Friday, July 17, 2009

Walter Cronkite 1916-2009

Walter Cronkite was an American icon, whose reporting of the death of JFK made him an American institution. It was a bit before my time and probably a lot of yours, but he seemed to be at the center of the action for some crucial moments in what many would see as the loss of American innocence- the various assassinations in the 60s, Viet Nam and Watergate and all the rest of it.

Interesting conjunction of events, what with the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 next Mo(o)nday. Never having watched him- and not being particularly nostalgic for corporate monopoly media- I have nothing in particular to say about the man, other than his passing seems a bit of a coda to a vision of America that's long since been lost.


  1. An interesting bit on Cronkite and the New World Order.

  2. Hi Chris,

    You wrote: "Never having watched him-..."

    Gosh, I was literally "forced" to watch him! My mother was a news lover from listening to my grandfather's radio when she was a young child and could recite news reports from Edward R. Murrow to Herbert W. Armstrong! In fact, looking back on it H. W. Armstrong was really big on world government prophecy mixed with religion more than half a century ago! ...And I can still hear his radio broadcasts in my head!

    So you see, I cut my teeth on news reports from the Cronkite era and I adored the man. We were the kind of family that had dinner either before or after Walter Cronkite and the entire evening in the living room centered on what he said.

    I was considered weird by kids in the neighborhood because I had to go in the house instead of riding bikes with the other kids, when the news came on. And I followed Dan Rather closely too after he took up the mantle from Cronkite.

    I was heavily indoctrinated into the old news media all the way to the glitzy and infamous corporate sponsorship by lysine nemesis Archer Daniels Midland on the This Week with David Brinkley on Sundays! I guess all that was when news was really news and not manipulation. I can look back on all that news transformation now and I can recognize the turning point of real news to manipulated thought in the mid seventies.

    My father died of a heart attack in 1969 and though I was very little that year really sticks in my mind. The moon landing was secondary to what was going on in our family's life then. But the old footage being shown tonight on CNN shows an ebullient Cronkite saying "Go baby, go!" as rockets roared. The reports even say that Cronkite had tears in his eyes and choked up when the astronauts "landed" on the moon. I have to wonder about his sincerity or gullibility way back then. Was he for real or was he just like the rest of us under manipulation?

    As an aside, when I first realized that there might be a sinister side to life on earth about four years ago ( I don't think I have to tell you what I was really thinking about man's future here! -that was before your time on the net and all I had was Goro's Titanic posts!) I was quite upset and all I could listen to was Bruce Hornsby's "That's just the way it is." It took months of playing that song just for me to snap out of it!

    Tonight, in CNN's tribute to Cronkite, some boob producer thought it appropriate to play that song at the start of every commercial break...I suppose because that was Cronkite's closing "...and that's the way it is..."

    That song really hurts and I hope man's future is not as dire as I thought it was when that song gripped my psyche. I have a feeling that it's a relevant sync though!

    Thanks for covering Cronkite and for your great posts, Chris!

  3. BTW, Chris,

    I was thinking that with Walter Cronkite's signature sign off of "...that's the way it is..." being repeated over and over now and Michael Jackson's way too much played final dance routine to "They don't really care about us," what's a person to think?


  4. Couldn't find an email address to write you on your blog, Did I miss it somewhere?

    Anyways did you see this article? I mean wtf??

  5. Johnny- Yeah I saw that, but anytime I see the word "Satan" I automatically ignore whatever is being said. Cronkite seems more like a wooly-headed idealist than a player. If he was a player he'd know that global governance was a fait accompli at Bretton Woods.

    Soapie- I remember him being on, but was more interested in The Munsters and Atom Ant, I guess. I'm interested in your child involvement with the Armstrong crowd, since there was a woman at Esalen who grew up in that sect as well. Now she's involved in researching abduction phenomena. I don't remember the Moon landing, but being a little boy I was interested in astronauts and the like. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

    Anony- I did see that and I'm going to post about it on the Satellite. Thank you very much for reminding me.

  6. abc dubbed him the "gold standard" today.

  7. I thought this was a hoax when I first saw it, but after looking into it, it looks authentic.

    A native American posted a warning on a message board that the death of Cronkite would herald a disaster in China, to be followed by Earth changes. He claims his vision comes from a global consciousness.

    He made the post on June 26. What do you think?

  8. Chris,
    Sorry this is off the topic, but I just read Tom Wolfe's odd op-ed for the NY-Times about the Apollo 11 Moon Mission. It's all about how he "knew" the space program was doomed from then on.

    I know that you have a low opinion of Wolfe because of his smear on Grissom( I agree). Do you know what to make of his op-ed piece.

    It seems timely in an odd sort of way.

    Dave G.

    PS. I think your blog is fantastic. My dad used to work in Rockefeller Center, as did I, and your take on Prometheus as Mithras blew me away. I have always been obsessed with the imagery there, and now I know why.

    I saw the statue of Mithras below the church of San Clemente in Rome, and I do not think that this is coincidental. I agree with you that Catholicism and Christianity is Mithraism more than reformed Judaism that we assume it is.

  9. Hi Chris, found an interesting blurb today about the official name of the new element 112 - Copernicium.

    "By choosing to honor the father of the heliocentric solar system, element 112 discovery team leader Sigurd Hofmann wanted to avoid the divisive names selected for past elements, salute an influential scientist who didn't receive any accolades in his own lifetime, and highlight the link between astronomy and Hofmann's own field of nuclear chemistry.

    The idea was to go backwards, to honor someone who was not greatly honored in his lifetime," said Hofmann. "[Copernicus] had to be very careful when he was publishing his works. His book was published the day of his death. He was afraid to make his announcements during his lifetime, so he wasn't honored when he was alive."

    Copernicus the Baptist?

    Cheers, Michael

  10. Christopher,

    Who said he was a player? He was just an actor on a stage. In a way, though, he represented the peak of the American Empire. His background was perfect for that, an intelligence operative for UPI back in the day, recruited by Phil Graham of the Post. Mr. Mockingbird, in honor of the CIA takeover of the press. There was even a piece on him by Kurt Nimmo that covers a few of these nice details.

    Nothing has changed, though. We now have Cooper on CNN. He is a Vanderbilt, and interned at the CIA.