Friday, March 12, 2010

Damn, I wish I were Telekinetic

Telekinesis, remote viewing, psychic assassins, Perseus playing "Charon," Ezri Dax, filming locations on loan from Millennium and a killer Tulpa - this thing couldn't be more supercharged with synchromystic resonance if it tried. Both on and offscreen it connects to so many deep and weird streams of significance it could only have been filmed in Vancouver. Watch it over the weekend.

For years I was an Outer Limits snob, but have been digging up some fascinating little gems in the second series. This well-written episode struck a nerve because some of my favorite dreams have been those where I was telekinetic. Some of the most vivid ones as well- I can put myself back in them easier than I can remember what I did an hour ago. It was always so crushing to wake up from them and realize I could turn my stereo on with my remote but not with my mind. Terrible disappointment.

Does TK truly exist? Well, I'd bet anyone who exhibited those powers would best keep them to themselves, for pretty much the reasons you see here. If you weren't forced into wet work, you'd be strapped to a gurney for the rest of your life while bits of your brains were carved away. Same reason any alien race would stay the hell off of this madhouse if they came buzzing around, particularly if they had greater-than-human powers. The way it works down here is that if we can't weaponize something, we have to destroy it.

Check out the Satellite too- I'll be putting up Outer Limits eps there too.


  1. Notice that 51 headless vikings have been found in the UK. Anyhow 3x17


  2. If aliens really had greater-than-human powers they wouldnt be afraid of humans in the first place.
    Only if humans had greater-than-alien powers, or some potential that, if not fully accepted, understood, harnessed and worked with, could mean harm.

  3. Telekinesis works for humans but it does it's work as you look away. It's quite common, the 'bang' in the wall or something falling down, as a 'psychic' period when something is being discussed. Lying down half-asleep thinking to turn the tv, radio or light off. CLICK, it does happen. Now that is a wake-up call, the act usually does not just happen, but happens with -power. An old warning in occultism is not to stare at a candle trying to set it alight. Because once your unconscious learns to start fires, -they start all over the place. Religious schooling of kids had for years 'created' demonic activity, nothing like a preacher scaring the little ones with talk of hellfire, and demons, to make them 'appear' -tulpa's. :)
    The easiest way to experiment on the real world is in the 'dream' world. Lucid dreaming 'half-asleep' half awake at night in the morning, -send out your 'will', at a friend or enemy. Whatever your imagination can come up with -chances are -will appear at the location you think of. A few thousand years ago, in bible times, the 'conscious' and unconscious was not so clear cut. Half starved, inflamed with wild 'religious' fervor, much closer to nature. Lack of food, sleep, basics of life, -humanity in the past was much -more psychic for survival. Those old skills are available, and you do not need 'ritual' magick to activate the very human potential.

  4. My favorite new outer limits episode was" Tempests". Where members of an off-world mission get bitten by spiders and begin to hallucinate, then it gets interesting

  5. "If aliens really had greater-than-human powers they wouldnt be afraid of humans in the first place.
    Only if humans had greater-than-alien powers, or some potential that, if not fully accepted, understood, harnessed and worked with, could mean harm."

    Isn't that basically the premise for Mac Tonnies' Cryptoterrestrials? That they are a race predating humans, but they suffer serious physical disadvantages compared to homo sapiens and their technology is only a few decades more advanced than ours is now.

    In some ways, it reminds me of the Tuatha de Danann mythology of old Ireland where even though they were magical, the race could not stand against the invading Celts.

    Certainly, the myths of the "fairy folk" fit into the same UFO encounter mythology today.

    As far as telekenesis, the big scientific problem is determining what sort of medium by which it could exist and act.


  6. Oh, just remembered, the set up for that episode reminds me of Frank M Robinson's great sci-fi thriller THE POWER. I think George Pal adapted it to film.


  7. Chris, why not experiment with some mind games? Try sending some data to friends, see if any is picked up. I absolutely am convinced that our minds have any function we can dream of. We can all fly! Dennis

  8. Obviously, that leads to another question - - sort of dealt with in The Men Who Stare At Goats - - if the human brain/mind has capabilities like practical telepathy and telekineses, then wouldn't corporations and governments already be utilizing them and possibly augmenting them with technology?

    Imagine the nature of not just international espionage, but corporate espionage and sabotage when you throw in billions of dollars of research and development funds available to these organizations. Hell, you wouldn't need a CCTV panopticon singularity. In fact, the CCTV surveillance cameras would just be a ruse to "explain" how the government knew about these activities.

    However, realistically, I think the opposite would be true. I don't doubt that "remote viewing" is a cover, like the Bilberry Hoax, used to cover actually secret, but totally material, methods of espionage.

