Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Secret Sun Invades Binnall of America

From BOA: BoA:Audio explores the esoteric influences behind comic books and superheroes with Christopher Knowles, author of Our Gods Wear Spandex. We'll cover a number of areas of discussion including the evolution of comic books and superheroes, the enormous impact of Vril, The Power of the Coming Race, how Superman ushered in a new era of superhero, the Magical Battle of Britain, Batman as a golem figure, the odd man who created Wonder Woman, comic book titans Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and Alan Moore, the comics code, and tons more. Part Two of this marathon conversation will cover Christopher's epic and increasingly popular blog: The Secret Sun.

This interview is not just for comics fans- we cover a whole gamut of cultural and esoteric topics, looking at the common roots of the superhero meme and the occult underground and how that's changed the face of culture and society. We talk a lot about Avatar and Twilight, hitting on some of the same points we covered here on the Sun. We also cover the evolution of the superhero from magical being to alien being, and how that reflects shifts in the cultural consciousness.


  1. Awesome, I can't wait to hear this.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the post, I'll give it a listen. It's always nice to hear the voice of the author of the "wildly popular" Secret Sun! Yay! I just know we're going to lose you one day to the mainstream media! I can just see you as an "analyst" for Fox News as soon as the comic world breaks through into this reality.

    I got a chuckle from the Weather Channel first thing this morning. They were serious too! This was after the discussion of Washington being "crippled" by the snow. It was a graphic of President Obama's photo next to the text:

    "The Curse of Snowbama!"

    You know they feel he brought that Chicago snow with him to D.C. Could that be a subliminal for bringing a "cover-up" to D.C.? It's a shame we can't see anything above through overcast skies for such long periods lately!

    Thanks, Chris!

  3. Excellent! I'm listening as I type.

    Tim Binnall has a very nice way of being organized and thorough in his interview style. He is also genuinely excited by the topic, and you can hear a sort of joy in voice.

  4. Gonna check this out!

    Also, here's an HD quality Pink performance. Stunning!

    I love how it ends with Santanas prayer hands, Perfect!

  5. Sorry, I don't want to divert attention off of this incredible interview any more but 1 more thing.

    Santanas prayer hands following this performance is synchronous universal *wink* ;)

    He's deep into the finer realms. Please read :

    OK, back to the Invasion!


    Chris - this slide is a part of a show of astronaut photos - all beautiful and hi-def, until that is, this one comes up. A photo of the moon. It is full, and the image seems to have been purposely blurred. Please note, anyone can get a better picture of a full moon from a camera on the ground. So why is it that an astronaut with hi tech cameras cant get a decent picture from space. Also, why would this picture be served up as noteworthy if better shots can be gotten from the ground? A little strange.

  7. Omg, 4give me Chris.

    @ 2:03 of the Pink video there are six lights(stars). The Pleiades easily spotted six satrs of the night sky?

    Pink could very well be a representation of the Seventh Star of the Seven Sisters as well.

    Double S's. Secret Sun Style. Wow, now there's three!

    Ok, I'm gonna take a break.

    Back 2 the Invasion 1nce again!

  8. Hey Chris. What is the deal with the UFO Connection cover pictured above? Is it real? I just can't get my head around a Marvel comic featuring the names of Robert Anton Wilson, John Lennon, and Jimmy Carter on its cover!

  9. Andre- Cheers.

    Soapie- "Wildly popular" is Tim's description, not mine! And Fox News already had a Chris Knowles. But yeah, this global warming stuff is a bitch, ain't it? ;-)

    Mike C!- Yeah, Tim's a great guy to talk with. Definitely one of my favorite interviews.

    Toothy- Did you notice that sequeway from red lights to blue at the beginning? Very interesting. Cool link- Old school Santana is righteous rockin'.

    ARC- Exactly my thoughts. Maybe the NASA guys ran it through a blur filter before it was released.

    Toothy redux- The Egyptians called the Seven Sisters the "Seven Hathors."

    Tristan- You bet it's for real. One of my favorite all-time comics from my youth. Still have it. One of the most disturbingly paranoid stories you will ever read in your life.

  10. Fantastic interview Chris!

    I remember that comic, too. I read it on a plane travelling back from an athletics meet when i was about 16 years old. About a year later, i found a copy of Cosmic Trigger and nothing was ever the same again.

  11. Lol!
    I noticed the red 2 blue but it didn't register until you pointed it out.

    I also didn't know about the Seven Hathors, thanks. I'll have to look into that.

    I'm in love with that performance. I kinda get caught up in the beauty of it and all of the info flies right past me.

    I'm still rereading your breakdown of it as well.

    It's all just so perfect.

    I'm still onto the Binnal interview as well. Lots to take in.


  12. Chris,

    I listened to the excellent interview with you and Tim Binnall today. At one point I had to run out to the barn, so I hit pause on the MP3.

    When I got back, the time code was paused at 1:23:45.

    This has been a significant number synch for me in the past, so I took note of it. I replayed that section, and here's what you say at EXACTLY that curious time-count:

    (you were speaking, quite passionately about Jack Kerby)

    "He creates this whole set of characters called the New Gods and they are (1:23:45) aliens! They are inter-dimensional aliens..."

    Now, I don't wanna be overly dramatic, but that is a VERY interesting couple of sentences!

    Here's my personal experience with this same curious time-count:

    Forgive me if this sounds compulsive and nutty - but this has been a WEIRD day.

    Mike C!

  13. Listening to this now. Great Interview. Looking forward to part 2!

  14. Excellent interview my good man!

    I'd mentioned in a previous post the symbolism of the Saints vs. the Colts (Cults?) this year.

    I just realized something - the Saints' symbol is a fleur-de-lis (huge semiotic can of worms, that) and the Coults' symbol is a horseshoe. Now, normally you would equate the horseshoe with good luck... but then it dawned on me...

    (Drum roll please...)

    The horseshoe...

    Is an inverted...


    Could there be some Rapture symbolism here?

  15. Off topic Chris, look at that orange octogon that is South Florida,Sun Life Insurance stadium. The cults vs the Saints, let the syncromystic ball fly my fellow Watchers. Shine forth brave souls! Dennis

  16. I really enjoyed the was one of the most entertaining BoA's I've heard.

    One question, though. You talked a lot about the Golem myth in relation to superheros. I've always felt that Batman and several others were built around the Fisher King myth. Have you looked into that much?

    I'm interested in getting the book. It sounds like a lot of fun.


  17. Damn good show Chris. I thank you also for introducing me to a new word: pulchritude, as it concerned Wonder Woman.

    Considering the heavy influence of Blavatsky and Theosophy on the early comics culture, and how there was this memetic cross polination going on between, do you figure into the equation the possible sway of Synarchism on Blavatsky and thus comics, movies, and fiction in general now? I know Picknett and Prince go into this idea quite a bit, though I have yet to read their books on the subject.