Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ancient Astro-Pop, or Through the Stargate (UPDATES)

Video removed- check this space later
NOTE: Something very strange is going on with this video.
It kept crashing my browser. Even searching for it in other clips did!
Very strange business...

Will somebody describe this clip to me? I'm pretty sure I'm starting to hallucinate again. This time it's not a leprechaun or a secret alphabet, but a hipster synthband inserting depictions of extremely esoteric topics like AAT, directed panspermia, wormholes and the solar stargate in their music video, completely appropos of nothing.

"Our little secret," indeed!

UPDATE: ARGHHH! I just lost all of the new comments this morning! Can you guys help me out and resubmit?

UPDATE II: Annoying US-only YouTube vid replaced. US readers can check out better quality vid here. (UPDATE: Forget it - it's gone.)

UPDATE III: Here are the lyrics we hear after the spacecraft has gone through the heart of the Sun and is approaching the frozen Earth...

Mother I can tell what you've been thinking
Staring at the stars on your ceiling
Thinking once there was a power that you were wielding
And now I've hit the mark, staring at the dark
And I cannot help but ignore
The people staring at my scars

UPDATE: These recent SOHO photos seem timely, no?


  1. Oh, oh! Professor Knowles, Professor Knowles! Pick me, pick me! I Gno the answer! I do, I do! It's the re-seeding of life on Earth after the last Ice Age! Yay! Of course, the continents wouldn't've looked that way, but, hey, artist's prerogative, right? Excellent gem & what a way to start the day, man! Thank you for posting this. And just when I'm listening to my bud, Young DNA's mini-feed, My Ufo Experience, Intent, & Synchronicity on his YouTube channel. LOL! How's that for synchronicity?

    Always remain thrice blessed,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D

  2. Says "This video contains content from VEVO, which has decided to block it in your country". My "country" is Puerto Rico, which, last I heard, was a part of the United States. WTF.

  3. i thought the beginning was a commercial for some kind of gadget. and part of it looks like the scene from space odyssey.

  4. Apparently hipsters watch 2001: A Space Odyssey too. Not that surprising really.

  5. Indeed they do- or at least their directors do. But the timing is the issue here, and 2001:A Space Odyssey is nothing if not untimely. And this clip goes a bit deeper than that, doesn't it?

    Anyone care to guess which day of the month the video was released?

  6. Mr. Knowles,
    You seem to know a lot about Masonic History and certainly enough about Speculative Masonry to point out some interesting observations.

    I am a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason and a Masonic Knight Templar of the York Rite. I find your blog particularly amusing in the thought provoking sense rather than the humorous.

    Keep up the Good Work, sir.

  7. a mason! run away!!!! sorry, i've just arrived from the david icke forums.

  8. Oh brother! LOL! NOT another Icke convert! Please, no! Ever been here before? It's the Reptoids clearing house site. My favourite? The Dracos. Wingéd are they. Just like on the Disney animated series from the '90s, Gargoyles. Yeah, right. That and seven bucks'll get you on the subway anymore.

  9. This from a thread I've been posting on at...ahem....Icke forum (lol) - statement personally given by a mason:

    (From me,Suke:........and finally - I was quite shocked - although not really I suppose - at this statement on this forum earlier this week which speaks volumes to me personally:) - the statement - VERBATIM:

    "I am certainly a paid employee of The Grand Lodge of All England. Part of my job description is to act as the public spokesman for the Grand Lodge in the public arena. That includes forums.

    I have no idea whether others here have a similar employment contract with their Grand Lodge, but there are one or two here who are very senior members of the United Grand Lodge of England and who are employed at its Head Office in Great Queen Street, London."

  10. I like to think that the Secret Sun is a place where both Masons and David Icke fans can mingle, even if I personally am neither.

    But as to Suky's point, all sorts of interest groups hire people to surf forums and such, particularly in off-kilter types of venues. I suppose it's nice the Masonic chaps at least identify themselves.

  11. Chris, I've been communicating with Glenn Bullock who has had a couple of fascinating articles up at recently. Having read a manuscript that Glenn has written, I recognised the storyline in the video that Glenn had written about.

