Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Revelations of the Secret Sun in an Unknown Country

This was a lot of fun- I did an interview with William Henry on his Revelations podcast and it's up here on the Unknown Country website. I've enjoyed William and Whitley's work - especially the Dreamland program and the new spinoff - for a long time now and it was quite an honor to be invited to appear on the show. William is a regular reader of the blog and asked some very probing questions about the work being done here. I'd like also to thank Mike Clelland of Hidden Experience for getting the ball rolling on this.

Regular readers will remember it was William's theories on the Babylon Stargate that helped me piece together the Mindbomb puzzle on Kirby's prophecies regarding the Gulf Wars. Revelations listeners can check out the Mindbomb extravaganza on the Babylon Stargate here. The piece we discussed on the Oscars and the Babylon Gate is here. And the Very Sirius Election piece covering the Sirius symbolism of the 2008 election can be found here.


  1. Congratulations, my friend.

    This is excellent.

    I will be tweeting this, so that the knowledge will go viral.


    Oh, I would dearly love to hear you on Binnall's show as well.

  2. Just heard the interview with William Henry, nicely done and decidedly riveting.

    Artist Alex Grey, also, did a painting years before 911 showing ... towers on fire, much more. See for example: "YouTube - A portent of 911 in an Alex Grey painting?" et al.

  3. Right on!

    Just so y'know, William Henry is exactly the same age as me, and went to the rival High School just a few miles north of where I grew up.

    I am convinced, at one point - sometime - we must have been in the same party, or buger king or - something!

  4. ...By Jove....You've done it again...! Fantastic info.
    ...never knew quantum leaping was so much fun...
    seya on the other side

  5. The girl of my dreams is spandex black on white on red and her name is Electron Lightdown. Time travel for her was what tall blondes do. She's involved in 3-D chess and needs to nurture, protect and serve mankind in the chemical body but since she can't hold that physicality from her astral projection, nothing about her is real. To make manifest a future where she will be in the chemical body, she must heal the makers of art and move them to a position of power inside the matrix we call publishing. Unless and until the truth is become viral, the battle against the wormhole aka memoryhole plays on. Look to the books where even one copy is extant, there is hope.

  6. nice interview, was a good listen.

    But to return to normal programming:

    Planets orbit stars in the same direction that the stars rotate. They all do. Except one.

    A newfound planet orbits the wrong way, backward compared to the rotation of its host star. Its discoverers think a near-collision may have created the retrograde orbit, as it is called.

    The star and its planet, WASP-17, are about 1,000 light-years away

  7. Hey, its the first time i hear your voice,... funny experience.

    Also i like the enthusiasm of the interviewer^^

  8. Cheers, guys- William is a great interviewer. He knows when to listen and when to lob in some tasty mindmorsels. I really enjoyed it- it just went by too quick!

  9. Captivating interview. Looking forward to the next one.

    You might find this interesting, a new movie called The Fourth Kind with Milla Jovovich whom I adore.

    Be well!

  10. I'm very interested in that movie- I saw the trailer on Andre's site.

  11. William Henry looks like David Hasselhoff

  12. Hey man, loved the interview! I just happened to be writing about Isamu Noguchi and his 'Face to be Seen from Mars and comparing it to Kirby and his depictions of the face on mars when I switched on the program and heard yours and Williams amazing interview! Goog stuff man!!!

  13. Thanks for this Chris. I've been a fan of William Henry for a while now.

  14. Fascinating, this unknowncountry interview. I didn't know it was William Henry that brought out the concept of the invasion of Iraq being over ancient art and tech. I had heard the premise from a lot of people looking for answers.
    I've had that argument for a longtime over 'ancient' tech, stargates or mind powers being the real reason the invasion. Most skeptics seem to think that whatever was hidden in Iraq the British, the Germans, French whatever army marched through it got it. I don't agree, sand tends to hide everything over time.
    On a strange note, glancing over to my bookshelf, William Henry's Oracle of the Illuminati was shelved next to The Grays by Whitley Strieber, on the other side to complete the 'trinity was the Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia.
    The Prophecy aspect of Jack Kirby is very accurate, and Chris Carter's work as well. The occult and esoteric, the inner mind, the dream worlds seem to 'change' the people researching it. Dance with the devil in the pale moonlight, the devil doesn't change, you do.
    I liked the honesty Chris of 'being' selfish because you want answers. It's not selfish to want to 'know', it's selfish to want power, which both William Henry and yourself realize, you guys don't want the military powersuit. Well maybe for a trip to the moon or something, but certainly not for military industrial goals.
    Peace, yeah i know i only got into this 7 days after, shame on me...