Friday, April 10, 2009

Week in Review: Solar/17

I've written several posts of the increasing use of solar/sun worship imagery in Christian churches, but I must say that this ad was particularly shocking. A storm rages while actors speak about how terrified they all are of same-sex marriage, but the clouds part when a National Organization for Marriage spokesmodel/shill chimes in, and we see a glorious money shot of old Helios Sol Invictus when the NOM logo flashes. This group is the creation of former journalist Maggie Gallagher, who got caught up in a bribery scandal a few years back.


Speaking of scandals, I'm sure you've read about the Boss being named as the other man in a divorce proceeding:
Businessman Arthur J. Kelly named the Jersey rock 'n' roller as the reason for the breakup of his 17-year marriage to Ann C. Kelly, according to a complaint filed in Superior Court in Monmouth County last month.

This is not the first time Springsteen, who has been married to E-Street Band member Patti Scialfa for 17 years, has been the subject of alleged infidelity.

Of course, it was the sightings of strange flying globes over an Obama rally that Springsteen played at in Phila(e)delphia that got me looking into the emerging Sirius symbolism in the media. Those UFOs may or may not be alien, but the magical 65 MPH "balloons" that the two "pranksters" let loose in NJ certainly were not out of this world. We probably won't find out what was really going on that first night (which of their lies are we supposed to believe?) but happily they got off with the lightest-possible slap on the wrist for endangering aircraft at local airports:

On April 1, they published an article and series of videos on the website eSkeptic explaining how and why they created the hoax.

But one day after the expose, Morris County Prosecutor Robert A. Bianchi held a press conference condemning the hoax, saying the floating balloons posed a potential fire hazard and could have interfered with air traffic at nearby Morristown Airport.

In court Tuesday, Carlucci accepted a plea deal from Rudy and Russo's attorneys to cite the pair for an ordinance violation. He ordered the pair to serve their community service for the Hanover Recreation Commission, working specifically with youth.

"If you were a pair of 17-year-olds, I would tell you to grow up," Carlucci said to the men. "You're not 17."

Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) puts the number of socialists in the House at 17.

"Some of the men and women I work with in Congress are socialists," Bachus told local government leaders on Thursday, according to the Birmingham News.

Bachus gave the specific number of House socialists when pressed later by a reporter.

Everything that's going on in politics almost leads me to believe that there's a plan afoot to split the country in two in the next few years, which is why we're seeing increasingly radical rhetoric coming from all of the footmen of the GOP. But you know me- I'm crazy. As soon as I saw the red state/blue state map after the 2004 elections, I said to myself "that's how they're going to split the country," something I've been expecting for the past two decades. Then the clear-cutting and strip-mining and coal-burning and drilling and dumping can commence without interference from coastal do-gooders.

Either way, whenever I hear shills in the media talking NWO or UFO, I'm going to ignore them and try to find out what is really going on.

Keep an eye out because I will be responding to comments from the past few days over the weekend. This has been an extremely tough day and week for me, but I don't want your thoughtful and always-helpful comments to go without reply.


  1. Hope that all is well with you Chris! Hope that you do know that your blog posts are very often a highlight of the day for me and many others as well I am sure!

  2. Hope things are beginning to calm down! I thought exactly the same thing when I saw the fake "red state/blue state" lines being drawn. They WANT to divide the union. Lincoln, Obama, the war between the states... so strange.

  3. They won't be breaking up the union because Americans are die hard nationalists who would never tolerate the assault to their identity.

    Moreover, it would mean a major loss of political power. Decentralization is the state's worst nightmare. You think the political elite would value literal chump-change in fossil fuels over preserving the "union" (as though states have any real independence)? You have never been more wrong. The federal leviathan would be the absolute last piece to fall, and it almost certainly never will.

  4. Just a quick note on all the federal garbage being rolled out from both angles (they work in cahoots indeed). Obama just signed up for 84 billion for the middle east nuke farms, stargate repair & heroin farmers funds.

    as for the whole left/right thing, I am more of an advocate for "crime law" than the legislation of social status through law. Make "marriage" only for religious institutions to preside over, make "legal companions sign in this dotted line" for those who could give a shit & just need the legalese for whatever damn reason. Same rights for everyone in the legal sense & then all those snot nosed whelps who call themselves "adults" who are can have their crappy false paradigm, american dream BS fed to them on a tupperware tray. What a HUGE distraction. Like you said, a GREAT way to DIVIDE people with DISTRACTION especially on issues that are never about common sense.

