Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Dreaming Mind and the Invisible Hand

Longtime readers know what a huge influence the work of Tracy Twyman had on my own, particularly her trailblazing journal of Western esotericism, Dagobert's Revenge. I'd appeared on a previous podcast of hers, but last we sat down for a two-hour blowout that basically covers our present Theories of Everything. We trade notes on DNA, Magic, Science, the Gods, the Sun, the Symbols, the Mind, the Ego, the Apocalypse, the Will, and of course, The X-Files.

If you're not familiar with Tracy or her work, please take this opportunity to check out her sites, which are jampacked with information that is not only educational but is extremely useful. Tracy is an extremely prolific and lucid researcher and has been looking into the deepness and darkness longer than most people out there, and just plain does it better than most.

Tracy wisely has carved up the discussion into more easily-digestible segments. Which is a good thing, because as we go along we get farther and farther out there. I'm still reeling by just how far we got in the second hour of this talk.

In the first segment, Tracy introduces her listeners to my work and we trace out the origins of the memes and symbols that deal with human origins and the human mind, and how our belief systems shape- and often limit- our perceptions.

So go over to Tracy's site to download the Invisible Hand podcast with part one of this extremely information-dense series.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this - looking forward to digging into both the podcast and the material on Tracy Twyman's website.

    Btw, have you caught up with this? It seems that the grandfather time-travel paradox may not be such a barrier after all...

    "If nature somehow provides the nonlinear dynamics afforded by final-state projection, then it is possible for particles (and, in principle, people) to tunnel from the future to the past."

    A summary article can be found here...


    and the full paper is available here...


  2. Great to hear you in a podcast format. Thanks!
    Also great to follow the Secret Storm link and hear the Stormy Weather podcast as well. Chock full of info and as always more questions! and still prescient
    (Of course, it's storming here in Austin as I listen.)


  3. Thank you for the great podcast link! I appreciated getting to hear more of your personal take on subjects like the Illuminati conspiracies, Crowleyisms, et al, since (speaking as a relative newcomer to your blog) those stances aren't always immediately clear from posts and comments alone. I would love to hear more of your views on the William Gibson and Techgnosis side of things, too. Illuminating stuff; very much looking forward to part two!

  4. It was very synchronistic- Tracy approached me last night a couple hours before we taped and asked me if I could do the podcast. We didn't discuss anything before hand, no notes, no preparation, nothing. We sort of set the stage, as it were, in this first installment, and as Tracy alludes to go way the hell out there in the second. I will post a notice the second she puts part two up.

  5. Enjoyed the interview, look forward to hearing part two.
    Just bought tickets to see David Icke in times square Sun 17 Oct. Doesn't seem there are too many seats left

  6. Secret Sun was mentioned over at Rigorous Intuition today

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