Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Hidden Experience of The Secret Sun (UPDATED)

Mike Clelland! asked me to appear on his Hidden Experience podcast and this time I came loaded for bear. As with the recent podcast with Tracy Twyman I used the opportunity to hash out many of the issues I will be pursuing in the months to come. Mike was in the driver's seat but I had a list of talking points that I wanted to address, because they're going to become increasingly important on The Secret Sun.

I've spent the past three years here exploring a lot of the topics and issues I've been fascinated by all of my life and the next step will be to take what I've learned and try to make sense out of it. More importantly, try to figure out a way to manifest some of this insanity. Try to figure out a way to get out the god-damned mess we are all in by recapturing a sense of possibility. For a start, at least. What I've been doing on this blog has been research, the next step is applications.

This is an epic and impassioned gabfest. I'm very proud of it and I'm very excited about it about the issues we discussed. I hope you all enjoy it.

Topics covered include: The New Age movement, The Da Vinci Code, Whitley Streiber and Communion, resonance, the Vatican and extraterrestrials, The Royal Society ET summit, Behold a Pale Horse, the total collapse of trust in the news media, Stephen Hawking, The Brookings Institute UFO report, Jules Verne, Jack Kirby and the prophetic power of the creative process, the real threat alien possibility poses to the status quo, the constant drumbeat of space news and cosmic awareness, digital photography and the recent sightings epidemic, universal creation myths of sky gods, AAT and the religious right, the power of stories and much, much, much more.

Go to Mike's site Hidden Experience to listen here. If you have trouble with the player download the MP3 here.

UPDATE: First Egypt, now this. Do these VBS program producers read The Secret Sun?

UPDATE: Well, just as Mike and I discussed there's this on Yahoo today...

...and this on HuffPost.The X-Files fan in me isn't too heartened by this headline...

...and this one makes me wonder if it's time for another read of Childhood's End.


  1. Let me be the first to lend you moral support. It indeed seems like a tall task to me, the lay reader.

    Do you think it'll be a challenge not to lose focus of the image when moving from analysis to application?

  2. Very much looking forward to evolution of your blog, as I enjoy each day's posts.
    On Yahoo headers right now: Saudis to test world's biggest clock.

  3. Count me in mr Knowles.
    Where do I sign up? :)

    These days, among all this chaos,
    I've been feeling quite better.

    I wish you the best in your new path, so far it's been a great adventure.

  4. I styed up late last night and edited this audio for my blog, and the results seem awesome. (I editedout very little, mostly me mumbling)

    It felt like we dug really deep.

    I am SO self conscious of my own voice and anything I *create* so it's hard for me to look at it objectively. But I think it is a really strong set of ideas in a realm where too may people are content with fluff.

  5. "Try to figure out a way to get out the god-damned mess we are all in by recapturing a sense of possibility."

    You got it brother. And call me crazy but I think something's in the wind... and it's headed this way.

  6. Interesting discovery.

    Ancient "language" discovered in Scotland that pre-dates the formation of that country.

  7. Just made it through after minor technical difficulties guys were pumped up! I really dug a lot of the tangents you followed, and the Mars section was pure Coltrane, daddy-o.

    My favorite thing about podcasts is the number of syncs I get from them. Because the conversation (when it's on) gets to roam where it may, you're bound to hit topics that resonate with individual listeners. Going back and decoding the sequence of memes you guys just tripped for me will keep me busy for a few days. Thanks again!

  8. Back in the early 80's I went to vacation bible school for my church at a yearly event called "camp meeting" and they had a space theme then, complete with a fancy display with blinking lights and music from the 2001 movie. It was to simulate lifting off into space and then the lesson started. I know it's not necessarily relevant, but even then, probably unconsciously, people were associating space with religion.

  9. quick update:

    Seems like a lot of folks could NOT listen to the audio interview with Chris on my site. (sorry everyone). But, it's fixed now!

    Yesterday I had more visitors to my site than ever in my over one-year history, and it maxed out something. I did some revisions on my blog, and updated the set-up for downloading the audio files.

    Now it's all set for easier accessing the interview.

    Mike C!



  10. Chris: you should give this a listen: Radio Misterioso: Mothman and Beyond

    This is an out there interview. I don't know what to make of it. It's quite bizarre and some of what's said sounds "pranksterish" to me, but they really get into some far out and fascinating stuff.

  11. Enjoyed the podcast, thanks for sharing the mind candy.

    Thought you'd enjoy this glimpse at a burgeoning (?) 2001 meme. (It's not too hard to imagine them all reading your blog!)