    Have the government eliminate the illegal federal income tribute, er, tax... & while the congress is at it, fine the insane insurance giants for discriminating against single people & charging them up the arse for the complete joke of medical system (based on modern pharmaceuticals that deal with symptoms & NEVER the cause)


    Western medicine...I call it "RESCUE medicine" because thats all its good for...emergencies. I am for homegrown, backyard "self-regulating" socialism in the community, where learning & value of life is a mutual beneficial exchange & not some token feel good social program that funnels money into backwards PROGRAMMING like "health care", or some fake antiwar movement funded by the likes of George Soros (who went on to fund Obama).

    The last thing I want is a federal arm slapping the hands of every man, woman & child to "sacrifice" for a "common purpose" when instead they could be bettering themselves on their own volition!

    Honestly this is the exact reason the messianic Obama is so popular....cling to his garments & let the "healing" begin. He'll melt away ignorance & egotistical stubbornness with deft NLP, & pay your electric bill to boot.

    Well to end this unsophisticated late night rant....I'll leave a little slice of modern eugenics pie out for the curious to taste test. Enjoy!

    Let the mind controlled crowds have their candy coated pharma-pills, diet coke, chili dogs, twinkies & toxic mercury-laden, microwaved Monsanto lettuce. Bask in the limited scope of "living" with crippled minds & nutrient deficient bodies. Stay inside your houses & shun the outdoors, and always, ALWAYS leave the idiot box blaring. You need your "Disneys".

    PS keep the blackberry by the ahem, "package" AT ALL TIMES.

  5. Within the next several years, I would not be surprised if Sarah Palin comes out as the figurehead of a secessionist movement led by ultra-right wingers, white supremacists, and authoritarian "christians."

    I think her motivations are completely tied into her views on spiritual warfare and bringing about the second coming of christ, as opposed to a conservative or republican worldview.

    And as you may have noticed, she's not exactly playing nicely with her GOP compatriats.

  6. All of this talk of 17, the boss and music, and suddenly Kip Winger and the boys from the 80s resurfaced in my head..."She's only 17". I think they got caught up in all the hairspray. LOL.

  7. I heard seventeen in the dialogue of the last three movies I watched. Wolverine Origins, Thick as Thieves and Pinapple Express

  8. I think I get the larger significance of that number, but being unsure of it for now, it will remain in my head as an idea.

    Ohh man.....just went and shoveled dung all morning in the cold over here. Being out in a more rural setting makes me wonder about life in the city. Getting close to nature makes you realize how carnivorous it really all is.

    Are you feeling ok? Hope so. If I am ever near you over there I'll email you and we should meet up. Chris is probably thinking,"Meet one of my blog readers? Hmmmmmm, well it better be in daylight, in the public, like very public and I better get a free dinner out of the deal."


  9. One more important 17 (a couple weeks old but still a good find) , Route 17 in VA, going into Norfolk area....

    Yeah, my rant last night...WHEW sorry for venting like that, it was TOO nuts. I had a crazy week starting with that earthquake stuff (damn dreams..)

    So I want to take this moment & wish all the readers & Chris are taking particular care now.

  10. "The Somali pirates who took control of the 17,000-ton "Maersk Alabama" cargo-ship in the early hours of Wednesday morning probably were unaware that the ship they were boarding belonged to a U.S. Department of Defense contractor with "top security clearance," which does a half-billion dollars in annual business with the Pentagon, primarily the Navy."


    history of Maersk...shipping line of the ship that was taken.....very interesting.

    Seven pointed Star

  12. Hi Mr. Knowles: I just wanted to let you know that it goes badly for the Alan Cabal article at Wikipedia so if you could write about how notable he has been over the past few decades that would be great. You are one of our last hopes. The "crowd" refuses to believe Mr. Cabal is notable despite this article about him: Alan Cabal at Wikipedia. We would like to be able to reference an article written by you about him. Sincerely, Raymond.

  13. Guys- words cannot possibly describe how busy I am and how many issues I have to deal with. So please give me a bit of slack.

    Michael H, No offense, but I don't have the time. So please stop pushing the issue, OK?

    Raymond- I know Alan Cabal mostly from that piece and smatterings from his blog. So if I have time to look into it further I will, but please don't look to me as your last hope.

  14. Totally offtopic:

    Sorry, but that Wibbley World link with that thing with those huge eyes is so freakin' disturbin. My eyes always jumps there and i can't pay attention to your wonderful posts.
    Please do something about that.

  15. The last thing us syncromystics is a stressed Secret Sun. People give Christopher all the time he needs to respond to our questions. Dig deeper mystics of a syncro nature. Time, 13 months, not 12. Moon and sun and earth. There is time for all. Now. Is the moon an artificial construct? 13 is a lucky/sacred number, deal with it. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis from Oregon.

