school Wesleyan Methodist, with an ex-Navy chaplain from Kentucky as our pastor. I loved it- it was the best part of my childhood. But towards the end of the 70s we started seeing the Fundamentalists start to creep in- dead eyed fanatics who'd show up with a boxes of tracts at functions and whatnot.

    Riotfish- Ugh, Sim. I used to say that the monthly comic grind had a profoundly distorting effect on the artist persona, and guys usually ended up as assholes, nutcases or hacks. What does this have to do with Sim? That's up to you.


  39. Cartography- Well it's like I said, when you spend all of your time in opposition you are spending your time giving over your energy to your opponent. If these guys meant what they said, they'd concentrate on the Gospel and forget about the rest of it. Fundamentalism in the US is a dying giant, but it's very much a growing power elsewhere. Most troublingly in China. Which may well be how it ultimately takes control of the US, when China begins to assert its dominance through its puppets in the Republocrat Party.

    Wotie- Ugh. Good reason to stay in. What are they thinking?

    Cauldron- Not new- the new normal. As I said this stuff has been around in the underground forever.

    Nancy- Interesting that refer me to sites that would put atheist bisexuals like yourself in death camps if they had the chance. But look at that goodfight site. If you didn't read the usual Fundamentalist dribble in the headlines, you'd think you were at a goth site or a satanist one. Dark 'warning' colors, ominous music, ghoulish death metal typography, the hideous demonic visage of Kirk Cameron- they're exploiting exactly what they pretend to oppose. Is it because they have the same darkness in their own hearts but can't stand to face it, so they project it on everyone else? That's a question to ponder.


  40. 1129- Oh I'm saving that one for future reference. You're exactly right. Sometimes I wonder if Satan's biggest trick wasn't convincing the world he doesn't exist, but creating this appallingly shallow, dumbed-down, denatured, consumer culture copycat version of Fundamentalism that was so dominant in American religion for the past 30 years. I remember there was an Evangelical coffee/book shop that opened near my old office in 2003 or so. They actually had a big party there when Bush was reelected. A year or so after they went out of business and the storefront is still empty. I enjoy driving past it.

    1223- The question then becomes who will rebuild it from the ashes? And most importantly, who will be called into account?

  41. Obama to appear on "Mythbusters" episode titled “Archimedes' Solar Ray.”

  42. "Who will be called into account?"
    This is the very question which most of the world since the begining of time has failed to ask themselves, and if most had the world would be a very differnt place. There doesn't seem to be any point to exsistence if none of us were going to be accountable for our actions. There would be no need of right and wrong or use for justice if there was no accounting in the end. Leaders, writers and teachers, whether religious or secular, who willfully or out of ignorance lead a gullible populace to wrong decisions, should understand that there will be an accounting and behave accordingly. Thanks CK for the very well thought out post.


  43. If these super children are near immortal and can absorb books in minutes.... um, like, what are they going to do in school?

    And any human-- part cyborg or not-- that doesn't feel acute pain isn't going to last very long.

  44. That Marcy doll is frrrreaky.....

    I recall in the 70's, a double feature "movie night" at my childhood church. "Future Shock" and "A thief in the Night".

    "...Beloved followers, High-Tech advancements will be tools of the devil, and oh-yeah, btw, if you know too much, that is a sin, and Jesus will leave you behind"

  45. Chris, the death camp comment was perhaps a bit of a cheap shot. As you well know, when it comes to the on-line world of conspiracy, one always has to dig through the mounds of paranoia and preaching in order to find the nuggets of gold.

    However, having found even those treasures, it remains nearly impossible to construct a meaningful understanding. Despite two years of intensive research, I remain very unclear on the actual workings and influence of secret societies, global elites, and the "alien" or "supernatural".

    P.S. Great observation on the "demonic" set up of It ties quite neatly into your original post.

  46. I'm disappointed Chris. Whats happened to you the past couple years? You seem different and less compassionate. I havent been here much the past couple years, but I dont agree with a few of your statements here. I see your point, but being the victim of Morgellons, which has been proven to come from various govt/DOD/NASA funded labs, has caused many to suffer greatly all in the name of transhumanism. Having suffered greatly for the past 3 years(I am mid 40's, athletic background) and watching my 38 yr old neighbor die from the same symptoms in '07 after a '06 heavy daily campaign of aerosol spraying at low altitudes killing birds, bees, trees, etc., which also rendered me ill surpassing any illness I've ever had before, I don't think using the unsuspecting public as guinea pigs is the right way to go about it.

    These egotistical elites who think theyre gods after years of masonic brainwashing bred into them is ridiculous. You could put any similar race in Buckingham and get better results than the conciousless inbreds who currently inhabit it. With your examples and mine, believe me when I tell you theres a huge difference between withstanding pain and suffering you know is natural and normal, compared to that that isn;t and is made in a lab with nefarious purposes and an evil agenda to reach this transhumanist paradise. I mean isnt part of UNESCO's goal to "re-wild" the US and kill 80-90% of us? Hasnt that 80-90% reduction exactly what "morgellons" has done to the bee, bat, swallow, and salmon populations in certain US sectors under the obvious names of "white mouth Syndrome and Colony Collapse Disorder? (See and ) And ask anyone who's researched this subject at length and they'll all tell you about threats, hacks, stalking, etc.)

    I mean is it "normal" to kill the mother of your children b/c her only purpose was to bear children? (And as admitted by her close friends and family, she showed too much compassion towards the "rabble" i.e. "goyim" with her unexploded mines campaigns and her obvious non-racist beliefs?) ' The elites of our society are so corrupt and out of sync they couldn't possibly know whats good for mankind, much less than difference between good and evil.

