Saturday, October 17, 2009

TVOD: Lost on the 17th (UPDATED)

We watched this on the Satellite a while back, but I thought it'd be worth taking another look at, given the date and all. The spiel is that the Jupiter II lands back on Earth, but due to a time warp the landing date is October 17, 1947, the real action is in all the double-entendre and subtext. Nice diversion for a Saturday afternoon, and has a cast of thousands, Lost in Space-wise. Very interesting bits of dialogue that reward close attention.

UPDATE: Yep, Saturday morning is where ledes go to be buried. Or where photos go to be shopped. You decide- "NASA moon crash did kick up debris plume as hoped."

UPDATE II: Saw this one coming, too.

The X-Files, in a nutshell....

SYNC LOG: I just turned on Technicolor Web of Sound for my daily dose of Psychedelia and what comes on but 'Terrapin' by Syd Barrett. Which is featured in the X-Files episode "Lord of the Flies," one of my favorites of the uneven final season. And of course, the alien dream and the widening gyre, which a reader had inquired about recently.


  1. Richard Hoagland was on Coast to Coast AM tonight mentioning Bubble Boy(Falcon) and Horus symbolism.Foreshadowing Obama as President of the World will preside over ET/UFO disclosure and usher in new age. Also tying it into recent moon mission and artifacts on the moon being known to China, India, Japan. Great talk radio

  2. I understand nothing about this ''falcon heene balloon case''.It doesn't make any sense!

  3. Ah, now I see the Syd Barret subplot. He was disconnected with the world like Dylan in the episode. Also his second album cover had fly imgery.
    Found it interesting his the album Saucerful of Secrets was designed by "Hipgnosis" and featured Marvel imgery such Living Tribunal and Doctor Strange along with planets entering a black hole of some sort. Thanks. :) And check this out Chris:

  4. So is the alien dream, widening gyre is induced by drugs? And is the abuse of those drugs the havoc being wreaked on the collective consciousness right now?

  5. Andromeda galaxy: Nasa Swift Satellite
    Swift spent around 24 hours staring at the distant smudge of light, taking 330 separate images totalling 85 gigabytes of data.

    HR1207, the bill to Audit the Fed now has 303 Co-sponsors

  6. I think the connection between Syd Barrett and Isis in the posters might be that Pink Floyd's tribute to Barret is 'Dark Side of the Moon' and Isis is the goddess of the Moon and the Underworld. Underworld being associated with flies because of Beelzebub.
    Knowing the X-Files I'm sure the connection is more profound but that's all I have for now.

  7. More '17' dots. Buckle up in this 3-parter from Brother Anpu. The sound's a bit dodgy in parts but some of the info is quite 'jaw-dropping':


  8. the size of the government's total debt rises to $17.1 trillion by 2019.

  9. "Shine on you crazy diamond" is PF's tribute to SB.

  10. Yes. I been halucinating since I was 10. I first smoked weed at 10. I tried shrooms at 18. I quit smokin last may and have still been halucinating. I cut out the caffeine and still see stuff pretty regularly. Being raised like john connor in the desert around druggies and bikers prolly helped tho. I remote viewed once for sure since I quit weed. Being schizophrenic might be it but never diagnosed.