Friday, August 21, 2009


...what do you guys think of the Avatar trailer?

UPDATE: This looks kind of interesting.


  1. looks very cool, kinda like Halo, nice to see the tin man rise again

  2. Yeah those ships looked just like Halo.

    There seems to be a neural/bio mind merge going on in the trailer. By the looks of it, some sort of feedback loop is created between worthington and...and 'male creature floating in water tube'

    That being said, fusing two characters gives the viewer a real interactive viewpoint and allows for a greater psychological interplay.

    I liked the quality of footage that was presented. He gets detail out of the pixels.

  3. Chris…

    This is off topic, however…

    We posted a piece on Ghostbusters and Judgment Day over at Tekgnostics… In doing the writ-up that ole’ cosmic trigger #17 kept popping up…

    Here is the link…

  4. also....when they both cut their hair short, I think Worthington looks like Eddie Vedder.

    You can tell by the link name but.....Worthington or Vedder?

  5. I am fired up to see it. In full 3D. If it lives up to the hype (and judging by the trailer in 2D only it just might) the world of mixed reality will truly be upon us. I have a feeling that this could be the cultural precursor to a possible paradigm shift in the way we view our possible worlds. And interact, which it key.

    And maybe the way the possible worlds view and interact with us?

    It does look quite amazing though. Stunning in fact.
    Has the hype worked on me? Heh. Maybe.

  6. Hi Chris,

    Is it just me or are alien creatures in film looking "more real" than ever?

    Also, I had a major flashback during the trailer of my own imaginations of what the book to film would like for one of my favorite novels from childhood: John Varley's "Titan" -about a creature "Gaia" that is itself a world and orbiting Saturn.

  7. Ho hum,
    Sorry to be a downer on the movie scene, but I literally just see them all as big Mind-***k rituals.
    Yeah, yeah, I know, as long as you can see the symbolism and messages in them, then your 'fine' right?
    I don't think so, we are all still willfully going to these 'places of worship' and releasing all kinds of emotional energy on a regular basis...why do you think that is...?

    Looks like a 2009 version of Dark Crystal anyway....

    You did ask our opinions... ;)

  8. Wow watching the trailer and reading the premise of this film definately caught my attention. A marine participating in a military program, entering a new body, encountering a blue jungle-like race that's actually more advanced than us?!

    Sounds amazing. I'm up for it. (blue auras also mean the person is balanced and calm.)

  9. oh me...ohhh my. I'm reminded of Final fantasy the movie.

    Anyone notice how realistic the cgi is getting in relation to 2012?

    I mean, in 3 more years we won't be able to tell the difference.

  10. Jon Kidd quote:

    "Anyone notice how realistic the cgi is getting in relation to 2012?

    I mean, in 3 more years we won't be able to tell the difference."

    Pretty much what I'm thinking.

  11. Well, my opinion is that it looks technically impressive but I'm not seeing anything up there that I haven't seen a million times before. It looks a lot like Sword of the Atom and a few other 80s comics whose names aren't coming to me offhand. I hope this isn't going to be a Phantom Menace kind of deal, which is the vibe I'm getting from the trailer. But unless it gets really bad reviews I'll go see it in 3D for sure. Probably Xmas day.

  12. Del Toro & Hopkins are awesome FLOWman

  13. The look & feel totally evokes Roger Dean

    Peaceful and highly evolved aliens fighting to protect their existence from the destructive & bestial humans. An unwitting (human) hero who falls in love with the strong and independent warrior female (alien)...both must unite to save the world from impending destruction etc...etc... Not an original storyline by any means but the film does have beautiful animation for sure. I'll check it out in the theater for sure.

    As for The Wolfman, I could easily sink my teeth into that one thanks to the always-intense Benicio del Toro and the gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite goddess Emily Blunt. But wait, Sir Anthony Hopkins as well. Oh my. I'm always up for a good ol' gothic Victorian thriller!

    Off the subject a bit...Something to brighten the mood. I particularly like track 8: 2-1:

  14. looks sweet - underworld with an a-list cast and possibly a little more depth. benicio del toro is seriously cool

  15. Hi Chris,

    Just seen the new District 9 film (spoiler alert) where the main character in the movie turns into one of the aliens through some liquid he ingested and now this film showin the army dude turning into one of 'them' and then at the end of the movie (District 9) there being an indirect reference to 2012 with the statement '3 years' being made quite a few times.

    Maybe the message is - we're gonna be turning (genetically) into an alien species - compared to what we are now..

    Love the blog man, peace....

  16. isn't that the guy from goldman sachs?

  17. A few thoughts:

    Cameron really likes bold one word titles beginning with "A" eh? Aliens, Abyss, Avatar.

    Another alien film where the aliens aren't really aliens. District 9's aliens were a metaphor for immigrants or refugees. These aliens look like a metaphor for Native Americans.

    Along with this year's Battle for Terra, another film that casts humans as the invading alien force. Which makes me think if thats how white men were percieved centuries ago when we were stepping into the realities of Aboriginees, Native Americans etc. Maybe our cultures current obsession with alien invasion stems from our anticipation of the karmic repercussions.

