Friday, July 17, 2009

Nine Eleven Ten Thirteen: Addenda

Reader Horselover Phat chimes in with these astonishing X-Files factoids, vis a vis 9/11:

Just for openers...there is a span of exactly 3333 days between the first bombing of the WTC 1993 to the lights going out on the WTC memorial...those lights were on for a span of 33 days. Why are the premiere of "X-Files" and September 11, 2001, the same number of days apart as the birth dates of the two lead actors, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson? Why was Gillian Anderson 33 years and 33 days old on September 11, 2001? Why were there 33 years and 33 days between David Duchovny's birth and the premiere of "X-Files"?
Maybe the answer is that The X-Files is the key to all of life's great mysteries. Or at least that the key to all of life's great mysteries lurk within The X-Files. Who knows? Syncs like this swarm like genetically-modified bees all over the show, believe me. Maybe they are there so you'll pay attention to what the show has to say, certainly in respect to the Mythology. Maybe there's something that was using that show as a conduit for deeper messages. Again, who knows?

Click on the Chris Carter/X-Files tag and catch up with past musings on the Mighty X and related programs. I still haven't posted my X-Egesis of the last movie, but I guarantee it will blow your minds. Fans complained the story wasn't about alien abduction and colonization? That's all that it was about.

There'll be plenty of Ten Thirteen material in my Moon Landing extravaganza, which will be posted sometime on Mo(o)nday, including a stunning Gus Grissom/HAARP connection hidden within a standalone's storyline.

More on XF/911 here and here.


  1. WTF! Awesome Chris :-)

    Have to say that much of this info re: xfiles was something I picked up from the net a few years ago circa 2002, whilst searching for Kubrick 2001 facts...never knew what happened to the guy who posted a mass of info regarding it...think it got a bit too much for him tbh, although I really don't know...only had a very brief email exchange?

    His work mainly centred on the technical/mathematical/astronomical (particularly sidereal moon orbits!) aspects as opposed to the symbolic ones, he dealt mainly with Kubrick's 2001 and timelines....most people thought he was crazy...I thought he was interesting!!!

    I did have the foresight to archive a lot of the it related to what I was looking for. where credit is due...that aside, I've expanded and developed much in places.


  2. Horse- check out my 2001 posts

  3. I f@#king miss that show.

    Going to watch Xfiles now...


  4. Our Lady Of Sorrows = Obstructed Line Of Sight (a thought I had when I saw this post as that name has been stuck in my head for too long) Looking forward to your upcoming posts Chris. So many questions! Thanks for that.

  5. that is an incredible amount threes

  6. Is the Chris Carter link working properly? Took me to a malfunctioning blogger sign in page.

  7. Horsey- Definitely let us know if you put that stuff up or have any links. I'm always interested in theories on 2001.

    Jon- I think it ended at the right time. Actually, I wish they ended the Mytharc at the end of Season Eight, but contracts and business and all that complicated everything.

    Liza- I'll shoot for the anniversary of the release. I've watched that movie dozens and dozens of times. It blows my mind how much ultra-complex symbolism there is at work. As Chris Carter said though, putting it out a week after Dark Knight's release was insane. But that's show business.

    JR- That's why I put up the threesome- heh. I fixed the link- click away!!

  8. Chris...I'll be around fairly soon...don't you worry about that.

    I am busy with work at the moment (which sucks)...I've got to somehow condense much of the info etc...into a presentable form. I'm not very good at expressing myself on this subject, as it tends to exist mainly in my head...I've gotta change that...just for the benefit of archiving it and sharing it.

    I do wish that I'd found your blog 2 years or so ago...thankfully I've found you now.

    BTW...Your blog has left my head spinning...literally.

    I have much to add regarding Kubrick's 2001 and various other delights too.

    Keep on the look-out...and thanks for the welcome.



    this is my blog that I just started...don't know how to get peeps to read it, but I've left the you can have a look.

  10. you know what they say, in every grain of sand...

  11. Anyone know where to stream X files episodes?

  12. Mulder 73

    Scully 92




    18 11 (29)


    All is full of meaning!

  13. What I'd really like to know is...why have 'Fox Entertainment' (over the years) scheduled some of their output (premieres) to align with the exact position of the moon in the sky, relative to the background stars?

    This positioning (relating to the movies/shows) happened to reflect the actual moon's position on 911...and there's more to it than just that.

    Its actually outside the acceptable bounds of coincidence and why would a media company being doing that anyway?!

    Anybody heard anything or come across anything like that?


  14. Maybe I'm way off base, but Is it just me or does the bombing of the moon not reek of sex ritual if not "insemination." And if something is being impregnated either physically or symbolically, what exactly is going to be born or hatch on June 18th 2010? (9 cycles of 28 days from October 9th?) And what is the significance of June 18th (side bar: 6+6+6=18)being that it is 169 days into the year (13*13) And also note that 06/18/2010 numerologically adds up to 18 which then reduces to the single digit 9.

    And, just roll with me here. Is this the significance of all the 9 movies

    Disctrict 9 (aliens dwelling in a slum on earth amidst humans)

    "9" by tim burton, post apocolyptic childrens film after the fall of humans.

    "Nine" the musical due out this December.

    And what is the significance of Stella Artois (Bavarian Beer) 9 step pouring ritual marketing campaign.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    Or am I crazy.

  15. Hey Chris,

    I know I'm commenting on an ancient post, but it's X themed and I couldn't resist. I've read and reread your X Files posts MANY times over - might start dropping a few comments on them, if that's cool, and if I have anything interesting to say.

    With regards to the whole 2001-monolith-9/11 symbolism, it's interesting to see the X Files linkage, because I've been trying to parse that whole thing right since that fateful day in September when I was a mere 22 years old. Plus, 9/11 happened to be my father's birthday - which made everything feel a little too symbolically charged. Anyways, X Files Forever.