Sunday, December 27, 2009

Belated Christmas Present

I wanted to put this up in my Christmas Day extravaganza, but couldn't find the edited video. This is Gnostic Media's presentation on Christmas/Yule symbolism, Astrotheology and entheogens. Cheers to Red Ice for the link.


  1. I'm confused-- how did the practices of Siberian shamans become part of western Christmas tradition? I don't see the link.

  2. anon check out the pharmacological inquisition, it's the aminita

    I just got my copy of Assassin's Creed II ... time to see what's new in the world of "the infamous subject 17" aka Desmond Miles

  3. Wow. So interesting... Thanks for posting this.

  4. Hi Mr Knowles,

    I very much like the Magical Christmas part of your revised blog,,,,,I am trying a bit of Fly Agaric (not for human consumption) that I was given two Christmases ago, but one never knows how much to take. It has been treated by heat to save the active ingredients whilst making it less toxic. Anyway, I am about to have a traditional christmas sorta thing and I'll tell ya about how it goes.
    I now will post a 'cut and paste' youtube thing for you to peruse.... it's Orsan Welles and Joseph Cotton in The Third Man. It seemed poignant at the time. Please watch.(but cut and paste to Youtube)


    Floss. x

    The Third Man (Carol Reed)

  5. Many thanks for the video!

    Now I understand why I have to “believe…”

    Because Santa's been outlawed.