  16. Ok, so i think the people in the ad will probably look back in a couple of years and go 'what the hell was I thinking?'

    Now this is weird (I read this Blog first up this morning): I had this dream last night that Bruce Springsteen was cooking long skinny sausages in a church on a wooden barbecue. I was thinking that it was quite blasphemous of him (at least it would seem that way to some people). While this was happening the song playing in my head was 'Small Town' by John Cougar Mellencamp.

    Make of it what you will (it probably has to do with masculine insecurity, I'm sure). I just thought it was weird that my mind couldn't come up with a Springsteen song to go with the man, like 'I'm on Fire' - that would have been good. Guess it didn't want to.

    I must say I find that whole anti-gay marriage thing you people have got going on over there to be really weird. I'm sure that soon most other people will feel that way too... fifty years ago who would have thought, A Black President...

    Luckily for America, consciousness marches onwards and outwards - so there is still hope for it to save itself from the global embarrassment it has slowly but surely become...

    (Not meaning to offend any of the readers here of course - just making a point about how the rest of the world sees the USA... It will take more than an Obama European feel good trip to fix that one... much, much more... let's start say, by leading through example...)

    And anyway, what is the significance of the recurring 17?


  17. 17th comment.

    17 is a Osiris/Horus resonating number. Make use of the search on the top of the bold page & watch out...theres alot to read on it.

    I will stick my neck out quickly on the "anti-gay marriage thing". Most people in America don't really give a damn who marries who- Americans in general, those of us who value privacy rights- are very live & let live oriented. Its one of the better sides of the "pioneer" aspect to the USA. IN general, the anti-gay marriage is mostly a political campaign funded through special interest groups to create a stronger right wing religious, fundamentalist or evangelical Christian base.

  18. Teen comedy movie 17 Again to be released on April 17 -

  19. Obama to buy 17,600 American-made autos -

  20. Dear Chris, I just want to thank you for all your hard work, especially when you produce it while not feeling well. That is superhuman. I have read on another forum (radiorbit) where one of the regular posters had good cleansing results for fungi with MMS. I can't remember exactly what it is - Miracle Mineral something- but I respect that poster's opinions and I thought I would share in hopes it may benefit you as well. Many wishes and good vibes toward your healing- delorus

  21. Hi Mr. Knowles: Okay, thanks. I wish you well in your research. I realize you are very busy, but I'm just doing that annoying thing where you remind someone about something. I will not persist. Best,

  22. Thank you everyone as always for your comments and your support. This blog is an enormous amount of work, and I genuinely appreciate the feedback.

    There's a lot of stuff going on right now, but most of it is good- just very, very time consuming and challenging. I'm going to be shifting gears for a while so I can get some things done, so starting this weekend most of my efforts on the blogs will shifted over to the Satellite for the time being. But once I get over the hump I have a mind-boggling array of posts in the works that I think will really open some eyes up. It's just a question of finding the time to do the work.

    I have an announcement going up at 12 tonight, but I wanted to give you guys the heads up. Like I said, I'm going to be blogging every day, but primarily on the Satellite so I can not only clear my plate but do the necessary work and study for the next phase of The Secret Sun.

    For my part, I think this blog improved exponentially after last summer's hiatus and I think it will move into an even higher gear in the future.

  23. Did I say "anti-gay marriage thing"? I meant to say anti gay-marriage. A simple mistake, yet nonetheless true.

    Orgone you said:

    "those of us who value privacy rights- are very live & let live oriented. Its one of the better sides of the "pioneer" aspect to the USA."

    You know, that is the exact image I always had of the States. In terms of movies and the media (and generally the way the US presents itself to the rest of the world via popular culture) the US is brilliant (and successful) at promoting themselves as the pioneering pro-humanitarian people of the planet. And you know what - I think that most, if not all, people involved in such productions really do value that vision/ideal. It's not a bad thing.

    It's just a pity about the religious nutters that work so hard at spoiling everything.


  24. Wait, did he say "rainbow coalition"? Those christians sure love their irony!

  25. He sure did say Rainbow coalition!!!!
    Just as peculiarly they have have also announced a "Two Million for Marriage" Initiative! which they then abbreviate to 2M4M . .. .
    Now, anyone familiar with the LBGT community knows that the meaning of M4M is pretty much staked out territory already! It seems to be more than just irony , , but what is intended is anyone's guess.
    I am wondering if I started an anti-Christian group (I wouldn't) would I call it The Cross, or JCheartU or some such thing? People wouldn't think I was serious