Thursday, August 05, 2010


And now for something completely different...

UPDATE: We interrupt this look at the birth of (or unconscious inspiration behind) slash fiction for a brief preview of some upcoming themes I'm wrestling with. The difference between Roddenberry-run Trek and otherwise? Lots of sex and lots of frickin' hardcore AstroGnosticism...


  1. Matrix making news:

  2. Wow. I don't think I ever saw that episode.

    Off Topic. Have you seen this yet?

    WV - hessaul

  3. ok, kind of on topic.... an argentinian base pre-falklands was the thule islands. it was evacuated and relocated in the 50s by a volcano (vulcan). the british took it over during the war.

  4. With Intervention Theory were our own "National Socialists" given a helping, hidden hand? Perhaps. Were they loooking at the world in a most unusual way? Most definitely. RA

  5. I lived in greenwich village in the pre-aids 1980's.

    I remember watching this episode in a dorm room full of gay young men, and the shirtless prison sequence will forever be associated with their catty comments.

  6. Well, they were obviously getting the message! "Stimulated","Excitation..."

  7. The Answer Is Another Question9:29 PM, August 05, 2010

    Apologies - off topic but perhaps of interest - at least her necklace might be? Snapshot from evidence given about her 'allegedly' receiving blood diamonds as a gift some 13 years ago...
    Feel free to grab the photo and delete the comment - couldn't find an alternative contact... also, very much enjoyed the recent podcast.
    Best wishes

  8. LOL omg

    Kirk always seemed to love getting tortured and to put himself in situations where there was a potential for torture. I would say he was a masochist and a happy one at that.

    That wasn't the only time he was whipped on the show.

    There was one episode where they were imprisoned by aliens and they were trying to save this empath and to protect her Kirk let himself be whipped.

    He forced them to whip him even though there were other, more sane, solutions. He basically put himself on the rack and was like please please whip me, Mr. Alien. It was hilarious.

    Much of Kirks behavior on the show could be explained by having a sadomasochistic personality.