Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TVOD: Heroes is awesome again

Heroes got my attention in the first season and then lost it- badly- in the second and third. Way too many storylines, way too many powers and way, way, way too much Sylar and Nathan Petrelli, neither of whom I found interesting as characters. Worse, the plotting was soap opera-slow and the stakes got too high, too quick.

The good news is that they seem to have done a serious rethink and gotten back to basics. The appeal of the show to me wasn't over-the-top comic book Armageddon rehash, it was extraordinary powers manifesting themselves in ordinary reality. It seems like that mandate is back in effect. Not only that, but they seem to be paying tribute to the late, lamented Carnivale with a batch of carny characters ( of course, Heroes itself is a tribute of sorts to The 4400). And if that weren't all enough, the lovely Madeline Zima (Californication) is on board as Marcie to Claire's Peppermint Patty. That looks promising...

Unfortunately, the last two seasons killed the buzz and ratings were weak. Hopefully, the suits will let the series play out its string and go to DVD. I'd like one more solid season out of this show before it's put to bed. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Hello CK,

    It seems I may have jumped the gun a bit in regards to the sightings over the weekend.

    I don't have any care for nasa. The faster they disappear the better. The lies and secrets make for bad blood. I look at them and all like them as waste.

    But I still stand by the two Ufo's I personally witnessed. Whatever they may be. Man made or otherwise.

    Andre's Alienblogspot helped to piece things 2gether about the nasa rocket.

    Obviously my emotions got the better of me. The way in which the events unfolded really got me going. The coincidental/synchronistic nature of these events really made an impact on me personally.

    Lately, I have been experiencing these types of happenings at a fast pace on a smaller, everyday level. This time was of a greater magnitude. From my personal perspective I see this as a precursor. Time will tell.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled and my mind open.

    I know this sounds cliche', but I fuckin' know there's a whole lot more goin' on. And I'll take that initial jolt of energy that I felt from my experience as a gift. I'm half fuckin' pissed though for real. I sincerely believed things were about to jump off. :)

    I will not rest until there is a paradigm shift.....even if I have to will it into existence. :)

    And I'll be checking this place daily for some good 'ol fashioned food 4 thought.

    Thanks for the outlet, brother.



  2. Hopefully this new season will be better, cos the first season of Heroes (apart from the finale) rocked. Cool to hear you mention Carnivale, that's definitely a show that should've lasted longer.

  3. you saw Dude above...
    You saw a UFO? well I did too some months ago.... Take it easy.


    The Shows worth to me as a non watcher is This:

    Solar Eclipse.

    Male - Female.

    Sun - Moon



    Blessed be.

  4. Yes I did. I don't know what I saw but it was truly a bizarre experience.


    Also CK, check this out :


    "The squid, weighing in at 103 pounds (46.7 kg)
    4 + 6 + 7 = 17


  5. No, it still sucks. Its like Groundhog Day (Eternal recurrence) for Prime Time. Enough already! Give the series to David Lynch. Even ER was more entertaining and they didnt have superpowers!