Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week in Review: Back to the Garden

It's been really busy around Secret Sun Central. And as such, it's been all I can do to keep regular updates. I could just as easily put the site on hiatus, but I feel it's my responsibility to keep the fires burning here. September looks to be an extremely busy month on the day job front, but I will do my damndest to keep up with all of the semiotic insanity we are swimming in. I'll try to catch up on responding to the comments if I can, but never fear- I read them all. Keep 'em coming.

Now, let's take a look at some of the recent absurdities in the news...

We just saw the release of a terminally-ill Libyan, convicted in the Lockerbie bombing. Victims' families were outraged, but as ever realpolitik trumps everything. From the NY Times:
On Friday, Lord Trefgarne, chairman of the Libyan British Business Council, said Mr. Megrahi’s release had opened the way for Britain’s leading oil companies to pursue multibillion-dollar oil contracts with Libya, which had demanded Mr. Megrahi’s return in talks with British officials and business executives.
That aside, those 9s are certainly eye-catching, no? Makes you wonder. This past week we also saw the news that Libyan dicator Mohammar el-Qaddafi wanted to set up shop in New Jersey for his confab at the UN next month. New Jersey? Now I know the man is insane.

Speaking of the ongoing oil wars, here's a fascinating juxtaposition of imagery with a story on the "9/11 mastermind" (sic) and his schooldays in North Carolina, the sarcophagus of Tut and a glowing obelisk advertising the Outer Banks of...North Carolina! Ah, Huffpost- second only to Yahoo News when it comes to zany semiotic spell-casting.

And speaking of the endlessly-scheming aristocracy, there are a lot of breathless rants out there warning us that Prince William is being set up to be the "Antichrist." OK, all well and good- I'm as entertained by bed-wetting Fundamentalist hysteria as much as the next guy. But don't you think the Dark Overlord of the Stinking Infernal Abyss could conjure little Billy up a decently demonic weave or at least some hellish hairplugs? And how is it that Harry's kept a big bushy head of fiery red hair?

And speaking of royalty, we also saw the final act of the American Camelot as Teddy Kennedy joined his brothers in the Great Beyond. Here's a stunningly-candid candid from the funeral- Bill and Hill and W and Laura and Barackobamun sitting around chatting like the very close-knit family that they are actually are. Joseph Cannon has a blockbuster post up detailing Barack's CIA ties and his parent's involvement with the Company in the 60s. Definitely worth a read- click here.

Speaking of the 60s, this week brings us Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock. I just did a big post on Woodstock and I am ashamed by my sloppiness- how did I miss that Yasgur's farm was on Route 17B, a side road off of State Route 17? Well, I've been busy, that's my only excuse.

Speaking of 17 - I watched a movie last night with the missus that shook me out of a somewhat jaded attitude I'd been taking to all of this alien symbolism we've been bombarded with. It's not even a recent film- it's from the last wave of UFO media hype in the mid-90s - but the symbolism just totally blew my brains out. What will probably be the first of several posts on this movie will go up on Monday. You don't want to miss this one, believe me.

In the meantime, don't forget my interview with Greg K on Occult of Personality.

Have a great weekend (someone has to).


  1. sorry, this is off topic, anyway this might be interesting..

  2. 2 red-heads were monarchs of the british Isle

    William rufus, shot in the woods with an arrow
    and Queen Elizabeth I , who wasn't allowed to bear children

    he's a redhead because of his different father.

    Teddy K - 77 = OZ

    Matthew 16, v,20 - basically there's no antichrist when there's no christ
    nevertheless check out Nespaceman's stuff on Wills

    in one poll 91% od Scots supported the release, coz its a fucking release

    13year olds at Gitmo



  3. Speaking of Antichrist, the Lars von Trier's written and directed movie Antichrist was released uncensored on the world wide web this week as well.

    A video game based on the movie has been announced by the movie's production company Zentropa. The game "Eden" would supposedly be a continuation of the story.

  4. what movie are you referring to?

  5. I thought the Antichrist was Barack Obama.The Bible is VERY clear on this.Or was it the pope??


  6. Dear Chris-
    Just want to make sure you are thanked and thanked again for the fascinating pieces of information you pull together into a coherent whole.
    The link to the article on Obama's possible CIA past and the candid photo especially- priceless.
    I have wondered why the mainstream news never made any deal at all about O's multiple names- usually a name change is a media on show biz thing or an alias or you have been adopted, but it comes up in bios. I didn't even know for a long time that he had more than one moniker. Can you imagine Ted Kennedy having more than one name? Someone who has been deemed slightly criminal will Never lose the AKA or "aledgedly" as part of their description...strange for sure to me- Delorus

  7. after surviving a plane crash awhile back, DJ AM Adam Goldstein died from an apparent overdose with prescription drugs and CRACK in the room. In the NYC, like Heath Ledger.

    this as The Final Destination movie comes out this weekend.


  8. Delorus - what do you mean when you say 'more than one moniker'? Do you mean nicknames?

  9. Hi anonymous- No, what I meant was using more than one name in a legal manner, as to sign a document for instance. I believe Mr. Obama was also known as Barry Soweto (sp?) when he was in Indonesia. I have not seen a writeup as to why he may have made a name change- not that I have read any of his biographic material beyond that which I can't avoid! It is strange to me that this information is avoidable in this information age. Delorus