    I asked Glenn earlier today if he wanted to reply but he's not a member of blogger....I offered to reply on his behalf - here is Glenn's contribution:

    Hi Chris.

    "The little secret here isn't so little really. I'm not sure of the relevance of the mammoth at the start, but the leaving the Earth down a tunnel and entering the Sun are the core truth of Sun God worship. This includes Christianity. The inner self leaves the body to start this journey.

    Suke taught me the word Illuminatus today so I'll say that during Kundalini energy release the Illuminatus, which i suppose means light body, leaves the flesh and makes a journey represented in that way in the little secret. I don't know where the pod idea comes from.

    There were moments in the video that are directly accurate to my own experience. Entering the Sun and the journey back where the view is foreward then back, the floating sensation coming back to Earth to re enter the body, and the contortions, were all there. They could have shown the burning Kundalini heat more strongly and the manifestation of the Sun inside the head on the journey home. First Man is at the Sun's centre, then the Sun is at Man's centre. Then they are one.

    Choice of place where this happens is quite important. Different vortices join to other places through tunnels of energy. A Sun bound tunnel takes you to the Sun.
    I didn't recognise what some of the vid' was about but the entering of the Sun is very real. What was different for me was that I had a period of time at the heart of the Sun being shown a scroll. The video shows in then immediately out!

    There must be differences in personal experiences. There is no way the journey to the Sun can be represented with video making facilities that satisfy sight and sound senses, when the whole experience takes place beyond those senses. The video is clear in what it means as far as the man's experience goes. It's the Kundalini energy release, probably on a Sun bound vortex.

    "And I cannot help but ignore
    The people staring at my scars"

    This is how it ends up if you're lucky!


    May I (Suke here) offer that the Mammoth at the beginning may represent the 'big event' when all of life was wiped out on Earth - ie comet/flood etc but it may also represent Ganesha:

    "He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles."

    All is energy - it's up to us and our FREE WILL how we manifest that energy ie for good or evil.

    Sorry for the looooong post!

    Love as always

    ps I have Glenn's Email address.

  12. "All is energy - it's up to us and our FREE WILL how we manifest that energy ie for good or evil."

    Truer words have never been spoken, Suky. These are frightening times but very exciting as well.

    W Valles- "amusing in the thought provoking sense" is the mission statement of this blog. Please feel free to chime on the frequent occasions that I botch Masonic symbolism. As I've said, I'll have my own interpretations, but I'm always looking to expand my scope of knowledge.

  13. I loved your "Masonic chaps" phrase Chris lololol!! Of course, we must remember Masonic Chapesses too, "Blazing Star" if I'm not mistaken - oooerr - that'll be Sirius then!
    Presumably Pink was passing another masonic degree with that bizarre Cirque de Soleil type performance....

    Curiouser and curiouser as always and it's a joy to be on 'the journey' with you Chris and with your readers/contributors.


  14. It's worth taking a look at the latest post at ''bibliOdyssey''.For the beauty of it,if anything


    those nasty hedge funds--pyramid schemes huh?

  16. I hated the music, but there was this bit in it where the craft is going through the wormhole and you get a close up of an eye and i thought it was an ET eye which i thought was exciting, but later find out he's human

  17. Suky- If not Pink, maybe her choreographer ;-)

    Patrick- I did- care to elucidate?

    Song- Huh. JayZ finds out who the REAL sorcerers are, the hard way.

    Muzu- No he's alien. An alien hipster.

  18. You know, in the end it really doesnt matter if we were created by aliens, panspermized throughout the galaxy, or dreaming ourselveres.

    It doesnt chance the fact that we ARE (in terms of BEEING).

    The source doesnt matter to me anymore. I have grown enough to not care about my "parents" anymore.
    If i emerge to the stars its to create myself, not to find my origins.
    After all, if this planet was the one i incarnated, than this is what i call home, no matter where i came from
    Sure it would be interesting to know, but it wouldnt change anything.

    Greetings from Germany

  19. Could these journeys to the Sun have something to do with these objects orbiting it?

    Do the exit points manifest themselves physically?

    Wormholes for starships?

    Curiouser and curiouser...

