Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hollow Flight

Hey, remember LCROSS? No?

You know who else doesn't? The news media.

Go figure. Me, I'm still waiting to hear how a rocket traveling several thousand miles an hour hits anything without leaving a mark.


  1. Is that the thing, Chris? We are so bombarded by media and different happenings around the world that things like LCROSS fall off the radar within hours?
    (Nothing to see here folks, move along.)
    By now everyone has moved on to the next thing to gawk at - whatever that is. I guess it's whatever the 'media' says it is.
    Are there follow up press conferences where journos get to ask NASA the tough questions about it all? Are there any tough questions? Does anyone care enough to ask? Who knows?
    For me, it's a bit like crop circles. Why isn't everyone obsessed with them - finding out about where they came from - what they mean?
    People seem to be so quick to shrug things off. Very strange.
    All these questions - yet no answers...

  2. Just for your number 17 files Chris,

    Fabio Capello hails David ‘Barack Obama’ Beckham (No.17 jersey)

    “Yes, I was a bit surprised,” the England manager said. “I just thought it was like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize after eight months as President. Beckham gets the man of the match after 30 minutes here . ."

  3. Hi Chris,

    Our local paper ran a very funny cartoon about the LCROSS bust.

    You can view it here:{74438839-3AD9-405B-8366-D2A21EDA727C}

    My thoughts on what happened? I think the rocket crash was not looking for water. Viewers saw a white screen at the point of crash...seems to me like the crash/rocket was aborted.

    Thanks, Chris!

  4. Yo everyone,

    a UFO spotted in NASA's LCROSS footage.