Friday, June 19, 2009

Jack Sarfatti on UFO propulsion physics

Renegade physicist Jack Sarfatti talks about a meeting he attended that took place under the aegis of a major defense contractor. The topic was UFO propulsion and the military's interest in same. According to Sarfatti, the technology behind UFOs is understood, but not yet in the application stage. Very interesting conversation here- this is a guy with a very serious resume who has never been shy about peeking under the skirt of the mundane reality consensus.


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    check this out from cnn...possible ufo sighting in va but even cooler is the last name of the person who filmed it as well as the location....doswell, virgina, you couldn't make this shit up, well you could but it's so much cooler to think it was all meant to be - sonburn


    This website has a search function to be rivalled by none.

  4. Thanks for this Sarfatti interview. It's fun to see him try to downplay 'Nazi saucer technology' next to dark matter.

    I wonder if Disclosing spaceship technology will begin an era where everyone will become a rocket scientist (like everyone with a car was their own mechanic in the 40s/50s and everyone with a desktop was their own IT guy in the 80s/90s). It's doubtful isn't it, when Sarfatti is hinting that one obstacle to Disclosure concerns patent rights.

    Sonburn - I love how the anchors pressed their cameraman to ADMIT OUT LOUD that he didn't think it was a UFO that he caught on tape after all.

    They really pressed him on the issue.

  5. I did meet Sarfatti at the State of the World Forum in San Francisco, 1999.

    He wrote time ago a very interesting article about how Esalen created the new age movement, and how Russia scientists came to Esalen too. A lot about remote viewing and psi experiments were in motion then, at the end of the 1980s.

    At the State of the World Forum Sarfatti was presented to Joe Firmage, a young high tech guru, very charismatic and handsome. His first company was named Serius, which ultimately he sold to Novell.

    Firmage had a kind of encounter of the third kind, and decided to research the UFO phenomenon and funded many new age initiatives. He gave 1 million dollars to the State of the World Forum 2000 in NYT, and organized at the same time a forum about religion and science with the John Templeton Foundation.

    Firmage has been related recently to phylosopher Ken Wilber. Wilber is now advising the development of the State of the World Forum this autumn in Washington DC...

    Oh, and Sarfatti is also profiled in The Stargate Conspiracy Chris, maybe you remember that Sarfatti tells he was contacted by phone by an alien machine on a UFO?? He swears he was not the only one.

    Contactees and high tech, Sarfatti, Firmage, who else??

  6. Oh, I'm sure plenty of folks, Anony. I've been re-reading Stargate while I sift through all of the madness we are seeing lately.

    These are very strange times- so much that had previously been the province of the fringe is now everywhere. Very important to keep our eyes open.

    Thanks to everyone for all of your comments here and on the other blogs. I read them all and am always stunned to see how many of you are really tuned in and on the ball. Your tips have pointed me in so many interesting directions- I'm very grateful for your contributions, believe me.

  7. I was watching 'Repo: the Genetic Opera' the other day and realized that what the supposed 'greys' are doing with the whole cattle mutilation thing is also done by the 'Repo Man' in the opera (albeit with less finesse and more gratuitous gore). Also, the number 17 figures prominently in the plot of that opera. Thought you'd like to know...

  8. This is well off topic but last night's "Batman: the brave and the bold" guest starred Kamandi. I know you like Kamandi!

  9. The stuff he says about IP reminds me of what Gordon Novel, shady guy that.

  10. Sarfatti, wasn't he called by a strange ET voice when he was a teenager, similar to calls Keel had received a while back? Sarfatti seems to have been led to do whatever he does, or can you call it demonic posession.

  11. Last time I checked, demons didn't need to use telephones...

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  13. Correcting false information about me and Joe Firmage. I was already working with Joe at the 1999 State of the World Forum as Senior Physicist at ISSO Science. I was not "presented" to him there.

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