Monday, April 27, 2009

Stairway to Sirius: AF1BU photo op, or...?

From HuffPost:

A government exercise involving low-flying planes has created a panic in New York City. Two fighter jets escorted a low-flying Boeing 747 over lower Manhattan on Monday as part of a federal government photo opportunity.

The plane is a backup for Air Force One and the Department of Transport "coordinated the flight with FAA and we made the notifications to the city so they were aware that the flight would take place between 10 and 10:30 this morning."

Huh. Note the accompanying beauty shot of the Stairway to Sirius:



  1. Interesting date to fly past the Statue of Liberty.

    APRIL 27 appears in the movie CLOVERFIELD as the last date where things are normal in NEW YORK.

    CLOVERFIELD features a decapitated Statue of Liberty on its movie advertisement.


  2. At the very least the DOD staged this event to scare the living daylights of of NY residents. Can you imagine?

    All the reports I have heard since this morning from them amounted to a "whoops, we're sorry" mentality.

    Typical either way...

    ANON: nice Cloverfield tie-in...that's interesting.

  3. Interesting also that the huge outstanding financial derivatives have been referred to as the DERIVATIVES MONSTER.


    In CLOVERFIELD the MONSTER starts attacking NEW YORK on MAY 22.


  4. This thing was very strange. I have no idea what the purpose of it was. A photo op? Huh?

  5. Yeah, the panic machine sure is on overdrive recently...economy, swine flu, now this! In Vegas, they are actually advertising that we should be prepared...not for anything specifically, but that we should be able to cover our windows with plastic, designate a small area of the house for safety purposes and have a disaster kit avail. I've never heard this kind of thing before anywhere, even hurricane areas. WTF is going on? Aren't people afraid anymore? Are they ramping up for something?

    This fly over is irresponsible, at best.

  6. Just throwing this out there...but this "fly over" could have been being captured on video from a number of different angles for use at a later date...say for manipulating via video technology...just something to keep in mind should another air related event take place in NYC. A good happening to keep in the old memory vaults.

  7. It could be an omen (deliberate/ritualistic).

    The Romans used to predict the future by studying the flight of BIRDS. In this case substitue bird for aeroplane.

    Also, the winged MOTHMAN often appears at a location before something "bad" happens. Apparently MOTHMAN appeared in Mexico city a couple of weeks ago before the flu pandemic/earthquake.


  8. Chad G-- can you be more specific about this Vegas warning? Who is warning? Where did you hear/see this warning? Thanks.

  9. Ah, yes, the "Man-Bat" or Batman type sightings were first publicized early in April, but the most recent encounter took place reportedly around March 2nd.

    Considering the first swine flu patients might have really turned up in February, Mexico has been strange lately.

    I wrote about it at the time, here.


  10. Also, the sightings took place in the rural northern state of Chihuahua, not in Mexico City.

  11. Wow Christopher-your blog is just getting more amazing-I was really happy to see the great Loren Coleman here-you know you have credentials!!congrats also on your almost 200 followers! This Sirius thing is just getting more interesting to me and thanks for the post! Loren's comments added to anon's about Cloverfield are kind of spooky with the current hysteria going on-best to you as always and thanks for your hard work!!

  12. Sounds like heavyly seeded disinformation. Some "new" agenda starts kicking in. I experience it here in Germany too, where "they"´re trying to establish panic and fear, by stating stuff like "Next terrorist attack to hit german airport" or Pig-flu on the march to europe" and shit like this. Thank god Germans arent influenced by that too much.
    Almost no one i know would trust the official version of anything, no more and im talking about credible people (not like us "conspiracy nuts"^^)

    Stay happy

  13. Hello Chris,
    just wanted to share this hi-res picture of the stairway of sirius.
    I know you may like it