Saturday, January 23, 2010

Talking Jung on Occult of Personality

Greg Kaminsky and I had a very intense and freewheeling Skype-a-thon on the work and teachings of Carl Jung a few months back and he's posted it in the new members section on his Occult of Personality website. This was a great opportunity for me personally, since it allowed me to spell out exactly how Jung's work has influenced and informed my own work, both in my writing and this blog as well.

Greg has done very important work on the OoP site, providing a measured and lucid forum for the discussion of esotericism and this new members section will provide researchers access not only to vast archives, but also to the kind of indepth discussions such as the one we had on Jung. If you're seriously involved in the study of topics such as Alchemy, ritual magick and the history of Western occultism, I think this new service will be a major boon to your work. Click here for more info.

Postscript: I was struck by a funny thought the other day. Switzerland has this stodgy, ultraconservative reputation, but three of the biggest influences on the cultural matrix that informs The Secret Sun- Jung, von Däniken and Albert Hofmann- are/were all Swiss. As is Billy Meier*, strangely enough...

UPDATE: 77Meridian makes note of a strange Swiss space-time anomaly in The Daily Mail...

* Decidely not an influence, merely another weirdness superstar from the Alps.


  1. thanks for that post, forgot about that interview. very helpful. This Modern Mythology and what it is is what probably facinates me the most.

    I like what you said about the distancing ourselves through fiction n whatnot. it reminded me of something i just wrote down the other day: This is from Slavoj Zisek, on the film, Children of Men, "the true focus of the film is in the background... its the paradox of what i would call 'anamorphism'. If you look at the thing too directly, the oppressive social dimension, you don't see it. You can see it in an obligue way only if it remains in the background."

  2. Many, many Swiss synchs at gosporn. Latest being the America's Cup is currently being defended by a Swiss Yacht Club. I think of them as intermediary between two polar concepts, being "neutral". Or is that neutered? :-)

    Cheers, Michael

  3. In the interview you mentioned the point in circle symbolizing sirius a and b. well its not just a circle, its a hole and i feel right in. burnt out for the night but this is what i found.

    "the circle is structurally alien or remote to the plane, and invokes the feeling of isolation, because the plane is imagined or usually appears in the form of a rectangle. Thus, a circle is semantically related to dietes or substances of spiritual nature. Also an observation of the natural world, which emerged without the human performance, supports the remoteness of the circle from the human being."
    look at the different references to the point in circle on wikipedia, I see three basic uses. 1. God or divinity, 2. navigation, and 3. solar. interesting, "end of trail, Gone home," in scouting and control of passions in freemasonry. there's the atom "Fittingly, as hydrogen makes up most of the mass of the Sun."
    and the crown of divine will in the sephirot.

    Joe Campbell used this quote to illustrate man, the psyche and the collective mind that surrounds it...

    "God is an intellible sphere whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere." The book of the Twenty-Four Philosophers

  4. sorry, don't mean to be floodin posts but has this movie, "Adam", come up around these parts? Typical quirky indie romantic comedy but i'm sure is sync-tastic, check out the trailer, opens with a banger.

  5. I find your list of the four Swiss influences on this blog some curious picks, indeed.

    You mention "Albert Hoffman," whom I assume you mean to be Albert Hofmann (January 11, 1906 – April 29, 2008, the Swiss scientist famed for his work with psychedelic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). His last name has one "f" and two "n"s.

    Two of the other four, of course, within and outside of anomalistic circles, even among the open-minded, are best known for, well, the shaky foundations of their work. Billy Meier's alleged fakery has been well-documented. Erich Anton Paul von Däniken's books have come under the microscope for being heavily plagiarized and full of gaps in his logic and evidence.

    There certainly have been some famous Swiss people that we should all be proud they were Swiss, beyond Jung, like three generations of the Piccard explorers, Jean Piaget and Hermann Rorschach. But von Däniken and Meier? The popular cultural influence of Ursula Andress, who is Swiss, may be more meaningful to ponder than that of Billy Meier!

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  7. Uruguay is being touted as the "new Switzerland". Maybe nothing.

  8. I didn't count Meier as an influence, he was a postscript. If you read the blog, you might notice I never discuss him. But Meier certainly was quite the showman. That big coffee table book of photos he put out certainly caught my eye back in the old days. There's something to be said for well-executed fakery, if that's what it was. It certainly had a big influence on Hollywood.

    As to von Daniken, I reject these criticisms out of hand. He's a popularizer, a showman and not an academic. He took an extremely obscure body of thought out of the underground and into the mainstream, and sent the establishment into a tailspin for over a decade. And as such he's been roasted for doing the same exact things orthodox science does all the time (see "Global Warming") And he's also tough as nails and has never backed down from a fight.

  9. OK, let's move on...

    Caleb- Yes, using fiction as a tool of esoteric exploration. I think it's a very old technique and a very useful one. Taking these ideas and making them part of the cultural conversation in a way that you could never do when dealing with them in a "realistic context". The symbols you mention- they have multiple interpretations.
    I'll check out that trailer- cheers for the heads up.

    Michael- Fascinating! Well, it must be in the air. The Swiss minaret controversy got me thinking about the whole rocket analogy as well.

    77- Good catch. That's on the front page.

    Anony- In what way?

  10. Chris, Jung is the master of synchronicities. The syncro world you and other syncromystic travelers is a continuation of his work. I have the Red book, 5th printing. The book is huge,heavy and profund. I am perusing it at random. To read it from cover to cover will take much time. The book is a gold mine of introspection and archtypes. Jung rocks! Dennis.

  11. I'm here right now watching one of hundreds documentaries on UFOs out there, and lo and behold there's Wendell Stevens speaking about Billy Meier. Stevens used to trade ufo photos with Jung's niece (or cousin) Lou Zinsstag. Zinsstag had contact with Meier and obtained some photos from Meier that she passed on to Stevens.....
    I dunno if you knew this jung/meier connection....but for me, after reading this post today, and then getting the 2 mentioned together again, that's a sync wink! :)
    Will surely get a sub to Occult, wanna check your interview out
    Peace, maestro

  12. "Switzerland has this stodgy, ultraconservative reputation..."

    Where? In the American media consciousness?

  13. Hey Chris,

    Just wanted to send this your way. Its not 17 exactly but 117 and holy water...