Thursday, July 29, 2010

Egypt, Egypt Everywhere: Hey Kids, Atenism!

You know what? There is nothing I can say about this video. I mean, I'm stymied. Just watch it for yourselves.

This show is played regularly on Discovery Kids. There are all sorts of fascinating implications here, though it follows some very well-worn tropes. It reminds me a lot of Mummies Alive!, which we touched on a while back. But it's certainly helping to instill the Tut meme into the more curious young minds out there.

And with the Egyptian government aggressively searching out new revelations, it's a safe bet that you'll be seeing a lot more of this guy...

Of course, Egypt-themed kiddie entertainment is nothing new at all. Here's one of the many depressing playsets kids of my generation had to make do with. This was the post-Viet Nam, pre-Reagan demilitarized GI Joe, with his namby-pamby "Adventure Team."

And where Egypt goes, space travel is soon to follow. Longtime readers take the Egypt/Space link for granted, but its hold on the Unconscious wasn't discussed much in 1970, when the Mummy's Tomb playset and the GI Joe Talking Astronaut were first released. Note the 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' theme, adding a dash of AAT spice to the semiotic gumbo.

For our bonus round, check out Steve Willner's 2007 video tracing the various semiotic pathways springing from the GI Joe cartoon episode, "The Pyramid of Darkness," on his You Tube channel.

Strangely enough that episode opens with a space shuttle launch.

UPDATE: Hot off the presses. Does this perhaps explain all of this Egyptomania? You decide...


  1. Hi Christopher,

    I am the anonymous 10 year old. And I just figured out that Miley Cyrus seems like she is trying to represent Osiris Lord of the Dead in Egypt by wearing black and dark colors and her last name Cyrus and Osiris are very similar. Demetria Lovato and Demeter like I said.

    Thank you so much. I can't read everything on your blog but will read what a 10 year old can. Any ideas about books about Egypt and myths would be awesome. I will not keep doing this, I promise.

    Thank you :)))))))))))


  2. A, sometimes I think you don't need to read any books on the subject- all you have to do is watch all the shows on kids' TV.

  3. Leaked Thor trailer! Check it out Chris. Looks interesting.

    "...our ancestors called it magic, you call it science."

  4. what about the wikileaks, anything more about julian assange?

  5. Speaking of AAT and semiotic gumbo, back in 1974 I attended a Genesis show with P.Gabriel. "Watcher of the Skies" ends with P.G. charging the front of the stage with a silvered tambourine placed between what were called "bat wings". NO! Try "Winged Disc of the Gods". A band called The Musical Box has done an excellent job of recreating the Genesis shows complete with costumes and original slideshows, an audio and visual semiotic feast. RA

  6. Ryan- I'm so stoked for that flick I can't even say. Lee-Kirby Thor is in my blood.

    Anony- Dunno. I had a weird idea that these leaks were an inside job to create an excuse to eventually pull out of there. Crazy, huh?

    RA-Yeah, it's weird seeing how mellow he is now. He's like a postmodern Burl Ives.

  7. what you mean pull out of there, chris? do u think he's part of Their game plan?

  8. Chris -
    I am shocked, amused and horrified at the first video in your current post. I laughed when I read you didn't have any words AT ALL when you viewed it. Then I pressed play. Wow. Wow. This appears to be a video that originated with some Christian Church. But that's not the message you get once this promo starts playing. My mouth was just hanging open when it was done. Yup, I get the stymie!

  9. Crazy stuff:

  10. Looks like Tama-Re was just a little south of the Georgia Guidestones...

  11. Chris: Since you did not mention having seen "Watcher" performed, go to youtube and enter: the musical box 3. The song is said to be based on Keat's "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer" which "talks of the ability of great art to create an epiphany in its beholder". There's a number of things going on here. RA

  12. My ex wife's church happens to be doing that Egypt-themed Vacation Bible School. I don't think it means anything. Evangelicals always try to rip off memes from pop culture without really thinking about them, just to advance the Borg... er, the church. They see that people are into Egypt, so they lamify it in their own image and use it to get people in the door.

    I guess it does make the point that this stuff is pervasive, but