Sunday, September 26, 2010

Please Stand By...

I'm having technical difficulties- with my neurophysiology. I'm also preparing for my appearance on Red Ice Radio and working up a new blog posting on The Secret War Against the New Age. I hope to have the next installment up later today, but in the meantime you can spend a lazy Sunday afternoon watching this installment of The Outer Limits (whose original title I cribbed for this posting) that will be stunningly familiar to anyone who's seen District 9. Like, actionably similar. Like, "I can't believe they didn't sue" similar (maybe MGM's shaky finances are preventing a closer look into the similarities).

Of course, this isn't the first Outer Limits ep we've seen that was ransacked for a blockbuster movie. There's also 'Relativity Theory', which shares more than a few plot points with Avatar. As I've said before, The New Outer Limits didn't have the batting average of an X-Files, but when it kicked in, it kicked ass.

Speaking of actionable, here's an old school TOL that James Cameron admittedly "borrowed" for The Terminator. This ep was written by Harlan Ellison, who also wrote 'Demon with a Glass Hand', which Cameron also cribbed from. Ellison cried foul and got a credit and a royalty check for his trouble. Maybe Carleton Eastlake (author of 'Relativity') should phone his attorney...

You can find TNOL all over the web if you don't have a Veoh player.


  1. It is great finding out that the original Outer Limits has populated the world with such great stories.

    I spoke with episode writer, Anthony Lawrence (The Man Who Was Never Born) about its closeness to the concept of the Terminator, and he denied it. To him, the episode was a re-write of Beauty and the Beast.

    Despite my feelings about it, Lawrence never sued anybody about the connection in plots, (man must kill the destroyer of the future) and that must settle the matter.

    I also spoke to Harlan Ellison at a screenwriter conference, and he said that Lawrence's work didn't make a case for a lawsuit.

    I just love the original Outer Limits.

  2. Chris, one of your past assertions is that alien memes are unlikely to be a precursor to Invasion/Disclosure because humans have become too cynical to fall for scenarios straight out of the movies.

    However, I would assert that in modern societies, intelligent cynics aren't really much of a threat to elite plans. In a democratic society, numbers matter. And the genuinely critical and intelligent happen to be vastly outnumbered by mindless idiots, timid conformists, and smug "skeptics".

  3. P.S.

    In my humble opinion, this is the best blog on the Internet.

  4. I'm itching to hear thoughts from Chris on the U.N. E.T. ambassador.

  5. Sophia Stewart, not Ellison, Gale, Cameron's X-Wife and himself, apparently stole her six page Synopsis, apparently, not only this, but The Terminator was/is the PreQueL to the Matrix Trilogy, which is "why" John Connor needs to be Saved as a kid, so that eventually, he can unleash his full powers, and protect himself via his Mastery of the Matrix, why he doesn't remember his past, etc., and why no machine comes back to save him, anymore, look her name up, Youtube and Google, since I've already shared this intel with you on ur facebook page, but got no response, so, i've no idea what ur feelings or responses, whether you will follow up w/ur own Investigation, or perhaps, whatever else?