Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sync Log: Cargo Cults

Just a short while writing an email explaining my cargo cult theories to Tim Binnall (pertaining to the Dome-Obelisk post), I turned on the radio to hear the most unwelcome voice of Tim Geithner, which was followed by a couple other stories I didn't care about, which was followed by this story about a comedian's obsession with South Pacific cargo cults. You can read the transcript here. What are the odds?

As I said earlier, syncs have been flying fast and furious (unusual for a MercRet), a welcome respite from the feelings of existential dread I've been nursing. It gives me hope, though I'm not sure why.

Keep your own sync logs this year, if you don't already. I promise you that by New Year's Eve you will have a much broader understanding of reality.


  1. Tim Binnall?

    Is there a BOA audio interview in the works???

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the sync log especially since I was just a couple of hours before your post explaining "cargo cults" to someone!

    Also just before the CBS evening news tonight I was reading Wiki on "cargo cults" as Katie Couric announced that "cargo" was pouring into Haiti! In fact the term "cargo" has been thrown around at least three times since the new began.

    Military cargo planes and ships off-loading supplies were also on the news report. Interesting from Wiki: "The cult members thought that the foreigners had some special connection to the deities and ancestors of the natives, who were the only beings powerful enough to produce such riches. Interestingly, there are no reports of villagers mimicking the Japanese army. It was quickly understood by villagers that the white (US) tribe had won the conflict."

    Perhaps your sync was more relevant in the past 48 hours than we knew.

    Thanks, Chris!

  3. Hi Christopher. I found this for you, and you must look at the pics. It was on one of my financial blogs.

    I thought of you. It is a parody, but?


  4. Jesse Ventura's show last night was on 2012/solar flares and the Denver airport. Showed how there is much govt. as well as private interest in maintaining underground facilities for survival. Made me think of the Caveman myth, of our distant past, as well as the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Is this a secret sun cycle those in the know are on to?
    Also showed how former missile silos are now being used as rich man's condo bunkers. Could the obelisks have been former ICBM's, being fired around before civilization was wiped out by solar flares many thousand years ago? Also the painted murals at the airport are very bizarre, Jay Weidner was on to add his take.

  5. Soapie- It makes you wonder. I was watching a doc on cargo cults and their cosmology is so elaborate and detailed it boggles the mind. I believe Von Daniken claims stories about them inspired Chariots.

    Songie- OK - that is extremely weird. Especially the bits about "plate tectonics."

    Meridie- I'll have to check that out. I liked the ep on the carbon trading scam. As to solar flares? I'd have to see more evidence.

  6. Let's pretend somebody actually has invented an earthquake generator. And let's pretend somebody wanted to get people jazzed about Obama and globalism again. And let's pretend somebody wanted a weapon of mass distraction to take everyone's minds off the corporatocracy cashing in their chips on the U.S.
    I can't think of a better place in the world than Haiti for maximum casualties and minimum economic impact.

  7. in your previous cargo cult post, the pic of the dark skinned people got me thinkin of drugs, how the poor like to acquire them to try and get the other things.

  8. Yes, Christopher, I scanned the article.

    When I read again, it wasn't funny. I think it underlined, the "fakeness" though of what they are doing there. I feel that Dubai is a very clear indicator of what has maintained the ruling class(es) for centuries actually.

    Others in the financial world think it exists to further drain the West. The largest investor was the Royal Bank of Scotland, and guess how much they invested?

    $17 Billion.

    Built by slaves. It is the hub for money laundering,
    and prostitution. They created a "bubble" like has been done here as well. One could think of a dome as a bubble too. No substance in this dream.

    Halliburton moved their headquarters there, but I hear they have returned to Houston.

    geez huh? I could go on and on about Dubai. I have studied it on and off for a few years. Nothing
    there surprises me.


  9. Anony- And Pat Robertson plants the "they got what's coming to them" meme, just like New Orleans.

    Justie- I think drugs are acquired by all different skin colors, no?

