Wednesday, July 01, 2009

So, who's seen Transformers 2?

We're tried to go last night but there was literally a line wrapped around the block. Anyone have a review, or a particularly juicy batch of syncs? Let us know, especially if there are any Secret Sun riffs being played.


  1. Hello Chris, personally i'll wait for the dvd.
    I just catched this over the net and was wondering if someone here knew what is the object entering the sun's athmosphere

    from 10'07

  2. I remember at least three references to the number 17. Obviously there was the egypt/phaoroh/pyramid connection. I remember a reference to tutankhamun but don't remember specifically what they were talking about. We find out that the great pyramid was constructed with a large machine inside it, that when activated is supposed to destroy the sun by absorbing all of its energy. The evil transformers need this energy to power themselves.

    Overall I thought it was a terrible movie. There were a lot of young kids in the theater that probably shouldn't have been there as there was a lot of violence and sexual content, not to mention language. Probably not something a six year old should watch.

    As with the first, there was a lot of glamourization of the military. It's seems the propaganda is pretty blatant these days.


    This sums it up. Spot on.

    Also, too many "pipikaka" jokes, and leg-humping robots. Its a CGI-porn, thats what michael bay knows best

    Finding synchs? keeping your sanity will keep you pretty much busy during the movie.

    This is utter trash... and i mean the bad kind

    Greetings from Germany

  4. I watched the first one last night (luckily, with the excellent, hilarious Rifftrax commentary) and I have to say I am really surprised that there are people lined up to see the sequel to that "movie". I believe a few bloggers (including yourself) have already covered the first one, though.

    If there's a way I can view TF2 for free, I'll check it out, but I will probably be too busy laughing and grimacing to notice many syncs... I mean, it's called "Return of the Fallen" as if that weren't blatant enough religious/rapture audience pandering, now the only reason to watch it is to see what dirty tricks Michael Bay has hidden up his sleeve regarding our current age of symbolic intelligence and pro-military endeavors.

  5. For most of the movie I thought I was watching a commercial for the army. I did notice at least one 17 reference (pier 17).

  6. tommy awesome! I love Rifftraxs its the only way I can watch most new shitty movies. I love the part about the "body bag". Mike, Kevin & Bill call it "Leboufing" when someone is hyper over acting. I own all the rifftraxs. Yeah and I probably wont watch part 2 till it's riffed.

  7. I left this over at the satellite blog yesterday. It might not be what you're looking for, but if you can forgive the profane language it's very funny and speaks of several symbols that you take interest in.


    Telepathic symbols (gnosis)
    Harvesting suns/stars
    Ancient astronauts
    Conspiracy Theory
    (gnostic) Shards of Source
    Godheads: Primes and the Fallen
    And a mithraic character
    This is the bonus FAQ with spoilers. In his proper review (he pans the movie) this guy Rob complains that you have to turn off your brain to enjoy the movie.

    My brother, who saw and thoroughly enjoyed the movie, concurs.

    And if the movie's goal is to inject a bunch of symbolic messages into a brain, critical thinking is a bad thing. So in that sense, the movie succeeds.

  8. Daniel said Hello Chris, personally i'll wait for the dvd.
    I just catched this over the net and was wondering if someone here knew what is the object entering the sun's athmosphere

    ---Probably the brown dwarf that ABC showed in its 2 part series called "Impact"


  9. Not much to say about this film. Will it be relevant in 10 years? Or even 5 years? I don't know. But what I do know is that I am sure HASBRO is REALLY, REALLY happy as of today!


  10. I didn’t like the movie as well, I find the script childish and naïve. However, there were a lot of references in the Ancient Astronaut Theory, especially in Joseph P. Farrell’s Giza Death Star trilogy!!

  11. Watched it the other night....leaving aside any quality judgement, i'd say there were plenty of symbolism from number 17 popping up a couple times if i'm not wrong.
    I remember a scene where 2 Decepticons were on the roof of a eye shaped skycraper, atop the helipad which beared a 12 inside a circle.
    Unfortunately werent able to take note of nothing, but i'm gonna have a rerun to pick up more symbols etc.

    If i weren't interesed in symbolism, i'd watch itonly for the robots and of coruse, Megan Fox.


  12. Love the blog by the way, it really got me prepared to activly look for syncs in the movie. Lots of AA theory, Egyptian, Osiris memes. Intresting: when one of the locations of the old Primes are pointed out, one is in my home town in West Texas! Symbols, symbols, symbols. Pro-military. Entertaining.

  13. I've been on the fence about this film. On one hand, robots are always awesome. On the other hand, it's a frickin' Transformers movie. But I gotta admit the FX sequences are my kind of eye candy, and that stuff never looks as good on a TV screen.

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I will take it all under advisement.

  14. Doorways, teleporting, there is alot of shots with people in the sun out of focus. Resurrection is another theme. This movie is full of it. even when the pyramids are not in a scene there is shots of dirt shaped like them. I'd say this movie was a beautiful propaganda piece.

    I also noticed that Megatron/Hugo Weaving aka agent Smith is around when they interrogate Sam Whitwiki with a similar insect like device as the one in the Matrix.

    great blog Chris

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