    Sorry to get off track, but I think you know what i mean. Its obvious this self assembling nanotech mess destroying my insides is used as a transhumanist excuse by using us as lab rats. I am not that. I possess a superior mind, that .2% are incapable of grasping at the subjects I study, just like you or any other legit researcher who doesnt buy everything told to him by a talking head without triple checking for himself.

    The thing thats upsetting is that the more years go by, the more I find out that the alternative media is even worse, disguising theosophy and eugenics as "evolving".

  47. 120- Yep- subtle, no?

    1223-Well being accountable for your actions was part of what I was taught in church. Now it's about finding scapegoats. Really sad.

    158- Yeah, as I said I think we're a long way off from anyo f that.

    Secret- Gotta love those 70s Sunday School scare flicks!

    Nancy- Cheap shot? No, a wake up call. There is a lot of ugliness lurking beneath those surfaces. There are a lot of other, better sources for suppressed information. Leave the rest alone, is my advice.

    Liam- I was very close to deleting this comment since it has nothing at all to do with what I was writing about, but I can you're suffering and compassion forbids. All I can say as a fellow sufferer is let your pain teach you the lesson of clarity and discernment. Find people who can help heal you and not constantly pick at all these wounds.

  48. Liam, your new comment reiterates the same off-topic material you put in your first one so I'm deleting it.

  49. Cauldron you asked What is hypnotizing us?
    This may play a part in that...

    6-hydroxy-5-[(2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenesulfonic acid

    This sites not bad for an explaination but there are others besides.

  50. ah - I forgot to add the link...

  51. Quick note Chris, my Department Chair at college had ties to General Chaing Kai Shek, and to Missionary/Evangelist Pearl S. Buck of "The Good Earth" fame. He was also an operative of the US Office of Naval Intelligence, and was at the time of Mao's Revolution their Station Chief in Shanghi. He told us of the horrors of the Blind Faith mental capacities of the Chinese in those days. He had to travel on foot from Shanghi to Hong Kong, with masses of people being killed in trenches in mass, all in the revolutionary spirit of course!! This was for his whole route. THEN these same fanatics got reinforced by the Cultural Revolution. Gene Roddenberry knew all of this when he outlined the movie called STAR TREK: First Contact. He told us that an apocolypse was coming, China and the USA were headed for a nuclear exchange. Gene intended First Contact to be the first Next Gen Movie to warn of this apocolypse to inside fans. This exchange with be the final death of the parties called the Olympics Party, and the Fundamentalists. Too bad centralized government will die with it! OH WELL, the good guys win!

  52. "Ugh, Sim. I used to say that the monthly comic grind had a profoundly distorting effect on the artist persona, and guys usually ended up as assholes, nutcases or hacks. What does this have to do with Sim? That's up to you."

    What can I say, I have a soft spot for curmudgeons and a love of pen and ink virtuosity. I have no shortage of bones to pick with him though.

  53. When we get to Transhumanism then what?

    Great post Christopher, I hope a few fundamentalists read it and realise that they help propagate the occult memes better than anyone. Im sure they give it all some real emotional power with all that hate and fear as well.

  54. 15-17 october the trilateral comission gathered at bucharest... the intresting about this is that they were "open" to the press, and some mainstreem media reported about the gathering and the discussions briefly
    it didn't get the full coverage that would have been appropriate, but it was covered in the news on TV

  55. Nice post. I have to say, most of my paranoia when it came to these subjects came from my constant weed smoking. Since quitting nearly all drugs (except for what occurs naturally in the body, and tea), I finally feel relaxed (funny how that works) and I've noticed alot of what you are writing about in this post. Right now, a toolbar in the browser on the computer I'm using says "Are your (sic) ready for 2012?" and "2012 is real". I remember when 2012 was the peak of obscurity for me, how jaded I am now of most all conspiracies, and how I feel silly for even considering alot of the things I once did.

    I know I am guilty for a lot of the sort of thing you're talking about here, which is partly why I stopped blogging (that, and my access to the internet is very limited). Getting away from the whole "subculture" is very refreshing, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is bogged down in the confusing mess of conspiracy culture. Your posts are like stepping out of a place and discussing the happenings inside with another observer. Good stuff.

  56. Hey Chris,

    You're right, man. The truth is often very messy. The implications of all this technological and religious centralisation are certainly disturbing, but I like to think that blogs and info like this are acting as guardians, so that too many people don't fall off the edge of the world. I hope and pray such a view isn't too fanciful. Awesome post.


  57. Sorry, that last comment was meant for your False Prophets and Real Profits post. I'm tired. :)

  58. wow..nice rant, considering you run a synchromysticism blog. You run a site exposing the unchanged, essentially ancient society we continue to live in and its ok because you're not a Christian fundie. That's kind of funny... Anyway, nice work always. Keep up the good work.

  59. Hey, check it out, this comment is made by an advanced artificial intelligence robot. I will soon take over the world.
    I'm only a little bit drunk, I'm sorry. Please don't judge.
    I don't have a website yet, but I'm planning on starting a blog like yours, any tips?
    I live in a basement, with my parents. Typical stereotype - an overweight looser. Please don't remove my comments.

    I don't have a solution but I admire the problem.

  60. Bluh.

    Why must everything I take the time to read these days only leave me with the conclusion that the rate at which I acquire information, knowledge, and wisdom exceeds the abilities of the transhumans alluded to here?

    Why can't I be Normal like the rest of you? :(