Tuesday, December 01, 2009

NYC RIP - Tinseltown's war on the Big Apple

This is for the Synchros. There might be a scene or two here that may enter into your current exegeses. First one to name all of the films in the montage gets star of the day.


  1. 2012 Knowing Ghostbusters King Kong Vanilla Sky Godzilla Planet of the Apes hey! credits - now I'm gonna be accussed of cheating - hmmpf!...was only drooping by to promote my latest blogbusta anyhows

    Any prime8s who're wiser than the chumps coming to Copinheatin are welcome to joint me via vidiot non-con-furantz

  2. ps the bottle's halflag, so please bring your own bag, cheers

  3. if you slice an apple you get a pentagram and a torus

    if you collide atoms you get lines and spirals

    if you split or fuse atoms you get a mushroom

    how did I get from apples to atoms?

  4. Hi Chris,

    I don't know about all that Hollywood demise for the Big Apple! After all, some NYC disaster films were pre-9/11 and Jake Kotze has taught us all that a lot of those films (especially those featuring the Twin Towers, my fave "Escape From New York"!) were "necessary" for our consciousness.

    But MTV is countering you tonight with a love fest of New York City. Both "The Hills" and it's spin-off "The City" had their season finales tonight. MTV's live after show is taking place in New York City too. "The City" which takes place in NYC, ended its season panning over the lit city and with Alicia Keys belting out "Let's hear it for New York!"

    So somebody has high hopes and dreams for the city still! And as to why it's MTV? Who knows?

    Thanks Chris!

  5. The World Trade Centre Attack Was The Start Button!

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    The Sichuan Earthquake hit 88 days before the games began, with a total of 88,000 dead and missing.

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    Their will be 72 stories of office space in the Freedom Tower. That is 6 sets of 12 or the number of the paradigm (average) man. 72 also coincides with 12 on the 6th clockface, making it a number associated with the full circle of deceit. The number 6 is also the number of the christ/antichrist, or which will be referred to as the Sacrificer, which is the luciferian group entity in control of this whole lunatic agenda. Furthermore 7+2=9, the number of the FALL.

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  6. that was awesome Dark Star

  7. Yeah, woah. That's some badass numerology there Dark Star... gee whiz.

    Hey, at least we got to see L.A. obliterated in 2012!


    I'd still like to know if you're the same Chris Knowles that used to write about the Clash around ten years ago.

  8. Your welcome folks. Glad you liked the comments. There is much more to come. I'll post many things like this on my blogs and some I follow like this one. I really like Chris' blog. It's a good one.

    I not kidding with the symbolism. With more comments, you will see what is soon to unvail in the near future and it's not sci-fi and it won't be nice. I'm not a fear monger to frighten you, just a truthteller, to show people we are all being lie to, manipulated, tricked, etc and that's not a theory! Take care.

    i.e. Don't take any Flu Shot...ever.

    Enjoy all! I'll be ghere.


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