    The film looks like total CGI eye candy, but as someone who thought Speed Racer was ace, thats fine by me! I bet it looks brilliant in 3D imax.

  18. This gets interesting, colonization is what James Cameron is playing with. Avatar's aliens are blue like much of the British East India company conquests of an exotic and alien land, India.

    The blue gods of India, Krishna is often viewed as an avatar of Vishnu the supreme being.

    India has had a very open view of the ancient astronaut concept, certainly the British Empire profited from archeological work.

    Titanic was the ultimate ship ocean going vessel of the time, Olympic class. A testament British technology and shipping company White Star Line.

    I found the Titanic 'love' scene fit neatly into the legend of an egyptian female sorceress in the same hold, as the doomed lovers.

    Indian Kundalini serpent energy energizing 'mummy' that then wrecks the ship?

    The east and esoteric play out in Camerons work before this. But the Sitchin Annunaki, and biblical Nephelim are now us. Mankind is playing out the legends of the star gods. Certainly the secret fraternal society's have had the legend of a Sirius connection. Of earth being someone's property in the Charles Fort, John Keel realm.

    Cameron links to another great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, and has this to say about him on wired magazine. After True Lies, James was honored to be invited to the great directors London home, to personally screen the film. But, he says this of Kubrick,

    "He's like a brain vampire. He likes to get people and suck what they're doing out of their heads."

    full article wired.

    Avatar is also pushing the next home revolution 3d. Most HD tv's are 3d capable, the goggles are being marketed by Nvidia already.
    So tech marches on vhs, dvd, hd/blue ray, now 3d.

    Boundary's between the dream, and reality breaking down.

    I'm sorry but i'm a Cameron fanboy, he doesn't have a star on hollywood because he didn't want to pay the cost $15000, and he's pretty down to earth guy in interviews, apart from the King of the World Oscar speech.

  19. Wow- cheers, guys! Thanks for the mil-grist. I'm going to go watch that trailer again. I'll probably go see D9 today as well.

  20. The only reason Canada hasn't been run over so far is:
    a..they haven't gotten around to it.
    b..the corpo-satellites don't want to lose their tax status.
    c. it's in the works.
    d.We got our fair share of paperclip and they don't want to mess with us.

    e. The aliens won't let them.

  21. Hi ericswan, I dont quite understand what you mean by "run over"?

  22. Ciao, Chris,
    I stole a link from red ice,
    I never knew the WTC subway had this design.
    It is apparently called oculus and is quite freaky :)

    have a good weekend

  23. i take it we're the bad guys in avatar and 'they're' the good guys. it's a common theme coming out of hollywood at the moment. look at district 9 for example.

  24. Have to get with ' Transcend' on this one. Watched the trailer. Enjoyed it for about 30 seconds. Then I started to get the creeps. The blue people are creeping me out, I have to say. They appear very real, but in some kind of perverse way. It seems especially apparent to me when the male, the avatar, smiles. The very opposite of human. Why is so much money, time, energy, talent, technology, being spent to bring us stories like this? Why is it so all-fired important that we watch, in full-blown, IMAX 3D, and be enthralled? Why?
    I've come up with a couple of answers, and I don't like any of them. I love to study these movies, but once you learn a few things, it's not as much fun anymore. Especially when the movie makers are taking it all so seriously. And Avatar is pretty serious.


  25. @ Thoth Pavel
    "This gets interesting, colonization is what James Cameron is playing with."
    Yes it is and he works for NASA. Watch his "Aliens of the Deep" movie and the preparations for, Jupiter's moon, Europa missions. The same one that gods warned us to stay away from in "2010" (The year that we make a contact) movie.
    "True Lies" was so bad that everyone will be ashamed to show something like that to Kubrick.

  26. watchmenmk,
    "Aliens of the Deep" movie and the preparations for, Jupiter's moon, Europa"
    I have seen them, and he's also funded a controversial documentary on finding the 'bones' of Christ, 'The Lost Tomb of Christ'. A common idea around Nasa as brought up by Hoagland, Dr. Greer that religion is the reason Mankind cannot be told about ruins, past civilizations or 'alien' gods. This also gets into the idea Cameron is a high ranking Mason, along the lines of Ron Howard, Tom Hanks & Dennis Quaid. Which is as far as i will go on this stonecutter synch.
    I am not anti-mason or anything like that.
    James Cameron in interviews has acknowledge Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey as being the film that illuminated his future. Cameron wanted to make movies after seeing it.
    So this is a bit like the Sorcerer's apprentice returning to show the master how he has learned the craft, the new tools of filmmaking -digital effects.

    "True Lies" was a remake off a french comedy la totale!. It has it's moments, but it was really the debut of Cameron's Lightstorm entertainment and Digital Domain visual effects studio's both then owned by him.

    Nasa and Cameron are an interesting mix, he genuinely believes in space exploration.
    I missed a talk James Cameron was doing at a local university graduation ceremony near me, and i still regret it.
    He is realistic about art, story and film making. When asked how do i become a director or film maker he has said, if you are asking me that then probably you will never be one. But if this answer pisses you off enough to go out a make a movie. Well you can send me a case of tequila anytime.