Sunday, August 16, 2009

Egypt, Egypt Everywhere, pt. 9,734

A reader sent in this pic- a Playmobil display for their new (and quite well-researched) Egyptian playset. Check out the big Anubis there, that's a bit unusual. It'd be pretty cool if one of the sets came with a flying saucer.

Porky Pig and Daffy Duck bring their wacky hijinks to the ancient world on this cover for an upcoming adventure of Looney Tunes Adventures. That Daffy, I bet that madcap mallard has something screwy up his sleeve!

Now even toddlers can get in on the robotic thrills and spills with this special Mr. Potato Head from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy line. This reminds of a comic book idea I once had- it was called "Bagboy and Spud"- it was about a teenage grocery clerk whose best friend was a potato from outer space. Well, what are you waiting for, Hollywood?


  1. Need "Bagboy and Spud" NOW


    soleil soleil.

  3. Re: 17

    Beckham sent off in 17th minute [ LA Galaxy v Seattle Sounders]


  4. I know it's not related.
    But I have no way to contact you so...

    Have you seen this?

    "(...)The cloud is expanding and taking on some interesting shapes.(...)"

    Reminds me of 2010: Odyssey Two:

    "Floyd has difficulty convincing the rest of the crew, at first, but then the monolith vanishes from orbit and a mysterious dark spot on Jupiter begins to form and starts growing. HAL's telescope observations reveal that the Great Black Spot is in fact a vast population of monoliths, increasing at a geometric rate, which appear to be eating the planet. "

    Later Jupiter explodes and turns into a small star.

  5. Ah, Daffy Duck... The "Eric Cartman" of yesteryear. He used to be funny but quickly became "that character you love to hate" (unlike Cartman, who was always like that). Elmer Fudd resembles Aleister Crowley a little. Nothing incites the imagination of a child like an Egyptian play-Set

    I want to read Bagboy and Spud now.

  6. As the present-day action begins, a venal corporation looking to profit from alien technology tasks a geeky emissary (newcomer Sharlto Copley) with evicting the creatures from their horrific shantytown and persuading them to move somewhere ... worse. That emissary’s life will never be the same. Neither will his limbs or his left eye, thanks to a brush with some funky alien matter.

    Strange to say, but the most satisfying sci-fi thrill ride of the summer turns out to be sort of an apartheid allegory. “It’s an utterly original film,” says “District 9’s” single A-list name, producer Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”). “In an industry that’s looking to make movies out of every obscure TV show, or sequels, or videogames, you look at District 9 and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.”

  7. See the tv ad for another toy just like it in germany here.

    More silliness here.


  8. sadly the story of bagboy and spud ends in my deep-fryer.