Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mitch Horowitz on Occult of Personality

Mitch Horowitz is the author of the new book Occult America, subtitled The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation. I hung out with Mitch at Esalen in May and came away greatly impressed with the man and his scholarship. I also have a copy of the book. I've read almost all of it now and it's a corker.

Actually, I should say that the book reads itself, since Mitch is one of the few writers who can tackle these kinds of topics and do so in a cogent and extremely reader-friendly style. Mitch clears away the hysteria and the nonsense and focuses on the individuals who influenced the mainstreaming of esotericism, most of whom come across as somewhat tragic eccentrics, ultimately undone by their idealism and naivete. Most tragically in the case of Manly P. Hall, who in a more enlightened age would be seen as an preeminent scholar.

Go check out Mitch and Greg throw it down in part one and part two of their interview series. And definitely pick up Mitch's book if you're looking for a very fun read on a poorly-understood part of American history.


  1. Chris,
    check out some "Occult Shakira Eye-candy" on my blog - Ties back to the 2009 VMAs post.


  2. Looks very cool Strangey. Good to see you back in action.

  3. Hey Christopher

    Stumbled across your site a few days ago and I am hooked. You are definitely plugged into some cool stuff that is eerily famliar to me.

    Recently found out about Manly P Hall's PRS -- Mitch Horowitz will be doing a lecture soon so I am glad you mentioned him. If you ever find your way to Los Angeles promoting your wares, do mention it in your blog would love to cross paths with you.



  4. I added this book to my Amazon wishlist and noticed it was
    $10.88 !??
    Why not just make it $17.00 and be done with it?-)