Friday, August 14, 2009

Blue Dog Days

Wow! Lot of excitement, a lot of passion in the health care debate! Folks are up in arms, people waving guns around, yelling and screaming. Weird, wacky stuff.

But it wasn't supposed to work out this way, can you believe it? It turns out that all of this excitement is on account of a group of Democrats in Congress with a nutty nickname. Read on...

Blue Dogs have their day:
As Congress' summer recess continues to produce town hall after town hall of screaming protesters and organised chaos, it's not hard to see why Barack Obama wanted to get healthcare reform finished by the end of July. Nothing like sending a batch of already paranoid members of Congress back to their districts, only to have their worst fears echoed in the voices of an angry mob.
Thank the Blue Dogs. Before the healthcare debate, the coalition of conservative Democrats were a relatively obscure group to most Americans. But when they stalled the House energy and commerce committee's markup of the healthcare bill, the Blue Dogs emerged in the front of our political conscience.
Wow! That's really interesting because we're hearing about these "Blue Dogs" a lot. It seems these "Blue Dogs" are a "Major issue" this summer! They certainly have Star quality- every time you turn around they're at the top of the headlines...

GOP, Dems Battle Over Blue Dog Districts:

Moderate Democrats are at the epicenter of the controversy and anger over health care reform, and both Democrats and Republicans are attempting to control the situation. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has created a memo detailing the negative impacts of health care reform in each Blue Dog district.
California's Blue Dogs Emerging as Key Players in Health Care Reform:

Democratic California representatives in the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition could play a decisive role in shaping national health care reform legislation, Capitol Weekly reports.

California has seven Blue Dogs in the 52-member coalition, more than any other state.

'Blue Dog' Vote Pivotal in Passage of Health Care Reform Bill:
The moderate "Blue Dog" Democrats are calling for provisions to ensure that the government's plan is affordable for small businesses and are insisting on a negotiated rate for any government-run health plan that would compete with private insurance.
Or this:

"We would have like to have passed a bill through the House by Friday," House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland said after meeting with the conservatives, known as "Blue Dogs."

You know, ain't it just the dog-gonest coincidence that this health care brouhaha just happened to be delayed until the heart of the "Dog Days" by the "Blue Dogs?" Ain't that just a kicker? Ain't it just a kick that the debate "heats up" during this time of year?

Wait- what are the "Dog Days," you ask?

The phrase Dog Days or "the dog days of summer", Latin: Caniculae, Caniculares dies, refers to the hottest, most sultry days of summer. In the northern hemisphere they usually fall between early July and early September whilst in the Southern hemisphere they are usually between January and early March. The actual dates vary greatly from region to region, depending on latitude and climate. Dog Days can also define a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progress.

And where did the name "Dog Days" come from? Read this:

In the summer, however, Sirius, the "dog star," rises and sets with the sun. During late July Sirius is in conjunction with the sun, and the ancients believed that its heat added to the heat of the sun, creating a stretch of hot and sultry weather. They named this period of time, from 20 days before the conjunction to 20 days after, "dog days" after the dog star.

Wow, that's amazing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we just spend a lot of time on this blog puzzling over the whole Sirius thing vis a vis the 2008 Presidential Election and its aftermath? And here we are in the Dog Days, and there's all this "Blue Dog" zaniness in the news! Go figure! But wait, there's more- Sirius isn't only the Dog Star, it's the Blue Star as well!

It's the 13th as I write, and this week has been the most "contentious" week of the Barackobamun Administration so far. And wouldn't you just know it- this was also the week of the Contendings of Horus and Set in the Egyptian Festival Calendar! Man, these coincidences can get downright crazy sometimes!

And what was Set's big pitch before the gods as to his worthiness for the throne, you may ask?

Seth boasts of his strength and says that only he is the one who can slay Apophis, the enemy of Re, every day from the prow of the sunboat.

Apophis? Where did that come from? Man, one thing's for sure- we didn't hear anything about Apophis this week! No, that would really be stretching it! Am I right or am I right?

Oh, wait a minute....

This was in the papers Wednesday:

Nasa does not have enough money to spot incoming asteroids as they plummet towards earth, it has been warned.

Astronomers are watching a 430-feet diameter rock that has a 1-in-3,000 chance of hitting Earth in 2048 and a much-talked about asteroid, Apophis, which is twice that size and has a 1-in-43,000 chance of hitting in 2036, 2037 or 2069.
You know what is so wacky? This week, the media chose to focus on a guy that showed up at an Barackobamun rally packing heat and carrying a vaguely-threatening poster of a coiled snake! Did I mention that Apophis was usually depicted as a coiled snake?

Zam! Pow! Zowie! Will wonders never cease?

Today we also see this headline: "Obama Still Committed To Working With Grassley." That's referring to Chuck Grassley (born 9/17), the powerful Iowa senator who's also a prominent member of The Family, Washington's most powerful secret society.