Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul 1915-2009

Les Paul, who invented the solid-body electric guitar later wielded by a legion of rock 'n' roll greats, died Thursday of complications from pneumonia. He was 94.

As an inventor, Paul also helped bring about the rise of rock 'n' roll with multitrack recording...The use of electric guitar gained popularity in the mid-to-late 1940s, and then exploded with the advent of rock in the mid-'50s.

"Suddenly, it was recognized that power was a very important part of music," Paul once said. "To have the dynamics, to have the way of expressing yourself beyond the normal limits of an unamplified instrument, was incredible." - AP

In tribute to Les and the visions and epiphanies he helped inspire, here are a couple of great performances on his world-changing invention...

And one more...

And saving the best for last (or at least the freakiest...)


  1. If you're just going to leave one thing behind, this was the thing to mark the world forever. Talk about being ahead of your time...

  2. R.I.P. Mr.Paul...
    SO much great music was created thanks to you...

  3. Brother, I love your site and have always dug what to now has seemed to be your exceptional taste... but putting Page and Plant next to a the strutting, preening colossal fraud that is Scott Weiland is simply unholy in the extreme.

  4. Well, as Rick Nelson said you can't please everyone so you have to please yourself. Or was that the Divinyls?

    I added a couple more- hopefully you'll like those better. Will add more as they come to me.

  5. "I'll be a Rock N Roll 'bitch' for you"

    ...just havin' fun on the 'sun'...
    thanks chris

  6. i like the last one the best

    "I'm an alligator, I'm a mama-papa coming for you. I'm the space invader" then what Buckley quoted.

    1.Gators, like stargates
    2.MoM & PoP, kinda kotze
    3.he admits he's an alien
    4.the R&R hyperbole

  7. Yeah read that on the news, my dads gonna be pissed.

    Chris just wanted to share some unrelated "funny/sync" news with you and the rest of the Secret Sun. I know it may sound crazy but about a week ago I turned down an audition for a part in a new Denzel train movie cause it was honestly farther then I wanted to go to audition. Anyways they called me back and said they really want me to come in cause they think I have "got it" <--whatever that is, lol. It's only one line at the beginning of the movie but it's kinda pivotal and it is with a fellow Chris, Chris "James T. Kirk" Pine.

    Anyways I am going to do a post about it on my private blog cause there is so many funny syncs in the part that they sent me. Spoiler my character would get killed by a train "the 888 train" <---remember a comment I left on your blog like two post back about these sync numbers like 222 333 etc... that keep following me around.

    Anyways anyone want in on my private blog email me, this ault to be interesting if I get the part. Shit it's already interesting enough to me, but also always kinda freaky/scary IMO.

    PS Chris Pine is also in a movie coming out soon called "Quantum Quest" where he is "a young photon, who is forced out of the Sun on a journey of discovery."

  8. Hey C.K.,

    Please look up/check out the trailer for the new scifi pic "The fourth kind".
    You wont regret it.

    And of course, RIP Les Paul.

  9. Don't forget Marc....

  10. Jay is not wrong . . . it's like that movie is specifically designed for you.

  11. STP's the Deleo brothers were more musically mature than the rest of the 90s bunch. That's why many a musician liked and learned quite a bit from them - myself included. And having played many of Zep's songs (as well as STP's), the debt that Dean owed to Page is evident. The bass player in my band used to say that Robert Deleo was equally influenced by John Paul Jones.

    When I think of the greatest Les Paul players Page is number one, for sure. Then comes Randy Rhoads.

  12. Right on, Terry- those guy are amazing musicians in the true sense of the word. They really know their theory and harmony. I don't much care for a lot of the stuff on the first album either, which a lot of people still hold against them. But I think Purple is one of the top albums of the 90s, up there with October Rust and Aenima and OK Computer.

  13. The last two Soundgarden albums are among my favorites, and I was really into Cake and a band called Soul Coughing. OK Computer imo is among the greatest albums ever made. I can appreciate Tool but never got into Type O Negative (I should download some and give it a try). Oh ya - Alice in Chains! How could I forget them ... Cantrell played a Les Paul too.

  14. Wow, that Fourth Kind trailer is a bit interesting. It had everything in it.

    Anyway, speaking of Radiohead, I was just thinking about Amnesiac and how prophetic it turned out to be. The track Dollars and Cents really evokes the world's current economic trouble and Pyramid Song with its alien evoking images of black eyed angels. I remember Thom Yorke saying how freaked out by 9/11 he was cos the artwork in the album included many pictures of the world trade centre and burning buildings. I think at their best Radiohead were at the Jack Kirby and Beatles level of being ahead of the game.

    I'm feeling the STP love too, Vaseline is an awesome track.

  15. T- Soundgarden was awesome, too. Wish they'd reform.

    Mr Panda- Radiohead really have that whole Gnostic vibe going on as well. Yorke said that that inspired the title of that album.