Sunday, November 22, 2009

All Eyes on Utah

The big cosmic story this past week was the Utah meteor, which lit the sky up over several cities before crashing down somewhere in the Dugway Proving Ground. Which StrangeEye reminded us is also known as "Area 52," where all sorts of exotic military hardware is tested, including anti-satellite tech and other surface-to-space weaponry. Which brings us back to the old War-in-Space meme. Given its apparent target, was this a meteor or something else altogether? From The Daily Utah Chronicle.

Scientists have evidence that the massive meteor that turned the night sky into day for two seconds Wednesday night might have exploded in the atmosphere above the reputed Area 52—an extremely dangerous, mysterious patch of Utah desert.

Patrick Wiggins, NASA Ambassador to Utah and Robert Matson, senior scientist for Applied Science International, believe the cosmic rock blew up as it burned through the atmosphere above Tooele County, based on interpretations of recorded seismic activity information and the meteor’s perceived trajectory. The meteor pieces would’ve landed within a mile of where the meteor exploded -- but unfortunately, that means they would have landed in the Dugway Proving Ground—an area of the western Utah desert, bigger than Rhode Island, where the U.S. Army tests chemical, biological and radioactive warfare, an area that is rumored to be the new Area 51.

“It’s a restricted area,” Wiggins said. “I seriously doubt anyone can go out there.”

The U.S. Army tested thousands of bombs in the gigantic military reservation, according to the U.S. General Accounting Office. But the area is more colloquially known as Area 52 for all of the reported UFO sightings. Rumors circulate that the Dugway Proving Grounds is where the U.S. Government transferred all of the Area 51 alien research after public scrutiny drew too much attention.

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This is all very new to me, but given what little I've seen of Dugway, it would certainly seem a likely target in a... well, let's just say an exotic war.