Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funny Because It's True

This may be the most insightful work of social criticism in recent memory - a perfect snapshot of American politics and the news media, circa 2010.

Click here for the fullscreen version- the embed is a bit wonky.


  1. Hello Chris, you're gonna love this,

    apparently Jupiter lost a stripe after his recent re-appearing from behind the sun, soon will learn that a giant monolith is floating closer to it ahahha

  2. What tomfoolery this gun in our face lunitic. My neighbor Renegade is a shoe in for this nut. How many people revel in such madness. My hope is they are treated and removed from society. The cabel network that aired such prattel should lose their broadcast license. My greatest hope is for such people to look in the mirror and see the tragedy their life has become. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis

  3. "Show the 2nd Amendment!" made me laugh out loud. You're right the embedded video is wonky - it crashed Firefox.

    OT to this post but not to this blog - My husband Doug Lynner is cooking up tonight's World of Noise radio show, which streams from Flashback Alternatives at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific time.

    Tonight's episode is titled Space is the Place - Next Stop: World of Noise and features Space Music of various genres and time periods. I hope you all tune in.

  4. Say what you will, but I value the advice of one Joad over the wisdom of 100 of our "elected" leaders.