  20. anon 12:48 i was being sarcastic about just arriving from the icke forums. those that post there seem to have a deep seated fear of anything masonic. although upon further inspection some of those poor souls seem to have a deep seated fear of everything. the general consensus amongst fans of passion pit seems to be this song is bacsically about getting high (in secret) but i think it has more layers than that.

  21. "The little secret here isn't so little really. I'm not sure of the relevance of the mammoth at the start, but the leaving the Earth down a tunnel and entering the Sun are the core truth of Sun God worship. This includes Christianity. The inner self leaves the body to start this journey..."

    Anyone who's familiar with Grant Morrison will immediately recognize this is the central plot of his recent ALL-STAR SUPERMAN series.

    "All is energy - it's up to us and our FREE WILL how we manifest that energy ie for good or evil."

    Is there good and evil? Energy flows according to a completely unconscious process approaching entropy. It's hard to see where free will actually enters into it.

    As a general comment on the site, I'm fascinated by the current ancient astronaut mythology that's being explored. The most interesting thing about it is that it is a mythology following narrative patterns that have been seen in all religions more than a few thousand years old. Is this an indication that the AAT actually describes prehistoric extraterrestrial events or is this the beginning of a new religion that creates an imaginary reality to match and manifest internal emotional sensations in the believers' behavior?

    In Tolstoy's "The Brothers Karamozov" there is a scene where one of the brothers tells a story about Christ returning to Earth in the 1500's. Since his return is nothing like the Second Coming in the New Testament, the Church executes him again -- this time because he broke his "promise" to them -- even though they know he is the Son of God.

    It would be funny if aliens came down to Earth, but nobody bought it because they were nothing like and had nothing to do with the aliens they already believed in (in great detail).

    "What? You're not from Sirius? This has to be a hoax!"

    - John Henning

  22. Makes me think of Pink Floyd (Pink+Fluid?) "Set the controls for the heart of the sun"

  23. On the contrary, I think 2001:A Space Odyssey is very timely given all the 2012 hysteria in the air. Also, I think this could be an age related thing-- kids today (and by kids I mean anyone under 30) are much hipper to this kind of stuff than our generation ever was.

    It probably has to do with being raised on the internet. Stuff that seems really esoteric to us-- stuff we had to go out of our way to discover-- is common knowledge to them. Just my 2 cents.

  24. Ironically, I just heard an old (not too old, though) interview with Michio Kaku where he discussed why we haven't detected any kind of extraterrestrial transmissions. He mentioned that it may be that interstellar societies use a kind of phantom net where their messages are cut into packets and sent via many different routes to be reassembled at the destination point similar to the INTERNET on Earth.

    A friend of mine who's had some pretty negative contactee experiences also put forth the theory that our present electronic technology, from netbooks to iPhones, is actually designed to, in a Macluhanesque way, alter our nervous system so we think more like multi-present, ultradimensional beings instead of solid terra firma bound Earthmen.

  25. Hi Peeps - fascinating discussion as always.

    I used to be transfixed by the following page -I can't believe it was so long ago!! (it might help with context if you go to the illustrated page to read it, link below):

    Updated August 22, 2003.

    "The sun is really cold, contrary to what official science says.

    As actual proof, the outer space exposed to sun rays without any blockage from atmosphere is really extremely cold to approximately 3 oK (-273 oC), water freezes approximately at 4 oC.

    Why is it not then extremely hot, since when sun is resplendent, in summer for instance, and there are no clouds is hot outdoors?

    Heat is caused by a thermal reaction between sun rays and the electromagnetic planetary aura, the Van Allen lines or the morphogenetic fields of matter as taught in ancient arcane wisdom (1) and in the book Telos (2).

    See the following response about the temperature of the space at: . Here is the text from that website:

    "The Question:
    All I wanted to ask you is that if we put a thermometer in Space with no other light or heat source around and absolutely no background radiation there, what would it read? Would the temperature be really cold or what?
    "The Answer:
    "Yes, it would be really cold. Temperature measures the energy per "degree of freedom" (i.e., way something can move) of whatever molecules happen to be around. So, it becomes so cold that the molecules stop all together, then this is the "absolute zero" temperature.
    On the Celsius Temperature Scale (i.e., water freezes at 0, and boils at 100) this takes place at -273 o C.

