Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gate of the Gods opens on The Solar Seminar

The Iraq War was launched to gain access to an ancient portal to another world? Babylon was built to glorify a "Stargate" through which humans and alien gods were able to meet? Saddam found ancient texts which offered important clues on how to reconstruct the Gate of the Gods?

Aww, come on. This is all crazy talk, right? Maybe not.

In the winter of 1975, Jack "King" Kirby unleashed two strange yarns on an unsuspecting world. One had a dictator launch an illegal war in defiance of international law. He was then pulled out of his bunker and brought to justice, charged with crimes of genocide and possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Two months after that story hit the newsstands, a strange story of a UFO encounter in the desert and a Stargate in the sky was published. Is there a connection to these two stories?

Kirby often stated that he merely projected the visions inside his head onto paper. So why would the ancient Babylonian god Marduk make an appearance in this sci-fi potboiler? What were the links between energy beings, interdimensional portals, globalist wars and ancient pagan gods?

The Solar Seminar collects the Mindbomb series, which explored these very questions, in a new, giant-sized article. I presented an abbreviated version of some of this material at Esalen, so I thought this would be a good time to revisit this series and see if you psychonauts have any fresh insights on a series that appeared in the very early days of this blog.

Click here to read "Mindbomb: The Dreaming Mind and the Gate of the Gods."


  1. nice necklace

  2. I went thru a phase where a few months ago where I would catch similar statements (on audio interviews) by you two.

    I heard both YOU (Chris Knowles) and HIM (William Henry) make comments that Manhattan was a giant "temple" with overt mythic imagery. Especailly Rockerfeller Center.

    You two are on the same page about a lot of stuff. I follow both of you, and you gotta meet.

    I'm not sure where literal truth ends and metaphore begins, each of you are making claims that I find hard to wrap my mind around - unless I do it mythically.

  3. Chris, I'm a regular reader of your excellent and thought provoking blogs. I think you might be interested in the image on the front of The Drudge Report this morning. A man holding a golden plaque with an image of an Egyptian king and the inscription "Obama--New Tutankhamon of the World".


    Pax. Kimberly

  4. Thanx, Kim, but we did that on the Satellite already:


  5. Guess I'm behind on my reading! Look forward to seeing that one!

    Pax. Kimberly.

  6. This is interesting. I wonder sometimes if UFO's come through a similar place in space/sea. If we could map it and find the port of origin...wow!

  7. Fascinating as always Christopher-wow from 1975-that seems an eternity ago sometimes when I see things of this nature that people post I think of that quote by JBS Haldane-i think it went-"The universe is not only queerer than we suppose; it is queerer than we can suppose." something to that effect. I will read the link now-thanks so much for all of your hard work!!

  8. Ye Gods, Chris … late to the party again am I … thank you for this. William Henry's mind-opening tome, The Language of the Birds, years ago tipped me off as to just how important his observations are. I my(s)elf had done a class report on cunieform when I was eleven … a year AFTER the Summer of Love … 1968. History, my friend, is indeed cyclic!

    Thank you for adding to the Revelation, Chris,
    Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

  9. This stuff is all baloney. No such exists or ever have.