Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TVOD:V for Vancouver

I've been hearing that V is running into production problems (which is a nice way of saying the network thinks the writing sucks) but I am so there for this pilot. It's being exec produced by The 4400's Scott Peters, stars Firefly's Morena Baccarin as the bad alien (alas, no Jewel Staite- yet) as well as Joel Gretsch (aka Tom Baldwin) of The 4400. I'm sure there'll be a whole host of Canada's finest filling out the cast, plus that bizarre Vancouver mist and lighting. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess, but I'll be Hulu'ing that sucker at the very least.

My strong feeling is that all sci-fi and genre TV shows should be filmed in Vancouver. There's something about the misty, overcast atmosphere and the weird afternoon sunlight in that city that lends an otherworldly - or alternate-reality - air to that kind of storytelling. Indeed, as much as I appreciate The X-Files in its entirety, there's no arguing that the series belonged in Vancouver. It basically lost one of its major "stars" ( ie., the city itself) when it relocated to LA, not to mention all of those great Canadian character actors.

And hey, Scott -you got a problem with the writing? Give me a call, I'll work up some kickass treatments for you.


  1. have you paid any attention to "Flash Forward" as of yet? the pilot was incredible!

  2. The recent X-Files movie had a British Columbia backdrop. Big beautiful snow covered mountains - unmistakably in the Northern Rockies, but they kept on saying they were in West Virginia. Alas, it bugged me.

  3. I just watched the V preview.

    The teaser clip shows a sequence of giant craft hovering above the world's great cities. There is a predictable montage of people watching from the streets as well as intensely watching on live TV.

    I was struck by how predictable and mundane this sequence was, I mean - I've seen this SAME thing over and over and over. What I saw was a re-hashing of similar sequences from movies going back to THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.

    There is a present day myth of contact, the example would be the catch-phrase: "landing on the white house lawn." This myth is repeated ad nauseam in movies (and now episodic television). It's narrative tool as normal as the the cowboy with the black hat riding into town and the women folk stepping off the street. It's imbedded in our psyche.

    And here it is again.

    The film-makers obviously knew what they were doing, and I foresee a hollywood re-working of this same stale plot point. Hopefully they'll use this as a jumping off point for something engaging and original.

    I've been truly impressed with episodic television, and I maybe this series will live up to the extremely high standards that have been set by previous shows.

  4. Preach, Chris! I'll add a 'hell yes!' to your equation.

  5. Cheers, you guys- regular readers know what a 4400 fan I was so I have high hope for this. I bookmarked Flash Forward on Hulu so I'll be watching that sometime this week as well.