Saturday, August 22, 2009

Process of Elimination

If you're in the LA/SoCal area, you might want to check this out- an event put on by Feral House promoting their book and the upcoming documentary on the notorious Process Church. Being nowhere near LA, I'll have to miss it, but will definitely be checking out both the book and the film.
In celebration of the book "Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment," Feral House, Process Media, and Sound At One Records present A Sabbath Assembly Ritual ...a preview will be shown of William Morrison's documentary feature about The Process, after which Adam Parfrey will interview Mr. Wyllie, who will also respond to questions from the audience.

Services begin at 6 pm on Sunday August 23, 2009, at the Silent Movie Theater, 611 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles [323] 655-2510.
For my part, I still believe that a lot of these 60s/70s cults were actually intelligence operations in which control techniques were developed to be later introduced in the Fundamentalist and megachurch movements. Matt Taibbi's expose on John Hagee in Rolling Stone chillingly details how cult techniques are being used today.

And certainly the paranoid, apocalyptic mindset of cult leaders like the Robert DeGrimston and Jim Jones has inspired an entire growth industry, with well-funded radio networks, publishing houses and websites. Make no mistake- Fear is big business.

PS: Here's an interesting article refuting the The Process Church's links to the Manson Family.


  1. The cross-like symbol is the clarion call to Nazis called the swastika. It looks like the backdrop of trumpets set on the walking legs of a hairy star. Marshall McLuhan had a wall of similar symbology that was 30 ft high and 40 ft long and always behind a dark curtain.

  2. "Here are over five hundred pages of internal Process Church of the Final Judgment documents "

    The link is from
    Some might find it interesting.


  3. I agree with you about 60s/70s cults: they were scientific experiments. I think that's true regardless of whether or not they were explicitly organized as such. In any case, I think they were studied. In Taibbi's article we can see the results being deployed en masse.

    It seems that in the 60s and 70s the immense power of science was put toward the end of learning to scientifically mobilize the naive, the gullible, and the psychically broken.


    I don't think you really need elaborate parapolitical speculations to understand why. The answer, I think, is dirt simple. There is a big pile of gold here, and people want to loot it.

    America (and the rest of the western world) represents the greatest collection of wealth and power in known history. It's quite a honey pot to elite deviants. Whomever can take control of this ship can bring to themselves untold riches, or so they think.

    They might even be able-- as it seems that some of them believe-- to scientifically grant themselves immortality and make themselves into demigods ruling like ancient Pharaohs. (As for whether that's really possible, that's a separate question... but it's clear that some of the pathocracy believe something like that.)

    All they have to do is "hack" the democratic systems that underlie our culture. It's clear that science has been and is being actively applied toward this end. The megachurch movement, from everything I've read about it, appears "intelligently designed." It's a mix of classical hucksterism meets 20th-21st century analytical psychology. Think hucksters with neuroscience.

    It's not really about left or right anymore. It's about those of us who are a bit conscious vs. the deranged psychopath class. Marx said it was the "haves vs. the have-nots." I disagree-- I don't think it's about economic class either. I think it's the empathetically-normal vs. the psychopaths.

  4. Holy Crud-
    You guys are giving me the creeps. But I'm sure it's a good thing. Nicely said Adam. But Chris, please elaborate just a bit on how you came to the conclusion about the cult experiments being applied to the 'main stream'' Christian churches. Thanks again for the keen inisights.

  5. That's a whole other topic, Thrace- one I will definitely dig into in the future. As a matter of fact, I think it would make a great book. Definitely read the Taibbi post for a taster.

  6. Chris thanks for info. Cant wait to see new Bill Morrison's work.