Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Revelations on Revelations

William Henry and I really get into it on his blogcast Revelations, dealing with all of the memes we've been looking at the past few weeks. Click here to listen. It's a nice little Solstice present for you readers, wrapping up some of the themes in the Stairway to Sirius, Revisited series.


  1. I would love to listen to this, but I have a Mac (OS X), and no matter what I've tried to download it's not working.

    Maybe you can hook us up with a different link at some point. I'm not the most tech savvy, but I've never had such problems on any other site.

    This could very well be just me, but "Unknown Country" would probably be a lil' more known if it were more user friendly.

    4give me for being an asshole, it's in my genes. :)

    I was just really looking 4ward 2 this.


  2. Try this- go to unknowncountry.com, click on the Revelations tag in the upper right hand corner on the front page.

  3. I too am a mac user, and I get it downloaded.


    Chris - You two are a really good fit. I've been a big William Henry fan for a long time, and he is a serious thinker. You and him are looking at the same big issues, but you both come at them in your own unique way, and you end up balancing each other out, and it's impressive.

    Well done!

    You should team up more often, both of you come across so strong when you pair up. He brings out something in you - and you do the same for him!

  4. I did all of those things. I installed flip4mac and the windows for mac link. Nothing.

    I appreciate the help though. If Mike C is good than it's gotta be me.

    I'll figure it out or kick rocks.


    Thanks again, though.

  5. Fkn beautiful.

    I used a different browser and I'm diggin' in.


  6. You had a really good half hour, quite productive with your time.

    Funny people are having problems listening to your link. I was trying to listen to William Henry's link on Red Ice and it won't work. He just did a show with Henrik.

  7. Cheers, you guys- I 'm glad you enjoyed it. I had spoken to William about the player the other day- he said Whitley is going to a new system in the new year, so hopefully the shows can be downloaded.

  8. That was a really cool back and forth.

    I would love to hear a more lengthy discussion between you 2.

    That stargate photo is an awesome visual btw.

    Looking @ it, I feel I'm tuning into the space in between. Nice.



  9. Normaly i dont listen to podcasts, but i did with this one.

    I have to say... great stuff.

    You guys discuss things the realistic, curious and humorous way. You dont claim at any time, that what you say are the words of the prophet carved in stone.

    I highly appreciate that as a viewer/reader/listener.

    That puts you and Mr. Henry who is a perfect host imho (he lets you finish sentences, listens thorougly, doesnt interrupt) in a very special place of trustworthiness^^.

    Thats how i love my intellectuals.

    Way to go boys

  10. Chris I listenned to the podcast after watching The Box and I've got to tell you, if you haven't watched it yet, do it and do it fast, eheheh (I'm actually laughing). The memeosphere is really strong in it. Mars, Gods, Water "gateway", Nasa, I won't spoil it for you. :)
    I still do not understand why the movie got so many bad reviews.


  11. CLIMATEGATE – Flood of Mothers Milk – 88

    The United States of America was founded in 1776. When dividing this number by 2 = 888.

    So what’s so important about the number 8?

    Other than being the number of TOTAL CONTROL … why is it the number TOTAL CONTROL? … what does 8 suggest?


    In Copenhagen, the Climate Change Conference began on December 7, 2009. Just prior to the conference beginning, emails relating to the scientific evidence supporting Global Warming were ‘hacked into’, or ‘leaked’ to the media, underscoring the fraud within the scientific community that supports Global Warming conclusions. These emails were ‘allowed’ to become public knowledge, to create the distraction and the reaction, that will establish our illusory reality yet further. The chart below illustrates the subliminal hidden within the
    term ‘CLIMATEGATE’. The mythological god Janus, was the god of GATES, DOORWAYS, HALLWAYS, etc. Jesus was a subsequent type of Janus, and was known to be the DOOR, or GATE, to God, and ‘no man cometh unto the Father but by me’.

    The subliminal attached to the term ‘CLIMATEGATE’ occurs now, during the KLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE, 66 DAYS before the Olympics begin in 2010.

    The number 66 = SICKS SICKS.
    The number 88 = ATE ATE.

    This is referring to the Flood of the Nile in the Sky, the Milky Way, and the suggestion of the Mother Moon goddess Diana, feeding her offspring.


  12. Hi Chris,

    Have you ever read about the Vatican Observatory on Mount Graham in Safford, AZ? A friend and I were working on a sci-fi script about AAT and the return of those who made us who we are and we drove there after a weekend at the Creative Screenwriting EXPO in LA. Online, at the time, their website spoke of tours and made it sound like you could just go there and check it out. But you can't. We learned the hard way. It's very closed-up. Secretive. And the local Apache have long protested the existence and expansion of the compound. It was still a remarkable trip. I saw the Milky Way for the first time. And it was just a week or so before the Leonids so we saw some shooting stars too. Growing up in a suburb of Atlanta, I've never seen sky like that, heck, I've never seen dark like that.

  13. I have a pc and can't listen to the interview. Man! I've emailed Strieber and hopefully they'll tell me how to listen. Weird, but William's other interviews play just fine.

  14. It asks me for a username and password to listen to it.
    Anyone know what they are?