    "We usually use the Kelvin temperature scale, where Zero Kelvin is this "absolute zero" temperature -- or -273 o C. Water freezes at +273 o Kelvin and water boils at +373 o Kelvin.

    "If we put a thermometer in darkest space, with absolutely nothing around, it would first have to cool off. This might take a very very long time. Once it cooled off, it would read 2.7 o Kelvin. This is because of the "3 degree microwave background radiation." No matter where you go, you cannot escape it -- it is always there."

    Answer by Jonathan Keohane for Ask a High-Energy Astronomer.

    The sun rays once reaching Earth create heat on matter.
    Behind a tree, for instance, the temperature is cooler because the sun rays do not directly interact with the morphogenetic fields of the particle matter of our bodies, but through radiation (refraction). On outer space the space station and astronauts exposed to the sun rays experience a temperature of approximately 200oC since there are no clouds that deviate or reflect the sun rays.
    In the dark side, when Earth is between the astronauts and the sun, the temperature is very cold, as stated above. The absence of other matter makes less of a refraction possible."


    The article continues with such things as:

    "Michael and his legions, —the archangels, —are all sun dwellers"


    My own theory on 'sunbathing' was born from this particular article in that we're not 'bathing' but BAKING in a kind of oven....

    Better than lamestream fiction any day imo lol!!


  26. Dyna- I think if you didn't know who your parents were, you might feel differently, right?

    Dad- Exactly- the timing is certainly fascinating. I first heard that song on the radio on Wednesday, liked it and looked up the video. Imagine my surprise when I saw all of that craziness.

    Anony1021- Certainly that last verse has all kinds of interesting connotations to it, right? Passion Pit look like hardcore nerds to me- I'd be interested to hear their thoughts on sci-fi and the like.

    John H- All I can say is excellent feedback- I'll ponder some of your points, to be sure.

    Alan- Plus Star Trek IV!

    Anony- I'm not seeing the connection between Space Odyssey and 2012, but your second point is well-taken.

    Anony- I think the entire idea of searching for radio signals is ridiculous, particularly given all of the obvious sources of interference from cosmic and oribital radiation. But what do I now? I very much agree with friend's theory, btw.

  27. It is also interesting to remember that belief in the plurality of worlds was the dominant theory, held by all respectable persons, at the time of the founding of 'Modern' Freemasonry.

    Did you know that Voltaire (a Freemason) wrote a story, Micromégas, involving alien beings from Sirius coming to Earth?

    In his Philosophical Dictionary, he also writes: "Should not a thinking being who dwells in a star in the Milky Way offer Him the same homage as the thinking being on this little globe where we are? Light is uniform for the star Sirius and for us; moral philosophy must be uniform. If a sentient, thinking animal in Sirius is born of a tender father and mother who have been occupied with his happiness, he owes them as much love and care as we owe to our parents."

    Voltaire also writes in Micromégas that Mars has two moons, a century before they were discovered. Which would only be more notable if Jonathan Swift hadn't already written the same thing.

  28. Eleleth, can't help but think your moniker is a cipher of something profound. You have a great knowledge of what is key here at the Secret Sun. Shining forth our beingness. Such intense searching going on here. Shine forth brave and adventourous Eleleth. Dennis Harrison Igou.

  29. Wow,it's a good day/night(I'm in UK) at the Secret Sun for a brilliant discussion, all from a 'hipster band's video. Don't ya just love the mind of people!?!
    The thing that keeps coming to my mind is not very up-tempo but here it is:

    Move him into the sun -
    Gently its touch awoke him once,
    At home, whispering of fields unsown.
    Always it woke him, even in France,
    Until this morning and this snow.
    If anything might rouse him now
    The kind old sun will know.

    Think how it wakes the seeds -
    Woke, once, the clays of a cold star.
    Are limbs so dear-achieved, are sides
    Full-nerved, - still warm, - too hard to stir?
    Was it for this the clay grew tall?
    - O what made fatuous sunbeams toil
    To break earth's sleep at all?

