Tuesday, May 26, 2009

McKenna 'n' Me

You know you're not in Kansas anymore when you find yourself nodding in agreement- or at least a deep understanding - with a Terence McKenna talk on UFOs. Maybe it was the psychological effect of standing in the same room at Esalen where McKenna unleashed many of his theories and finding myself arriving at the same destination from a completely different origin point, but I feel as if some aspect of McKenna's lingering essence has decided to park itself in my consciousness.

McKenna's work has always puzzled me. Maybe it's because I was such a Timothy Leary acolyte when McKenna burst onto the scene, and I immediately tagged him as a whiny wannabe (my, how times have changed). Maybe because I much preferred Casteneda's immersive novelizing to McKenna's breathless intellectualizations, or was so immersed in the Cyberpunk thing that Psychedelia seemed old hat. And certainly part of it is that I've always been so unimpressed with McKenna's own wannabes.

But despite my middle-aged preference for objective data (such as it is) over subjective intuition, Terry and I seem to be operating in the same conceptual frequency these days. I got a kick out of hearing the shout-outs to Jacques Vallee, given that I was chilling with the master (well, chewing his ears off with my endless babble) not a week ago.

This vid has numerous shout-outs to Jung, as well as the kind of goddess archetypes I've been exploring in my ongoing X-Files X-Egesis. And oddly enough, what all of this leaves me with is a burning desire to return not to psychedelic exploration necessarily, but to my dreamwork, which I've definitely let slide while navigating the endless tributaries of the Memestream (there's also been a cherubim with a flaming sword parked at the gates of my subconscious for the past several years but that's a whole other story).


  1. Definitely watching this tonight!

    Did you hear that in 2010, ABC is going to be relaunching 'V'?!?


  2. I have always been intrigued by his theories and observations, especially on the origins of humanity. His explanation of the human mindscape and culture was most fascinating, especially when it involved the tree-dwelling primate ancestors from Northern African and there ingestion of psilocybin (a hallucinogenic crystalline solid, C1 2H1 7N2O4P, obtained from the mushroom) and the changes that resulted from that. Theories that resonates with yours on Alien Dreaming, right?

    I have been looking at his concepts on Timewave Zero, and trying to find synchronized links with the Magic Square, Jesus and the Sun Gods, the Vatican, the Orion constellation and the theories of Sitchin. Pretty wild, huh. But so were his suppositions. Though, not highly considered by academia, his deep intellectual and progressive milieu helped to foment a rich understanding of these matters in me.

  3. Thanks so much for this Christopher-it was worth every minute to me to watch!! On another note-dont mean to sound stupid here-but scribd.com has Memories, Dreams, Reflections available for a free ebook-maybe many others of Jungs work for poor folks like me-would much rather have hard copy but much better that than nothing-thanks again for the video and best to you as always!!

  4. It's pretty interesting to see how some of these "older" videos can shed new light. It's a similar function to revisiting movies like the Matrix years later only to realize it's "alter" meaning had totally eluded you upon first watch; gnostic theme. I have been chewing the solar/rational concept for a while as well. I wrote a bit relative to these concepts a while back. Check it out if you are curious.

    Knowing, The Last Mimzy and V for Vendetta: Transformation of Consciousness in the Coming New AgeIt is always intriguing to notice a resonance with the past. It seems to be picking up pace...

    McKenna rocks!

  5. McKenna's views reflect something similar I heard a number of years ago, that a UFO cult/faith would supercede the Church as the religion-of-choice. If religion is seen (as it is by most mundane folk) as an opposite to science, then this could hold true.

  6. Syd- Got that up on the Satellite. Cheers.

    Andre- The only way we ever move forward is through wild ideas and rocking the boat. My whole focus now is on experience, which certainly was McKenna's obsession. My problem with people who've followed is that they don't have McKenna's intellect or his curiosity. I've taken some heat for this but those drugs McKenna was using can screw your head up forever if you don't have a solid framework of understanding around them, which you see in all of the traditional shamanic cultures. That's exactly why I don't work with them anymore- I don't have the time to devote to the rigor that people like McKenna and Casteneda practiced. I've seen people screw themselves up, so I'm speaking from experience here.

    Psychedelics are power tools, not toys.

    Devin- MDR is definitely a good starting point. Make use of your library and inter-library loan too- I highly recommend Von Franz's Jung: His Myth in Our Time for your next read.

    Ryan- Thanks for the link! That's a very cool looking piece. I've added your blog to my links. Good work.

    Charles- It could well be that alien consciousness is the origin of our religious traditions, so it will be interesting to see how that develops over time.