Thursday, February 11, 2010

That Other Avatar

With its Lost World settings and blending of Asian mythologies and philosophies, Avatar: The Last Airbender goes back to the earliest roots of the modern superhero (which Tim Binnall and I explored in depth on his podcast). By doing so, it ties into the single most important pop culture meme at work today- the blending of spirituality and science fiction (see the other Avatar). This is actually a very old story, but it is one that may yet come to define the future of Western civilization.

Certainly, the next generation of computer programmers and engineers are being bombarded with these memes, almost guaranteeing that many of them will rise against the dominant reductionist paradigm in the left-brain dominant reality consensus.

But that too will merely be a return to first principles.

UPDATE: "The Blue World." I forgot about this Sirian/Mermaid parable. Thanks to Andae.


  1. Wow we see the WorldSavior buried/shelled in an Avalanche Egg-Cocoon~ which brings to mind the Keanu-version EARTH STOOD STILL and the two 17-related Avalance-In-The-News links I sent Chris a couple of days back... seemingly-impossible survival-in-air-pocket in Switzerland and 'High Altitude Warfare School' mishap in Kashmir... some synchhole icefishing at play...

  2. Hello, Chris, I know Anime is a complete other can of worm but if you have some times you should try exploring some. Japanese artist have a different openness in showing esoteric idea. Actually I haven't seen an anime in 20 years that doesn't have some sub contest in it. ATLAB is one of them, I enjoyed the Anime, lets home Mr Shamalan won't ruin it.

    here's a quick link to the Jungiest Anime to come out in this past years, It is called Ghost Hound.

  3. Ignoring the ever-present 2012 static, it sure feels like we are entering a new realm. It's hard to define, but it feels like a new chapter of human history is just a few steps further down the path.

    Would it be possible to enter a more mythic collective consciousness and WITHOUT the advanced computers that are shaping our reality?

    The BRAVE NEW WORLD imaginings were cold and sterile and clinical. But, what is emerging is wildly vivid and creative. These grand mythic movies are but one example of a more intense way of "tickling" something deep inside the populous.

    Here is another example, people who claim the UFO contact experience (or abduction experience) are now capable of communicating instantly with each-other around the world. Chat groups, support sites and personal blogs. Whitley Strieber did NOT have this as an option in 1986. There is a very real community due to the advancements of the computer technologies. Something deeply personal and intimate is arising.

    I am certain there is an infinite number of examples, and more to come...

  4. Avatar: The Last Airbender?

    an offensive hodgepodge of Asian cultures; albeit spectacularly animated.

    The series frequently confused Sanskrit and Japanese; bordering on sacrilege considering the plot followed sacred Hindu texts.

    In fact, there's this whole controversy, quite a few countries want to ban the film.

    A girl named Mei Lin wearing a hanbok, holding an uchiwa, while magically protecting a Hindu artifact = FAIL.


    Escape a left brained reality?

    LOL, as a southpaw, I dream about that every day [Lefty = Right Brained; I think? Since brains are cross lateralized...]

    Stupid righty can openers, scissors, various expensive Pampered Chef mail-order specialty kitchen appliances, that tiny wrench-thing used to tighten a treadmill, sports equipment, even handbags! [I hold them the opposite way, the back of the handbag shows]

    I joke; as a baby, my mom must've dropped me through a mirror!

  5. Ned- Buried in the snow- there's the mythmeme of our time. The avalanche of media noise blinding us to the truth.

    Daniel- Cool- thanks for the link. Anime is a huge world, but I've done some writing here on certain films.

    C!- Very well put. Computers are an integral part of our evolution, because they offer not only external brains, but external models to understand the brain. One thing I believe very strongly is that our psychic potential will be realized with technology. Which will be very messy, I might add.

    引っ掛ける- Ha! Are you describing Avatar:TLA or Theosophy? You've proved my point for me, fellow southpaw! I feel your pain living in this rightist world.
    One day we will be free!

  6. And then there're us ambidextrous people. LOL! Thank you, Christopher, for this heads-up. Shyamalan, whose œuvre includes The Sixth Sense (a ghost story), The Village (a contolled, enclosed society living off-grid), The Lady in the Water (an Ondine in modern times), as well as Signs (the REAL reason behind crop circles is … ), seems to be plumming the depths of the Hollow Earth mystery. When, please, what with all the excellent CGI that Hollywood has at its disposal, will they make John Uri lloyd's "Etidorhpa", into a film? That's a 19th century Hollow Earth milestone, right up there with Frenchman brainiac Jules Verne's "A Journey to the Centre of the Earth". It'll be hard for me to wait for this ~ (•8-D

  7. @Chris,
    UN Special Envoy to Haiti [Hades] and Fmr. President Bill Clinton - hospitalized at Columbia Presbyterian with 'chest pains'.
    (4:24 EST)


  8. What is the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender? I'm not very familiar with the cartoon, except I believe it is actually an American production designed to imitate Japanese Anime rather than another import from Japan (like Battle of the Planets, Speed Racer, Naruto and Pokemon are).