    The Bilberry Hoax occurred in WW2 (I think). The RAF was using radar for night flights, defence runs and raids, but to explain how their pilots could see in the dark, British intelligence leaked a report that they were eating bilberry muffins and the herb improved their vision.

    Even today, bilberry is sold as a nutritional supplement based on this completely false story.

    The paranormal is a convenient cover for military and intelligence operations.

  9. Hey, is there anyway for someone to watch these videos outside of Hulu? I'm from north of the border... out of the service range.

  10. Hi Chris,

    Dennis wrote above: "...Try sending some data to friends, see if any is picked up."

    Great idea. I suppose we all have some hope of finding/resurrecting superhuman power to remove us from the boundaries of our current existence. Therefore, I too, believe in dreams.

    Love the LinkWithin feature you've added, Chris! It's great to go back and read your past posts and note how you've evolved on The Sun.

    I found an old favorite and re-read it with warm reminiscence of why we all dig The Secret Sun:

    It began:

    "When you reach the end of an age, the myths and the symbols that once defined that age begin to turn against it..."

    Genius writing and positively poetic! IMO, this statement defines the purpose of your blog.

    I miss the myths of our age. I can understand how the end of an age was often a death blow to the rational mind of an ancient thinker whose "neural trees" could not possibly grasp the changes. Thus there absolutely had to be a descent into madness or grasping at the straws of superpowers, like telekinesis, or in our generation's case, technology. And so then is that grasping, "holding on" desire, what creates the new myths of the next age?

    You've evolved here to the modernity of Spi-fi and many apotheoses that left the classic mythology in the dust.

    However, current pop culture films seem to want to resurrect the "Titan" genre and return our thinking to ancient "Earth" mythology while Caprica beckons us with Tsarion's Astrotheology. What choice will we remnants of our age make?

    Thanks, Chris!

  11. In a complex cosmos, the idea of angels and demons makes sense, eh? Just like with a complex humanity you get 'doctors without borders' and you also get international mafia.

    If the angels or demons have reasons to not 'disclose' themselves, I doubt it's 'cuz they're 'fraid of us.

    Chris: "Some of the most vivid ones as well- I can put myself back in them easier than I can remember what I did an hour ago."

    I like how you put that. This is very true. Our dream experiences are much more significant than we think, at least as far as how they echo in our psyches.

    "It was always so crushing to wake up from them and realize I could turn my stereo on with my remote but not with my mind. Terrible disappointment."

    Oh yeah, same here, except mine usually has to do with either levitation/flying or redheads. :-)

  12. Aferris- "51 Headless Vikings" - now THERE's a band name!

    Dyna- Would you go into a headhunter village with a machine gun? Sure, you have a greater power than them, but they'd have the numbers, know the terrain and eventually wear you down.

    Anony749- Very interesting grist for the mil. Thank you.

    77M- Yes, good one. Reminded me of Jacob's Ladder.

    JH- I haven't read the book, but it seems your description is well put. By the same token, if they exist at all the CTs could be UTs- part of a survelliance/intelligence program left in place after the "gods" returned home. And these periodic waves of contact/abduction could be tests seeing how the project is developing.

    Dennis- That's telepathy more than telekinesis. My feeling has always been that these powers can manifest themselves sporadically, but it almost seems we have a damping mechanism in our brains keeping them from manifesting themselves. Which is probably for the best at this stage of our development.

    Anony354- Would corporations and governments be using them? Not at all. Why would you assume that? This is the downside of all the sci-fi out there. Many of the concepts we see in sci-fi (or plain sci, for that matter) work in theory, but not in practice. Breaking down the walls of our current reality paradigm, whether it's psi or time or space travel- exist on paper but require an enormous amount of time, material, energy and expertise to make them happen. Although you airily dismiss remote viewing as a "cover", that doesn't jibe at all with my research. The problem was that it was difficult to weaponize. And more reliable technological devices- drones, satellites, etc- were able to do the same work.

    Mycelia- YouTube has The Outer Limits.

    Soapie- Thanks- the LinkWithin widget is great. I forgot about a lot of those posts myself! As to the myths- they never die, just go to sleep some times. Life is short- myth is eternal. I like your metaphor with Titans and Caprica- It's almost that idea of Creme's cryptoarchaeology in a way. We reac a certain point and fall down the stairs again. Did you catch Caprica last night, Soapie? Awesome- I'll post on it later.

    Joe- Maybe we are the angels and the demons. Maybe the demons all think they are the angels and every one else is evil for not following them. That would make sense, particularly when you look at current events.

  13. Hi Chris, as usual kudos for your blog. Talking about of ESP, you may be interested in the works of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: his talk at google "the extended mind" is really worth watching, although more related to what we call thelepathy than thelekinesys.