Sunday, November 22, 2009

All Eyes on Utah

The big cosmic story this past week was the Utah meteor, which lit the sky up over several cities before crashing down somewhere in the Dugway Proving Ground. Which StrangeEye reminded us is also known as "Area 52," where all sorts of exotic military hardware is tested, including anti-satellite tech and other surface-to-space weaponry. Which brings us back to the old War-in-Space meme. Given its apparent target, was this a meteor or something else altogether? From The Daily Utah Chronicle.

Scientists have evidence that the massive meteor that turned the night sky into day for two seconds Wednesday night might have exploded in the atmosphere above the reputed Area 52—an extremely dangerous, mysterious patch of Utah desert.

Patrick Wiggins, NASA Ambassador to Utah and Robert Matson, senior scientist for Applied Science International, believe the cosmic rock blew up as it burned through the atmosphere above Tooele County, based on interpretations of recorded seismic activity information and the meteor’s perceived trajectory. The meteor pieces would’ve landed within a mile of where the meteor exploded -- but unfortunately, that means they would have landed in the Dugway Proving Ground—an area of the western Utah desert, bigger than Rhode Island, where the U.S. Army tests chemical, biological and radioactive warfare, an area that is rumored to be the new Area 51.

“It’s a restricted area,” Wiggins said. “I seriously doubt anyone can go out there.”

The U.S. Army tested thousands of bombs in the gigantic military reservation, according to the U.S. General Accounting Office. But the area is more colloquially known as Area 52 for all of the reported UFO sightings. Rumors circulate that the Dugway Proving Grounds is where the U.S. Government transferred all of the Area 51 alien research after public scrutiny drew too much attention.

Also read this: Dugway Beefs Up Security after Meteor Sighting

This is all very new to me, but given what little I've seen of Dugway, it would certainly seem a likely target in a... well, let's just say an exotic war.


  1. Russian Space Forces are reporting today that the United States Air Force has shot down a 1 Kiloton nuclear armed cruise missile targeting the Denver International Airport in the State of Colorado that was fired from an as yet ‘unidentified’ aircraft able to penetrate the North American air defense system after US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computer and communications systems was ‘shut down’, an ‘event’ eerily reminiscent to the attacks on September 11, 2001.

    Immediately following this attack the Commander of military forces protecting North America ordered an ‘immediate review’ of America’s air defense systems, though in his public statements he failed to inform the American people about this attack.

    So powerful was the explosion of this nuclear armed cruise missile over the skies of the Western parts of the United States that there are reports of it being seen, and heard in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. The US Spaceweather.Com news site has also posted a photo [3rd photo left] taken of the debris field left by this explosion in the skies over Colorado, though to all of these Western propaganda reports it is being blamed on a meteorite. Spaceweather.Com is also confirming the Russian Space Forces estimate of the size of this explosion as being in the 1 kiloton range.

  2. Oranges and lemons.... used to be quite exotic too; keeping 'em pealed - as Eye see Udoo2...

    ...anyway - rflol - how many you got, man? Hive only got four pears!

  3. Chris,
    an excellent find! Thanks for posting that NEWS report vid!


    How appropriate!


  4. Something I noticed watching that UFO Hunters Dugway Video you've link to, that I didn't notice the first time I saw it:

    In that UFO Hunters vid the researcher asked Paula the Dugway PR Woman (@ 5:42)

    "The Reason we're here is that we've heard that Dugway might be the new AREA 51. That there was too much attention put on AREA 51 and they've moved operations here. I just want to ask you, straight out, are you aware of any
    TESTING or DEVELOPMENT of UFO or extra-terrestrial technology taking place here at Dugway?"

    If you're familiar with the micro-emotional responses depicted in the TV Seres "Lie to Me" you can see the beginning of the smirk on her face as he asks about AREA 51 ops moved to Dugway.

    The PR Woman replies oddly, in retrospect, to the question posed with:
    "You know that's really an interesting question! I've actually had that quite a few times. To my knowledge I'm not aware of any "UFO TRAINING" going on out here."

    The researcher comes back with "Paula denied any presence of UFO technology at Dugway"...

    Wait just a freakin minute here... NO SHE DIDN'T !
    She said to HER knowledge there's no UFO TRAINING at Dugway. She said nothing regarding back-engineering, testing or development of exotic technologies.
    And while the language used could easily be dismissed with "oh that's what she actually meant"... In the eyes of the law, the very specific language is what counts, and that is NOT what she said.


    WV: enese

  5. for those readers that didn't get the "Majestic" reference in the NEWS report and in my post above...

    check out the youtube video of "William Cooper on MAJESTIC 12"


  6. would the disclosure be materialize. i hope so. im tired of waiting this friday.

  7. No one can believe the "face lady" that speaks for Dugway!!! Can we all be fooled...NO. This scary stuff run by bullies...area 52 is the home to many bad things.

  8. Once every 5 years huh? So that explains why it has happened at least FOUR times since last November. First (almost to the day) this one seen flying over the southwest U.S. and landing in Edmonton CA area.

    Then in March another one is seen/heard over Virgina/DC area.

    On July 6th a third one is reported after hundreds of people call 911 after hearing/seeing a sonic boom and white flash over northern Maryland. I know for a fact that this one was real because I saw it with my own eyes and reported about here. Interestingly enough I live just down the road from Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Dugway's east coast sister.

    Now this. Something doesn't add up here.

  9. Ok...the fruit cake that wrote this article is nothing more than an attention getter. Always has been since 2004. I thought I found something interesting to read but then found out more could be learned by a trip to a local tarot card reader