Sunday, November 29, 2009

Atlantis sinking again? (UPDATE)

Dubai's dream coming to an end? The sci-fi city seems to be built on a mountain (pyramid?) of debt, and strangely enough the economic turmoil in that citystate threatens the global economy with a new round of convulsions. Maybe identifying itself with the ill-fated Atlantis wasn't such a good idea after all? As with everything these days there's a story behind this story we're not hearing- Dubai is most assuredly a big tax haven for all sorts of power players, otherwise a measly 60 billion dollar default wouldn't be raising many eyebrows.

Dubai's wealth had no tangible basis that I could see, but they certainly saw themselves as the center of the world for a while there. The ancient Greeks understood the wages of hubris- nothing offended the gods more. It will be interesting to see what scurries out from all of the rocks that are sure to be lifted as this story unfolds.

UPDATE: An insider's view on what is being termed the "Dubai Disaster" can be read here.


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  2. With the Atlantis and Phoenix Rising symbolism, isn't it weird that the slogan for the debt ridden state-owned investment company Dubai World is "The Sun Never Sets On Dubai World"? Consider too, that the global financial crisis was largely engineered, one must then wonder if this is Part 2 of that plan, since the effects of this debt will ultimately heighten fears, cause panic, plummet stock markets and possibly trigger another economic meltdown. Interesting times ahead, my friend.

  3. Citibank made an $8 billion loan to Dubai immediately after Citi was bailed out.

    There was obviously some furious bailing to save this turkey, which ironically was done on Turkey Day. :)

    There is absolutely no basis to Dubai's wealth, and I have thought that Dubai was... to put it mildly... fake... for years. It has no industry to speak of and has the highest per-capita energy consumption in the world. It makes Los Angeles and Houston look like experiments in green sustainable living.

    To put Dubai in perspective, consider that the city GDP of Boston, Massachusetts is about $290 billion while Dubai's is about $47 billion (2008 numbers). That means that Dubai would have to grow 6X to equal Boston's economy. New Atlantis? I don't think so...

    But I agree that there's some very strange stuff under the surface here. It'll be really fascinating to watch and see if the global elite closes ranks to save Dubai even at the expense of other

  4. Pyramid of debt - nice1!

    Anywaze fax 2 amaze from tiny, old Copenhagen = København


    middle age spelling, Køpmannæhafn


    So: Net, Copenhagen gets to be a saggybag escort for a gross bunch of mercernaries pumping out a load of hot air AND CO2 too boot, buy the buy; and maybe sell a few more souvenir Little Mermaids, too.

    Speaking of witch, The Riddle Murmurmate will vacating Denmark next March for an 8 month holiday in China. Symbolism, anybody?

    Ah, silly me - it's cos they wanna study her so the minitures don't have their flippers pointing the wrong tao, as some of the souvenirs Made In China, do.

    There's a decent, not-so-full-frontal of her on my Sirens In The City post, if anyone would like to wave her goodbye

  5. you know it's ruff when the Illuminati is broke ... like a child that throws their toys away for new ones ... but I can understand because we sold our pet at a garage sale once ... they are only pets

  6. ''And so castel made of sand
    fall in the sea

    Excuse me,it was too easy.

  7. Interesting, post, as always Christopher.
    Both the 'fall of Dubai', and Andre Heath's comment on Dubai "The Sun Never Sets On Dubai World"?.
    Scifi city is possibly what will happen after the fall of Dubai. Atlantis in popular imagination always links to technology thanks to Jack Kirby's "Witch Queen of Ancient Sumeria" and Annunaki spacecraft. It also links to the Nasa Space Shuttle Atlantis, whose solid fuel rocket engine formula was created by Jack Parsons, sex magician, and Guru to L Ron Hubbard, in the famed Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
    Atlantis the spaceship was named after Atlantis an oceanographic two-masted sailing ship carrying a crew of 17, with 5 scientists for Woods Hole. Woods Hole Oceanic institute as Wiki says.
    Atlantis is also part of the Nasa trinity the final spaceships to fly out of the U.S.: Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis. The shuttle fleet will retire in 2010. For the first time America will not have a space ready launcher since the space age began. Whatever happened to Arthur C. Clarke's dream of 2010, being a milestone in humanity's exploration of space?
    Now to Andrew Heath's "The Sun Never Sets On Dubai World"? This term according to Wiki The phrase "The Empire on which the sun never sets" has been used, with variations, to describe global empires so large that at least one part of their territory is always in daylight. Can it not also be an illuminated country? A new world order? Wiki also links it to a similar phrase by Xerxes I of Persia before invading Greece. Now this links to 300, Frank MIller's graphic novel, and the fun movie, by Zack Snyder, synching to Watchmen. Frank Miller's Spirit sunk his 'filmmaking' for now, but he was set to direct a remake of Buck Rogers. Which really put my mind into a spin. Dubai like the future Chicago spaceport in Buck Rogers(1979 tv version) had to be 'destroyed' first.
    Even if the destruction was not real, ancient Annunaki spaceports like the tower of babel -always get destroyed. This of course links to the Star Trek mythos and Enterprise being created out of 'earth dystopia', to give mankind spacetravel, rebirth in the stars. Obviously Dubai's "The Sun Never Sets On Dubai World"?. is esoteric, many Freemasonry lodges have the same mission statement.
    Nasa and the esoteric is pretty well know to Secret Sun readers. But Nasa is ending officially in 2010. It's not an American space program anymore. Now it's Soviet..err Russian rockets, E.U., U.N.,China, Japan, India-Vimana new world order space age. Next thing you know Iran will want it's own space program, including nuclear propulsion for deep space missions:)
    But there is one hope, -a civilian space effort, Virgin Galactic in Dubai. Dubai will like a Phoenix, launch into space the next phase of humanity's space exploration. Maybe even offer a space ark survival program like Hugo Drax in Moonraker. The earth ends but we can build you a safe haven on mars... offworld. The Freemasons are interested in saving earth by exploring 'other earths' these days, the fallen angels rising up towards the stars, towards heaven once again.