    Song- Feel free to share any germane info, the place is an enigma to me as well.

  10. Well Christopher I found this for you.

    Dubai is the perfect example of what built this current civilization. The whole meme serves the "ruling class". It isn't what's on the surface.

    It's what's buried underneath that really matters.

    Dubai is as much the meme, as what symbols it projects.

    A little book of revelations being opened up for all to see

    What lies buried in the deep.

  11. it was the pic of dark skinned people that got me thinkin of drugs, and how POOR people get them to acquire the other things

  12. In other news, I saw that alt rock man Jay Reatard sadly died-

    interesting that they note the time of death as 3.30, the same time that Jerry Fuchs died in November

    it's kind of confusing, the old re-occuring numbers thing, some might be being purposefully included in news stories for whatever reason, sinister or otherwise, but some are definitely occuring in a non-controlled, synchronistic way, I see it in my own day to day life. Maybe some of these numbers are being put out in the same way as symbols are employed in the Jay-Z /Lady Gaga etc way that you noted in one of your recent posts?

  13. Hello S.S. followers (Chris espesh)
    I obviously need to study Cargo Cults more(do ya notice alliteration these days) because I had never heard of them before!
    That aside for a moment, I wanted to say a wee bit about the Obelisk/Dome theme/thing. I have for a long time wondered why Church Spires are so popular and why ancient sacred places get turned into Churches with spires or domes?
    I feel there is a 'controlling' of the energy of these places that messes-up the lays or simply 'syphons-off' the profound energy that we were used to having as a 'perk' of being a terrestial or human being. What do you think? Do you live near a sacred spot that has been usurped? This subject really interests me.
    Would like to thank you for the suggestion of keeping a personal synch-diary. Nice One.

  14. Hello Christopher, I hope you don't mind, and I don't know if this was already posted. It ties into your
    number 17.

    You probably already found this, but, just in case.

    your friend,


  15. Oh yes, Song....The Star is number 17 which I personally have known for some time, as it is my birthdate number, but I don't really know why it's a star. A doorway into the Cosmos is how I've felt about it and Chris has more of a handle on it.
    Meanwhile, back to the Eclipse of today which is the longest in duration in memory.
    please put this into Yahoo to read relevant Eclipse Stuff...........Longest of all time etc. etc.

  16. synchronicity and obscure movie / comic book references = the new economic system ... just give me a bizarre quote for these bananas

  17. Thanks Flossy. I figured as much but I don't assume anything anymore. Don't use Tarot m'self.

    I also found something about the number 17 that is very interesting. It is about rare earth elements see here:

    There are 17 of them, and some magnets made of rare earth elements have been used to levitate
    a frog. Also used in green technology, superconductors, cell phones, computers.


    One of them is named Neodymium--Neo for short

  18. Song- I wish I could say I was shocked by that Dubai information. But I'm not.

    Panda- I never heard of him until now. As to TOD, these characters seem a little obscure for the effort, but I don't know about anything anymore.

    Flossy- Spires are obelisks pointing up at Heaven, meaning up into outer space. Keep us posted on your synchroprogress!

    Song2&3- Cheers. And check out StrangeEye's site- he posted a paper on 17.

    Flossy2-Does the eclipse traditionally presage the start or the end of something?

    JR- Ha! It may be the only currency we have.

  19. read this post this morning, did some research on cargo cults because i was unfamiliar with the term, then... this afternoon i was reading Philip K. Dick's "The Transmigration Of Timothy Archer" and there was a reference to cargo cults and how they build fake airplanes. thought it was interesting that your sync-inspired post led to a sync for me after reading it!

  20. oh, yeah, forgot to mention... later at band practice, after the sync, we ended up naming an instrumental tune we just finished "cargo cult" and talked about how a band shows up with all their fancy gear and lights and stuff, then heads out of town after the show, leaving the audience behind...