Friday, April 30, 2010

Ronald Reagan, Manly P. Hall and America's Secret Destiny

Here's a revelation for occult politics junkies. Mitch Horowitz gave me the heads up on a piece he wrote for The Washington Post detailing Ronald Reagan's fascination with the occult, specifically the writings of Manly P. Hall:

In spring of 1988, White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater acknowledged publicly what journalists had whispered for years: Ronald and Nancy Reagan were devotees of astrology. A tell-all memoir had definitively linked the first lady to a San Francisco stargazer, confirming speculation that started decades earlier when Reagan, as California’s governor-elect, scheduled his first oath of office at the eyebrow-raising hour of 12:10 a.m. Many detected an effort to align the inaugural with promising heavenly signs. Fitzwater also confirmed the president’s penchant for “lucky numbers,” or what is sometimes called numerology.

There was more to the story than the White House let on. In a speech and essay produced decades apart, Reagan revealed the unmistakable mark of a little-known but widely influential scholar of occult philosophy, Manly P. Hall. Judging from a tale that Reagan borrowed from Hall, the president’s reading tastes ran to some of the outer reaches of esoteric spiritual lore...

...After publishing his great work, Hall spent the rest of his life lecturing and writing within the walls of his Egypto-art deco campus in L.A.’s Griffith Park neighborhood. He called the place a “mystery school” in the mold of Pythagoras’s ancient academy. It was there in 1944 that the occult thinker produced a short work, one little known beyond his immediate circle. This book, The Secret Destiny of America, caught the eye of the future president, then a middling Hollywood actor gravitating toward politics.
Read the whole thing here, as the kids like to say.

Here's a refresher course on the scandal that erupted over Nancy Reagan's astrologer back in the days of your moms and pops.


  1. Of course the question is how did Hall get all that knowledge is a place that was basically a cow pasture, or less, at the time? Who sent him? Why? Holly-wood named after the Druids wand- Holly being a sacred or important tree in many cultures. My great grandfather was pres. of Occidental College, OBomber's alma mater, there in L.A.- Manly must have spoken there- and I just came from the vigilant citizen site- almost all his recommended reading books were Manly P. Halls!

    America seems to be an experiment of the secret societies, from her name, her goddess, her movies, her music, her politics and her downfall.

  2. Human-looking ET's Secretly in U.S.

    article by Steve Hammonds, ring any bells with you?

  3. Good stuff Chris. Indicates just how "secret" these teachings really are. Ill. Brother Hall was a gift indeed.

  4. Did you ever write about Reagan's funeral? When did you start The Secret Sun?

    Y' know, it's easy to beat up on the Christian right theocrats but they're not as powerful as they'd like to imagine within God's Own Party and their heroes like Reagan, well...

  5. ronnie raygun was a typical amerkan mammy's boy, just another paid skank, called his shrew wife 'Mommy' all his life

    right in the amerikan mainstream! :O)

    they only duped those eager for duping

    all the "leaders" after jfk have been fulltime spookocrats

    i can still picture ronnie smiling as he told his latest lie and put some more of my boys in his profitcages, he aint smilin now and forever is a long fucking time

  6. Long, long, long before the Red Wheel imprint had ever even heard of the cogitating machinations that comprise your far-spanning Muse, its parent body, Samuel Weiser, wuzzint a publishing house HQ'd in York Beach, Maine, they were a long established, well respected, & I daresay world renowned occult & orientalia book shoppe in Manhattan located @ 740 B'way, just a stone's throw from NYU. That's where I 1st became acquainted with the Magus Hall's encyclopedic knowledge of all things having to do with the Arcane Arts.

    Haven't you yet read Mitch Horowitz's title on much of what you imply herein? There's another such article with YouTube feed on it viewable here. Well, Chris, 'tis Walpurgisnacht tonight, so, what better way to spend the wee hours than to peruse scary horror themed artwork at Eaten By Ducks? Methinks that there's something recently there about viscera suckers, vampyresses who detach their heads from their bodies, their slimy entrails trailing behind them as their disembodied heads float through the night skies looking for unaware travellers, upon whom they fasten their bloodsucking sinuous feelers on 'til sufficiently engorged. Night night, children, and pleasant dreeeeeeeeams! ~ (•8-D

  7. @anande the rooster, Thank u for that egg, 740 and beeway..... ;) will be there tomorrow, also @Chris I was eating on Mulberry st at an outdoor side walk pizza place, across the street was the weirdest thing on a side on a shop, 4 covers of comic book Heros just randomly placed next to each other, oh the secrets gotham keeps....spiderman was amongst these 3 I will leave the other three for u to discover...Fstarr

  8. Secret Teachings of All The Ages is an AWESOME book.

  9. Cauldron- Yeah Viggie's site is filled with conflicting signifiers, not the least of which is the fact that it's sponsored by Visa, McDonalds, Target, HBO, Sprint, MetLife and any number of humungous multinational corporations. Still trying to wrap my head around that one. I'm happy he's making money blogging but I just hope he's shooting some of that corporate cash to all of the bloggers he's "borrowed" material from.

    Anony418- Bells? Are you saying I look like an alien?;-)

    LivingStone- More famous now than ever, isn't he?

    Nick- They're powerful enough to cause trouble for the rest of the world, though.

    Ray- The old Comsat Angels song about Reagan: "he's just played his biggest part, his country took him to their heart" says it all.

    Anadae- Sure- I read Mitch's book. He did a presentation on it too last year at Esalen.

    Anony120- Gotham isn't quite the synchronistic winderland it once was, but it's good to see there are still little winks here and there.

    Anony1138- There was a recent bio on Hall you might want to check out too.

  10. What magic was there in the Kentucky Derby logo today? Looks more like a fish than a horse.

    Also winning jockey Calvin Borel, sporting on his chest full on and large, the "V", Chevron of Star Trek?

  11. They certainly make good foot soldiers. Anyhow, remember the Gipper's funeral?

  12. Of course I don't think you look like an alien!

    Just interesting that things like astrology and aliens are making it into the mainstream. The article I mentioned was on google of all places and it is a very serious analysis of aliens among us.

  13. Does anybody remember the Goro Adachi article linking the governator, Reagan, a sunset, like, Egypt and such? I've been looking for it and can't find it.

  14. Manly P is a daily friend of mine. I have over a hundred hours of his lectures and never get tired of them.

    Ronald Regan is just an interesting double R to me however.

  15. chris, ihave a copy of this book:
    What Does Joan Say? by reagan's white house astrologer joan quigley. it is very surface-level boring but am sure there's much more to it. anyway, two links on the matter:,,20099022,00.html

  16. Isn't Manly P Hall a 33 degree Mason? Why listen to him?


  17. Re:
    "Isn't Manly P Hall a 33 degree Mason? Why listen to him?"

    He's only an honorary 33 degree Mason.They bestowed the degree on him because they said he knew enough to become one without having to actually go through the degrees...or so I read.

    I have a copy of "The Secret Teachings of All the Ages",but I have only flicked through it and am still to read it.