Sunday, May 17, 2009

AstroGnostic: Hoagland on the Shemsu Hor

Interesting stuff. As always, take away questions not answers.


  1. You know, I have a really open mind about just about anything, but this video strikes me as being fairly ludicrous. I'm not sure if it's Hoagland himself, who I find strangely annoying, or if it's the woman interviewing him... Maybe it's referring to an 11 year old Russian boy (who lived on Mars in a past life) as evidence... or maybe all the talk of "black-ops" or maybe it's just that they take themselves so seriously and yet offer nothing but the vague and fairly absurd "scientific" ideas. I don't know... it comes across like a bad Dan Brown novel... which is saying a lot. Sorry, not trying to be a party-pooper, but this just seems really naff. I think this is about selling books.

  2. Hoagland collaborating with the supposed reincarnation of Cayce LOL.Seems Hoagland is disinfo if he would even associate with Wilcock.Also I love this info on Hoagland"Mr. Hoagland referenced many particular clues that have unfolded recently in which Mr. Obama has made clear that his allegiances lie with the people of this country, and not with the elite bloodlines"Anyone with a clue could see Obama was hype by the powers to be yet he couldn't.

  3. I love how every time she asks him to provide some specific info about the physics involved he waxes and wanes and then says "we don't have time to get into it, but it's all in my book" yada yada yada. So why don't we have time? I mean, apparently this is the most important topic in the history of the world... right? What's the rush? I got 30 minutes to spare-- why not provide some details Dick?

    This is a 48 minute infomercial. The irony is that there is virtually no info involved. He talks non-stop for almost an hour and says almost nothing.

    The dude's a huckster.

  4. I actually enjoyed Hoagie's presentation. I've been studying with him for a long time. He's not perfect. But I nearly always find his presentations revealing. Chris, I wonder if you've had occasion to come across the number 19.5 in your studies? If so, do you find it to be of significance? Thanks again for the link-

  5. Thrace, 19.5 is the angle where the tetrahedron touches the edges of a sphere.

    CK, did you notice LOST had 17 episodes in season 5, the final season 6 will have 17 episodes too.

    word veri - alinc

    so here's a link

  6. Hoagland is a post modern poet and a proto-Synchromystic. I take away questions from his work, not answers.
    I advise you guys to do the same.

    I don't take politics seriously so I certainly can't take Hoagland's views on same seriously either,

  7. The Project Camelot interviews can be hard for many to swallow since alot of the discussion is testimonial and not readily backed up with empirical data or tangible evidence we "require". I agree the style can be somewhat off-kilter a times. Hoagland does not always provide EXACT answers I would agree with, BUT the value in the overall IDEAS discussed is powerful in their ability to spur thought of others; they progress through critique, research and inspiration.

    Whether you work to disprove him or merely fill in his gaps, you are progressing work HE started. With this in mind, I try to allow information to exist without prematurely editing it out. Since the big picture is never done, the pieces that don't seem relevant now may become important later. I call it the backburner; set it aside and put it on warm. Certainty (dogmatic or not) can be the death of acceptance to new ideas; hence the suggestion to leave with questions not answers. Furthermore answers are final (finite) but questions are followed by answers, followed by questions, followed by answers, followed by questions... (infinite, cycle of the phoenix).

    CK makes the good point when he says "poet" since even though some poetry is not logical or rational does not mean no knowledge or growth can come from it. It is another aspect of intellectual being. It might also correlate to non-linear thinking.

    Question: I wonder if the intuitive aspect of his information is a type of divination?

    See intuition on Wikipedia

  8. Well, the problem is that Hoagland refers to himself primarily as a scientist, not a poet or even a philosopher. Therefore, vague theories and answers don't quite cut the mustard. But hey that just my 2 cents... and well worth what you paid for it!

  9. Over the past 18 months or so I've checked out most of the video and audio that Project Camelot has on it's site. There's some interesting ideas there, but everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. At times it's almost as though they want to be led down a path of BS.

    People talk about covert ops and disinformation and to me it's a real turn off - makes me want to rejoin the masses doing my job, buying the nice car etc. Basically live life.

    I guess the irony is that even if there is such a thing as disinformation, the loss of credibility across all people involved in any type of conspiracy type arguments means you retract your attention away from them and back onto your own life - which is where your power lies anyway.

    In other words if you put all these people into the nutter basket and get on with your life according to your own inner compass then you are probably doing what's best for your personal development, regardless.

    The rest is just scenery. Interesting, to be sure - but really nothing more than a distraction.