Tuesday, May 26, 2009

McKenna 'n' Me

You know you're not in Kansas anymore when you find yourself nodding in agreement- or at least a deep understanding - with a Terence McKenna talk on UFOs. Maybe it was the psychological effect of standing in the same room at Esalen where McKenna unleashed many of his theories and finding myself arriving at the same destination from a completely different origin point, but I feel as if some aspect of McKenna's lingering essence has decided to park itself in my consciousness.

McKenna's work has always puzzled me. Maybe it's because I was such a Timothy Leary acolyte when McKenna burst onto the scene, and I immediately tagged him as a whiny wannabe (my, how times have changed). Maybe because I much preferred Casteneda's immersive novelizing to McKenna's breathless intellectualizations, or was so immersed in the Cyberpunk thing that Psychedelia seemed old hat. And certainly part of it is that I've always been so unimpressed with McKenna's own wannabes.

But despite my middle-aged preference for objective data (such as it is) over subjective intuition, Terry and I seem to be operating in the same conceptual frequency these days. I got a kick out of hearing the shout-outs to Jacques Vallee, given that I was chilling with the master (well, chewing his ears off with my endless babble) not a week ago.

This vid has numerous shout-outs to Jung, as well as the kind of goddess archetypes I've been exploring in my ongoing X-Files X-Egesis. And oddly enough, what all of this leaves me with is a burning desire to return not to psychedelic exploration necessarily, but to my dreamwork, which I've definitely let slide while navigating the endless tributaries of the Memestream (there's also been a cherubim with a flaming sword parked at the gates of my subconscious for the past several years but that's a whole other story).