Saturday, September 05, 2009

Spin, My Solar Sister

The Posies' Frosting On the Beater drilled a hole through the center of my skull like a laser beam. My exposure to this album also coincided with a major synchronistic eruption of signs and wonders that changed the course of my life forever, starting on September 5, 1993. It's no accident that The X-Files would hit the airwaves later that week.

The lyrics on this album are enigmatically charged with mystical ambiguity. They mix cosmic references with poignant memories of the dreams of childhood, seemingly at random. They also seem to have both double meanings and ambiguous pronunciations, even (is he saying "crown of thorns" or "crowd or thorns?" Is it "everyone is laughing, all expensive painful" or "everyone is laughing, all expenses paid for?"). The first single was about dreaming all day. One tells of a time "when mute tongues can speak," another warns of a "definite door to another dimension." This album helped take me to one, for sure.

When I play this record I can still smell the crisp morning air of the September Sunday that my last remaining shred of belief in consensus reality melted away. I think every paradigm shift needs a musical soundtrack to help imprint it onto your consciousness.

Here's a beautiful acoustic version. I've always said that the best hard rock songs are the ones that still work in this context, and the capos and the harmonies add a nice trad folk dimension to the proceedings.

It's really high time our culture rediscovers Rock 'n' Roll. It can be so much more than simply a soundtrack for a rad video game.


  1. What a FANTASTIC post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post-- great song.

    Have you seen today's Google mascot?

    The meme just keeps on coming!

  3. Hopefully, this comment is not overly off topic. It is a music video that radiates otherwordly things. perhaps you'd comment on it Mr. Blogger


  4. Hurry and take a look at the Bo Rama shot over on HuffPo.

  5. Man, this will probably get me banned but here is another musical soundtrack for the new paradigm


  6. I don't understand the whole rediscover RnR bit. Are culture is saturated in it. All you have to do is look at the kids. Maybe you just cant see it because it's not the music you like. And I guess I'm gonna really have to prove my point about Dave Navarro's status as a pawn in The Corporate Schilldumb. Here's the exact moment he stopped being my favorite guitarist at 1:05

    Here he is taking it on his knee's for Tony Mattola's wife the butterfly girl. This one really made me sick to my stomach!

    But I guess since your ok with thievery and think mason symbols are edgy on multi million dollar rock stars with their own eMTV reality show. You probably didn't mind those songs. I guess I just never took you for someone with A soft spot for
    Puff Daddy. In this day and age I hold my musical favorites to higher standards. I just thought you would to as a pop culture researcher in this hemisphere. Here's some lyrics by one of my favorite old bands who never became total whore's.

    Who, who do you serve ?
    For whose empire and for whose whims ?
    Is your honor judged by men ?
    Will you lie ?
    Will you lie if they say it's their will ?
    Will you die or continue to kill ?
    Until the generals all have their fill

    Craven cowards
    Armchair warriors
    You will serve them well

    What, what will you write ?
    For whose pleasure, for whose delight ?
    Will your readers see your light ?
    Will you say... That the singer can't blow you away ?
    That we hate people just 'cause they're gay
    Women and children all stay away

    To whom, whom do you pray ?
    Do dollars wash your sins away ?
    Does God love cold hard cash ?
    Do you say... If we all just continue to pay
    All our ailments will go away
    And our souls will be saved

    God's not with you
    Holy Roller
    Your heart dwells in Hell

    Why, Why do you run ?
    Our awareness has spoiled your fun
    Our eyes see you too clear
    Will you hide
    From the joy of expressing our pride
    For the leaders and people who've died
    While combating your genocide

    Chains are breaking
    Minds are waking
    Soon we'll serve no more...


    Fishbone was singing that while Perry was crying about his Daddy.


  7. Alternative Rock's heyday may have passed but I think there is a lot of inspiring Metal running around these days. Even if it is mostly appreciated by teeny boppers who shop at Hot Topic.

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  9. Frosting On The Beater still blows my mind.

  10. Longtime Posies fan...:D

    also love all types of music be it aggro-philosophizing via Soundgarden or Slayer, to dreamy pop like Belly or My Bloody Valentine, to all sorts of crazy ass old school electronic noise pioneers, jazz and classical and primitive music. Its all a clarion call to the consciousness of humanity.

    It is best to avoid meaningless tripe when it comes to music as it can be like a viral thing, record execs know ALL ABOUT THAT.