    John H.

  9. The term "Avatar" comes from the Indian language of Sanskrit. The word Avatāra, (Sanskrit: अवतार), which means "descent"; its roots are ava, "down," and tri, "to pass." In the Hindu scriptures, avatara signifies the descent of Divinity into flesh. One who attains union with Spirit and then returns to earth to help humanity is called an avatar.

    Air the ethereal divide between Fire and Water, likened to a Golden Silence ... this descenting divinity reminds me of the golden child.

  10. Hi Chris,
    Your hair-cut (sorry I'm a few days behind in posting to your ever expanding site) seemed to have led me onto a picture of yourself and Mr Obama. I must say that the Presidential look was less 'characterful' than your own face, and I know which one I'd have voted for.
    That apart, What is this HORROR in the WATER and who in the world are you? meme...INYOUR OWN BACK YARDKKKKKK Have we forgotten the Arthurian Legend and The Lady of the Lake........IS IT ALWAYS hORROR, and what a lotta FEAR;;;;;;;;;;;;

    The Arthurian(Ursa Magor/minor)Story is probablly an answer to the left and right brain.
    or something like that.

    I enjoy touching base with your thinking.

  11. I first heard this story on the London, Ontario, local news last night. Notice the budget cut numbers being proposed for two of the city's major hospitals.


  12. Yes, it is an American production and absolutely a blend of "asian" martial and hermetic traditions. Funny to hear that melding has offended traditionalists as this is complete fantasy. Best cartoon in ages for kids/adults and a tremendous plotline with real characters. I am not sure how a live action version will work but the studio will earn my money. Shame about the other "Avatar" eroding the Airbender brand ...

  13. You know Everything that I have learned to hold dear has been turned into HIGH DRAMA, and not for the Betterment of Mankind, but into the ENSLAVING of Mankind. What a World.
    "I knew you'd return, I always knew you'd return". Wot's this, but ARTHURIAN LEGEND. I AM ARTHURIAN, or I AM LEGEND.
    We live in Mythical Times, and I enjoy discussing this with you Mr Know-it-alls, and Keep on the JungianDiscussions.

  14. What the Hell has happened to the Lovey Alexander McQueen...... seems to have killed himself...Sorry but I have connections with Pseudoccultmedia and he's always awake to whom the ELITE have a Sacrificial Angle On. No Surprise.

    HiDeHI and HI DE HO!

  15. I'm so sorry to be the one posting comments at this time (time-loop and portal) but what the F''k is going on when the High Priest of Fashion has gone at the age of 40 and well What does it for-tell?
    Nothing I hope, but February is all aboot the return of Persephone and Hades has to bide his ti>me. Whatever, I was Chilled by the info that one of the Elite's baby's had passed.

    Wot are we a part of eh?

    Stregnth and a load o humour


  16. Flossy- people die. People get depressed and commit suicide, especially when they lose people close to them.

    The fashion world is filled with people with severe mental and emotional problems who gobble drugs like candy and fill their heads -and then ours- with degenerate crap. It's nothing new- it's been going on for ages. A lot of them die very young. That's nothing new either.

    I worked in the garment industry for 8 years and had a lot of brushins with the fashion industry. It's 1000% dysfunction from top to bottom. And looks at anyone over 30 as a decrepit has-been.

    Whatever happens to these people doesn't remotely surprise me so I don't need to look any deeper into it. Same with all of this celebrity bullshit. Most of those people are sick in the head- how is that a surprise to anyone?

    You can't go looking into a sewer and get upset when you see shit.

  17. Well how Logical/Right-brained response and how fine that is.

    I find Death quite a Barometer of stuff, and maybe you don't.

    I realise that people are fucked up regardless of Status, but to be honest, SUICIDE has Much More Meaning than the usual Death Scenario than normal. His Mother died days before for God(ess)sake. What the hell is going on for these people? It's not just the usual madness, I'm sure.
    Whatever, Who Really needs to give a damn?

  18. Look Mr Knowles,

    I met this weird and wonderful person Isabella Blow in Covent Garden a good few years ago and she was personable and human, but I never thought or knew of her Fashionista Status, but I didn't think she'd committed suicide, I thought she'd died of Cancer. Whatever, it's a funny ole world and I'm so glad know one knows me and I don't give a damn about FAShion.

  19. I think it's a barometer of the overall misery and darkness that has gripped the world. A lot of it coming from the fashion world, I might add.

  20. Three days of the Condor.......................

  21. You are right about barometers,

    It's a Strange Time.

    We all need some tuning in and time-out.

    Always like your thinking, but don't always agree with it's conclusions.

    Happy New Moon In Chinese Tigerness

  22. Interesting that you would bring up M. Night Shyamalan at this juncture. His films have been so hit and miss at the moment, but he really seems to be a deconstructionist as far as mythology and esoteric themes. I'm curious to see if "The Last Airbender" sees him back in form, we shall see.