Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Revelations of the Secret Sun in an Unknown Country

This was a lot of fun- I did an interview with William Henry on his Revelations podcast and it's up here on the Unknown Country website. I've enjoyed William and Whitley's work - especially the Dreamland program and the new spinoff - for a long time now and it was quite an honor to be invited to appear on the show. William is a regular reader of the blog and asked some very probing questions about the work being done here. I'd like also to thank Mike Clelland of Hidden Experience for getting the ball rolling on this.

Regular readers will remember it was William's theories on the Babylon Stargate that helped me piece together the Mindbomb puzzle on Kirby's prophecies regarding the Gulf Wars. Revelations listeners can check out the Mindbomb extravaganza on the Babylon Stargate here. The piece we discussed on the Oscars and the Babylon Gate is here. And the Very Sirius Election piece covering the Sirius symbolism of the 2008 election can be found here.