Saturday, July 04, 2009

U2 call upon ISiS (UPDATED)

Don't forget the posts on U2 ("Utu") and Harpocrates and U2 and Mithras.

UPDATE: Well, well- here are the closing ceremonies of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, featuring a flying, metallic "ship of light." Not quite a "flying saucer," but close enough, Bono. Check out Citius' link to the '92 opening ceremonies, where Hercules creates the Meditterrenean (with the help of the Sun) and a mock naval battle is staged, with one of Chthulu's cousins on the receiving end of the tridents.


  1. Chris,

    Barcelona is a very mythic city. The Roman legend says Hercules himself founded it. And the 1992 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, that were hosted in Barcelona, tell that old story, where Hercules/Osiris/Mithra (they were all born on or about Dec 25th) is the crucial character:

    Solar religion, Hercules so similar to a Transformer and more...

    So U2 calls Isis from the land of Hercules/Osiris, nice...

  2. The second part of the 1992 Olympics Opening Ceremony video:

    And more about the relationship between Hercules, Osiris, Christ and more:

  3. Sliders re-runs are on Hulu. I just watched Episode 2 Season 1. There is an infection called "Q". The girl gets sick and is sent to bunk 17.

    I just did a Transformers picture gallery if you want to check it out.

  4. Ok, so there are no UFO's and Earth is "vulnerable". Oh and the earth is round, how fucking funny. Tell me when to laugh Bozo I mean Bono.

  5. Thanks for the crucial info, Citi and James. As always, you guys feed the flames!

    C- When I saw Transformers, there was an ad where U2 were shilling for Blackberry. Says it all, right?

  6. Just something I remembered recently -
    If you want to see a really good Transformers movie, try the original " Transformers, The Movie" circa 1986.
    I agree with the entry on IMDB " Transformers The Movie is a brilliant animation with an epic story line and great cast". How 'bout Leonard Nimoy, Orson Wells, Judd Nelson and Robert Stack, just to name a few? With a story line that borrows from the King Arthur mythos, it tells the story of the clash between the Decepticons and Autobots, but at the center of it is a young lad ( Autobot ) named Hot Rod. A hero in the making / coming of age warrior/ hidden monarch. This is great stuff! Much better than the live action flotsam we've seen of late. Nice sound track too. It's animated, but it's not really a kid's show. Guaranteed to please!