    Wilfred Owen

    Bless x

  30. Eleleth! I'm quite impressed with your fledgling web logue, Kosmos Idikos. Quite extensive is your Gnoledge. Everyone here should pay it a well-earned read. Might your moniker derive from the Hymn to Elebereth, rendered in the Tolkien invented language, Sindarin? Just curious ~ (•8-D

  31. Oh, thanks for the kind words about that blog! It should be obvious that I was using it as a sort of personal sync-log where I could post quotations that interested me. I added a couple more items, mostly so that the abstruse posts on the spermato-gnosis wouldn't be the first thing that people saw if they went there.

    "Eleleth" is one of the Four Luminaries in certain Nag Hammadi texts. I didn't know about the possible Tolkien connection. Googling "Eleleth" also turns up a lot of other people who grabbed the name, so I may be faulted for lack of originality.

    Chris: if you read this, definitely check out this particular Pinocchio poster and compare it to the first degree tracing board. I was astonished, at least.

  32. Chris have you posted about the secret alphabet? If so could you point me to the link?

    I'm wondering if it is similar to something I experienced.

    Thank You,

  33. Reminds me a bit of this
    KANYE WEST "Glow in the Dark" book promo
    Reptilians, Pyramids, Astrology, massive computer Eye etc....

    I mentioned your piec about Jay-Z and linked it here

  34. Speaking of 'blue' - remember this (chuckles)!!:

    Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Original Video with subtitles)

    (6 + 5 = 11 - good grief - it's just a song for goodness sake - or is it lol!!. Can't help wondering what they're singing backwards):

  35. "...a hipster synthband inserting depictions of extremely esoteric topics like AAT, directed panspermia, wormholes and the solar stargate in their music video, completely appropos of nothing."

    I hate to out myself as clueless, but would you please give this poor reader a band name, album, and song title? The higher-quality movie you linked to has been pulled from YouTube and there's no title there to help me out.

    It's a catchy tune and I want to hear more.

    Thank you!

  36. artist: Passion Pit
    songs: Little Secrets
    album: Manners

  37. Suky- That's all news to me! You gotta love the Internet.

    Eleleth- That's a great link. One thing though- Voltaire was initiated a month before his death, so I wouldn't count him as a Mason per se.

    Flossy- Kind old sun? Reminds me of an old Pink Floyd song...

    Eleleth139- When you wish upon a star indeed!

    Jeffrey: I thought I have- but I can't find the post right now! I'm planning a separate post on the topic in the future, so stay tuned.

    Kool- Great work- that's going in the files.

    Suky- Great link! That one's gonna show up here at some point.

    Lynn- See below...

  38. "For the words of the Prophets were written on the studio walls !"

    Begin the day with a friendly voice
    a companion unobtrusive,
    plays that song that's so elusive
    and the magic music makes your morning mood.

    Off on your way hit the open road
    There is magic at your fingers,
    for the spirit ever lingers,
    undemanding contact in your happy solitude.

    Invisible airwaves crackle with life
    bright antennae bristle with the energy,
    emotional feedback on a timeless wavelength
    bearing a gift beyond price yet almost free.

    All this machinery making modern music
    can still be openhearted,
    not so coldly charted
    It's really just a question of your honesty,
    One likes to believe in the freedom of music
    but glittering prizes and endless compromises
    shatter the illusion of integrity.

    For the words of the Prophets were written on the studio walls,
    the concert hall
    echoes with the sound of salesmen,
    of salesmen,
    of sales men!

    Adapted from: The Spirit of the Radio by Rush.


  39. Couldn't find the video right off,
    but the lyrics are verrry suggestive
    of IV drug use.

  40. Stepping back from the video and looking at the bigger picture;

    Supporting Labels
    - Columbia Records (Good chance there are preconceived influences from here)
    - Frenchkiss Records, (Don't know anything about them)

    Back story is very "nice"/convenient - young guy, in dorm room, studying, love aspect, the whole thing is "romantic".
    Talented band members appear out of nowhere with quick painless reshuffle ready for professional live gigs.
    Short period of first songs to band forming to being signed and releasing albums.
    Very professional videos with interesting imagery and lyrics, even for early songs, please check sleepyhead
    The lyrics and imagery can all be read into, especially on the hit singles (maybe I'm just reading too deep ;-)
    Big international release for new album

    Convenient? Too perfect? Maybe...
    Anything can happen with plenty of money behind you right...