  12. I wouldn't worry about the super-bug thing. It's pretty obvious to me that it's just the next phase of scare tactics seeing as how the Swine Flu was a flop. These guys don't give up easily.

    I never read Childhood's End. What's the connection there with Obama and the hand gesture?

    Jim A.

  13. Wow...great podcast...going back for a second listen now. So much info and so clear. Just ordered Childhood's End. Inline with the alien life meme, have you been following yahoo's posts of the blue hole stargate? It just doesn't stop!

  14. Arctic Rocks May Contain Oldest Remnants of Earth

    "If confirmed, the discovery challenges established theories about the formation of our planet."

  15. Paranoid Awareness and New Age Shenanigans, topics very dear to my heart. Thanks Chris

  16. Davidly- Interesting question. It remains to be seen.

    513: Oh, the Freudian implications of it all!

    Daniel: Not a new path- a new phase on the same path. Stay tuned!

    Mike C!- I think you're great at it! Keep at it!

    248: It certainly feels that way, doesn't it?

    LD- Yep.

    Doug- That's great - Sync-activation is a worthy goal in any endeavor!

    Yingzi- Or maybe not so unconsciously. Thanks for the info.

    Jim- Oh, I don't want to spoil it. Track down a copy!

    Vic- No! I'll have to go search for them.

    CK- Wow, a NSync member reads the Secret Sun! Awesome!

  17. Interesting trailer for a movie to be released later this year. Synch or swim.

  18. Howdy fellow strangers!

    Hey Chris, whatcha think of tonight's Futurama? Some (not-so) subtle AAT propaganda or just more typical geekazoid satire?


  19. I am a longtime very inside Star Trek fan leader who attended at least 3 academic oriented lectures given in Oregon by Gene Roddenberry. One thing always struck me about Gene was how compartmentalized he was. I was around Intelligence Agency academic types during college, they acted in much the same way! When Gene was starting his college academic process at Los Angeles City College, his major was Police Science, and was the contact with the FBI for the Police Club at LACC. I was very interested in your promise to write your analysis of Gene Roddenberry in some sort of extensive format! I hope it's very soon! I was one of the first fan leaders to be informed of the history of Gene's aircrash of a Pan Am SuperConstallation in the desert of Syria. There has always been something VERY abnormal about that crash. No one should have survived! Also even during Gene's apex of popularity, no survivors of the crash came forward to praise or talk of the incident. Who or what allowed most of the passengers to survive? Please speed you writings!

  20. Eric- Cool. Thanks for the link.

    Ben- Didn't see it- give us the scoop.

    Oceanic- Email me.

  21. Hi Chris, I'm listening to your interview, and I had to stop to make a comment about "cargo cults". The cargo cult phenom has remarkable similarities to the ufo and/or religious cults, as you well know. I was listening to Mike's account of ufo witnesses who saw something, and then it suddenly vanished, and I was reminded of accounts of the early Pacific explorers who related that at first, the natives could not actually see their sailing ships. I'm sorry not to have a source, I will go looking for it. But apparently, the ships were so outside their realm of conscious experience that they appeared "cloaked".

    You can take that simile as far as you want, but for me, I do always secretly look for the cloaked "ship".

  22. I'm enjoying your audios more and more as each one is uploaded.
    One question springs to mind from this one: What lends you the belief that the civilizations of the past, I'm assuming those of Sumer and Babylon, were as saturated as modernity with these memes, myths, stories, and legends as a matter of course equalling the glut of data that the MSM and the alternative media envelops us with daily?
    What was the delivery system for that? Was low tech scribal materials and such, or something more advanced? Was it it perhaps due to the much lower population that was more centralized and easier to hit via low tech, traditional means, as compared proportionally with today?
    I kind of had this idea, from your comment, that with the exponential growth of the global population since the official "dawn of recorded history," it has taken to the twentieth and twenty-first centuries to possess a suitable media, a delivery system, that could target such a diffusely situated, immense population as we have on this planet now. Television then, superseded by the 'net now. The message was there, but not the medium.
    I also thought that your comment perhaps related to your ideas on the activation of human DNA, where it is a cold storage system for data relating to human origins, that has been suppressed in antiquity.
    If so, Julian Jaynes' book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind is one to look up. Richard Dawkins is fond of the theory funnily enough. Kind of, it's just so crazy it might be true.

    Keep the Secret Sun stuff coming. I don't know if I believe it but the mythology you weave is endlessly fascinating. Excellent.