  8. Wealth doesn't ALWAYS equate to ELITE. Thinking that EVERYBODY who is super rich is somehow linked to the illuminati is well, naive in my mind. This was a perfect way to loot and bankrupt plenty of rich-wannbees who saw Dubai as their own private playground.

  9. Chris' phrase "legions of media skeptoids" made me chuckle.

    I'm surprised to learn from Thoth Pavel that Virgin Galactic is based in Dubai. FWIW, Wikipedia says that VG's first flights will take place at "Spaceport America" (which right now is a sign on a patch of New Mexico's desert, about an hour north of Las Cruces.) In fact, the contract for building the spaceport was awarded just last week.

  10. lynnertic, the Dubai facility is a sister 'operation' in Dubai, another launch facility. It is to be located near the Ras Al-Khaimah International Airport. What Virgin Galactic will soon be capable of is not only launching people, but satellites. The 200 thousand a passenger fee is nothing compared to carrying commercial satellites into space.

  11. You will not believe the real reason and meanings behind "Dubai". Here explanation to the Subliminal Sybolism of what Dubai is reall all about. Read...Don't Judge.

    Black Friday – Dubai $80 Billion In Debt

    77 DAYS Before 2010 Olympics

    November 27, 2009 – The Arabic city state of Dubai announced on November 26, (when Wall Street was closed for Thanksgiving) that it needs an extra 6 months to meet its payments to creditors.

    Dubai owes a total of $80 Billion. This announcement sent stock markets reeling around the world, except for the Wall Street in New York which was closed. This also coincided with an Arabic holiday in the Gulf region. Dubai, the city which boasts the World’s Tallest Building at 2600 feet in height (800 metres), and which will open at the end of 2009, is also building the largest airport in the world, (out in the middle of the desert). Dubai has the largest shopping mall in the world, (DUBAI = DO BUY), and the largest hotel in the world.

    With this credit crunch just announced, combined with the falling USA dollar, exactly 77 days before the Olympics begin in 2010, the stage is being set for a New World CURRENCY, … and it has little or nothing to do with MONEY.
    (note what Max said)

    A few symbolic numbers in regards to Dubai:

    Dubai’s coordinates = 25 degrees N / 55 degrees E
    25 coincides with 1 on the 3rd clockface = 5×5
    55 coincides with 7 on the 5th clockface = 5×11 sacrifice and death / 7 perfection and completion / 5 sacrifice

    The Birj Dubai – the world’s tallest building = 2,684 ft. tall = 2+6+8+4=20 which coincides with 8 total control.

    Measured in metres, the Birj is 818 metres tall. 8+1+8=17 = 1+7=8, once again, total control.

    17 also coincides with 5 (sacrifice) on the 2nd clockface.

    The Birj Dubai is 160 stories. This number relates to that of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, the LION KING, the Great Sphinx within the luciferian agenda. As well, this relates to Barack Obama, the 44 president = 4×4 = 16 and his symbolic connections to Lincoln.

    It should be noted that Dubai has built 3 island communities by dredging the sand from the sea. The obvious subliminal needs no explanation. These are called WORLD DUBAI. One of the communities goes by the name of The PALMS = Pay ALMS.

    - DarkStar888 -

  12. mentioned NASA in your comments. Let me add a little interesting information to that.

    November 16, 2009 is a NEW MOON. Exactly 2 weeks later, after the Olympic Flame reached Lewis Park, it is now FLOODED worse than any local residents can remember. Homes, businesses and streets adjacent to the Park are FLOODED. The city has declared a state of emergency in order to receive emergency funding.

    (Exactly 88 days before the Beijing Olympics of 2008 began – the Sichuan EQ struck, with approximately 88,000 dead or missing).

    WATER, FLOODING, the MOON, the MILK of the COW, the MOTHER, the QUEEN of HEAVEN, etc., are all symbols and events used to create our 3D illusory reality. In keeping with this manipulative symbolism, NASA literally BOMBED the MOON looking for WATER on October 9, 2009. Just now, they release the incredible NEWS that they’ve found massive amounts of water all over the moon. What exquisite timing!

    NASA = NAZI = SAAN = SION = ZION = NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), etc.

    Realizing that NASA is a religious organization clears up much confusion regarding the name of the MOON BOMBING MISSION which went by the name of LCROSS.


    “Water from the Moon” is a song from Céline Dion’s eponymous album. It was commercially released on March 1, 1993 as the fifth single in the United States.

    Celine Dion also recorded the title track for the movie TITANIC. It was the gods of OLYMPUS, that defeated the TITANS to become the NEW GODS in control of all things.