Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eye (of Horus) in the Sky

This image provided by NASA this July 23, 2009 is a photo made by the Spitzer Space Telescope of the galaxy, called NGC-1097 (=17, CK), is located 50 million light-years away. It is spiral-shaped like our Milky Way, with long, spindly arms of stars. The 'eye' at the center of the galaxy is actually a monstrous black hole surrounded by a ring of stars. - Yahoo


  1. Well...there has to be one in the sky somewhere, due to the laws of 'as below'.

    The biggest one they've got on the ground imo is the Palomar Observatory...which connected to OTO and Parsons etc...Rockefeller money built it!

    Hoffman/Downard mentioned the 'sirius' light respect of his wife and the sex rites that were performed...and about OTO regarding Palomar as being the earths 'sexual chakra'...if I remember correctly?

  2. I'm not getting the eye of horus vibe, it's close i guess. but it does look familiar. if it dawns on me i'll let you know.

  3. Better than a Rorcharch ink blot. It looks like three sixes overlaid on top of each other.

  4. If you think that is strange, read this....

    "Eye in the Sky"

  5. The arms spiraling out from the black hole resemble a 'woven' crop circle in wheat on July 14.
    That circle because of the 'woven' feature stuck in my mind. Now here it is in the sky.

    That crop circle was seen to be 170 feet wide according to Whitley Strieber's site Unknowncountry.
    Crop circle...
    In Egypt both wheat and flax were grown, offering food (bread, beer) and clothing respectively.

    From the Egyptian Pantheon Neith was the goddess of war and weaving.
    Neith was also a creation goddess of the primordial waters. The waters that literally created the Universe. Now that modern human beings know that water is plentiful in deep space. That a lot of the chemistry leading to life -can only be created out there, in the aftermath of supernova or ripped apart collisions with black holes. From these cosmic nursery's that 'life' seeded to earth,& mars by cosmic collisions or visitations, of dust, ice, comets, -the 'ships' of the stars.

    Since the galaxy, NGC-1097 image is of a black hole, then it can perhaps foretell what is heading our way.

    Neith is a huntress, the other Star Hunter we know of is Orion.

    The Egyptians saw Orion as Osiris in whose form he could be seen. He of course is a god of rebirth and the afterlife after the death of a star.

    Which brings us to the other recent Orion synch. Betelgeuse the big red supergiant star has shrunk more than 15 percent, say 17 percent. Betelgeuse is a massive 15 to 20 times(17?) as big compared to our sun. The shrinking may be due to the final pulse of a Supernova which we won't know about until it hits us:)

    Maybe JJ Abrams recently of Star Trek's rebirth supernova's and black holes. Hollywood being renowned for it's Masonic Sorcerers as so well documented recently on Secret Sun maybe know something wicked this way comes.

  6. "Hollywood being renowned for it's Masonic Sorcerers as so well documented recently on Secret Sun maybe know something wicked this way comes."

    Yes I've considered that to be a possible part of the equation too...that there could be a 'cyclical' element that the 'time lords' are aware of in terms of creation and the 'overplayed' death/rebirth mythos...sometimes I feel like 'Hollywood' is dealing a cosmic clock of sorts. Obviously the allegorical multi-faceted aspect of such a thing make it impossible to be precisely sure...what the messages really mean.

    I've often pondered over the Osiris/Set/Horus triumvate battle...and thought that perhaps there's a 'cosmic' aspect to it...involving planetary bodies and comets is a reasonably strong possibilty. I mean that 'Set' could've been originally, an asteroid/comet that impacted on this planet wiping out much of the life etc...this could have been thru Cetus another constellation and hence Cet/Set. It was during the reign of Osiris (who can be argued was a living mortal Godking) when this event occured, which ultimately killed him...The rebirth of this Godking came through Horus who avenged Set. IOW's life did go on after and therefore Set was ultimately avenged...The legacy of Osiris was that he ended up being 'deified' as a result of it all. I think there are definite indicators of similar occluded 'cosmic' things in the content of 'Revelations'too.

    Obviously that's just one facet for consideration...and its one I've thought about.

  7. "He hath plucked his eye from himself, he hath given it unto thee to strengthen thee"
    G.I Joe Rise of the Cobra,
    District 9, Aliens in the Attic (kid's movie)
    ..Yeah, it sure seems we are being pepped up for something interplanetary!

  8. The centripedal and centrifugal forces create the elemental which is time/space neutral. These aliens only think they are real. That's not enough. The 7 rays must fill the passage. The moon must rise and fall to form the concretion we call the soul.

  9. No Line On the Horizon!

    Just A Big Ass Claw.

    Statement from Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins
    July 17, 2009


  10. when i saw few days ago this photo i thought the same thing Chris :D

  11. Beautifull.
    And please dont link it to anything "synchromistic". Just watch its beauty, instead of inflating it with "meanings"

    Greetings from Germany

  12. funny how everyone "believes" in black holes. Another scientific theory run amok in our minds. zero proof of their existence. none.

    "The Black Hole At The Heart Of Astronomy"

    what is really fascinating is just that- the nature of belief

  13. I was just unplugging cable boxes at the house, getting them ready for the Time Warner people to come pick up. I looked down at the remote control and noticed Time Warner Cable's logo for the first time:

    Personal synch-gasm. It actually looks more like this galaxy than even the Eye of Horus itself does.

  14. I'm seeing the left eye of Horus (Thoth), and with the moon being prominent these days, that seems appropriate?

  15. Hey Chris..this is interesting stuff. The first half minute is not good audio..but the underground at Gizeh should be of some interest to you.

  16. CERN logo?

  17. Re:U2

    the synchronicity of U2 being trapped inside a gigantic 'lemon' was not lost on thoroughly appropriate.


  18. The eye is actually seen in Orion.
    There are 2 eyes. The right eye is in Sirius and it is white and the left eye (the dark eye that dips below the horizon but rises in December) is in Orion. Take a good look in Orion just above the Horsehead Nebula and you can see the eye. Tip your head to the left a bit so that you can see Sirius horizontally with Orion and you can see both eyes. You will only see the dark eye in December because it dips into the underworld for most of the year.

  19. As a native of San Diego County, I've been intrigued bu the Mt.Palomar/OTO/Parsons connection referred to by Horseloverphat, but having a hard time finding any citations to literature on the topic. You refer to Hoffman/Downard-can you be more specific, or are you aware of any other sources of info. on this. Thanks