Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Sci-Fi Americas (UPDATE)

Here's a sci-fi scenario for you: In 2015, the country is split into at two separate entities. The northern and coastal states are incorporated into a new federation with Canada, which is run on technocratic principles and gives rise to cloning farms, genetic engineering, cybernetics and mandatory, lifelong education.

Meanwhile the southern and western states are opened wide for multi-national corporations- relentless drilling, strip-mining, clear-cutting and factory farming have reduced millions of square miles into a moonscape. Unions, minimum wage and OSHA are completely dismantled in this new confederation, as are public education, health care, libraries and other New Deal legacies.

Something out of Firefly or Star Trek?

Maybe not- the shills are revving up the rubes as I write. Huffpost:

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry fired up an anti-tax "tea party" Wednesday with his stance against the federal government and for states' rights as some in his U.S. flag-waving audience shouted, "Secede!"

An animated Perry told the crowd at Austin City Hall -- one of three tea parties he was attending across the state -- that officials in Washington have abandoned the country's founding principles of limited government. He said the federal government is strangling Americans with taxation, spending and debt.

UPDATE: Perry is a Bilderberger, which makes total sense in my little sci-fi scenario. Cheers to Zane for the tip.

UPDATE II: Sci-fi is just sci-fact that hasn't happened yet, dept.: Looks like the shills are onboard- Limbaugh (CFR) and DeLay (CNP) are pushing the meme now. Does anyone still wonder why I don't take politics seriously anymore?


  1. A fascinating scenario Christopher! I used to think that it would be best if the US were split into different regions -now I wonder though-if we are as screwed either way. I think Jeff Wells and others (probably you too:-) have said that the age of the nation-state is over and the rule of multinational corporations and the like is in. If we do not realize that our lives do not have to be this way soon-it may not matter much rather we live in a Balkanized world ruled by corporations or one with some "big" powers left. Thanks as always for your hard work and your wonderful blog!!

  2. The future is what we make it. The Green model will be the future deal with it. Give me the socialist model any day over our coprate rape and plunder. Those who support those tea parties are libertarian fools, with a flat tax and selfish/facist propensities. The Green model is the future. If you want to suscribe to madness and plastic tv,and a braindead society, I have no time or space for you our your kind. That said. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis from Oregon.

  3. They would probably have to carve up some states, too, like Illinois and Ohio which are very politically divided between north and south. I would not be surprised at all if we start seeing right-wing violence in this country over the summer. It chills me to the bone that a neo-Nazi found making a dirty bomb is so quickly forgotten by the media. Can you imagine what would be happening right now if a rich Muslim was found building a dirty bomb in this country? Right-wing terror may become the next 'threat' as we're all steered a new direction skyward.

  4. Interesting post.So much for the North American Union?
    The whole spectrum of human kind has elements of fascism to one degree or another.... Fascism is a disease of repressed emotional & physical states, due to all the constant projection (&re-inforcement)of the controlling, oppressive Saturnian father figure cult upon society. We are all guilty in some aspect or another of being & supporting fascism no matter how you look at it.

    I for one have no qualms about cleaner technologies & environmentally sound material production, as well as reduction & elimination of all the known scientifically proven DNA destructive additives to the food supply like preservatives & harsh chemical additives.

    Realistically these things will only come about en mass after enough people learn first hand, or are "burned" so to speak by the information, so it sinks in, then one REALLY wants to shift paradigms.

    The food/health care paradigm is so interesting to me b/c thats where people get majorly bilked by corporate one seems to get that. If your energy source is poor (bad food/nutrition, diet soda, synthetic vitamins, processed foods), water is tainted by ( & others willingly paying to be killed by) big pharmaceutical companies. Then the mind & body are compromised, brain function not up to snuff & the populace is therefor led more easily.

    Its called the matrix for a reason & we have every right to change it for our own individual reasons & do not & should not need approval from others to make any society livable.

  5. Approval in the sense of doing right by ones self & others is always a good thing though...........

    Good on the GM thing. They bought out advancements in fuel economy & technological leaps for too long & it caught up with them. 1700 dealerships...synch aside, thats alot of salesman who are gonna have an opportunity if they can find "green alternatives" on the "horizon"..yukyuk

  6. hey have you caught these 5 Federal Employees who worked on Area 51 projects coming out about clandestine operations to an Author and the LA Times, April 13th it this aired on MSNBC but they beat around the bush quite a bit.

  7. "Union" takes place overarching the nation-state level, which remains for cosmetic and sentimental purposes...further fragmentation just makes moves in that direction all that easier... Perry hangs with the Bilderberg crowd...

  8. excellent clarifying insight on that zane.

  9. As much as I love Texas as a state (especially Austin and the Hill Country, as well as the coast), I loathe the political climate there. Perry's disingenuous statement about secession makes me glad I got the hell out and moved to North Carolina with my wife a few years ago. Unfortunately, I've remained underemployed, and the university where my wife teaches is a hotbed of incompetence and unbelievable cheapness (one of her colleagues actually has to buy toner for the departmental copier, with the promise that he might get reimbursed).

    Fortunately, my wife has accepted a faculty position at a much better university in Ontario. We'll be moving up there this summer. Even with Obama in power here, I'm still concerned about the apparently growing threat of right-wingnut terrorists... the same idiots who brought on the worst homegrown terrorist act in the U.S.

    I also fear corporatocratic types, with their hypocritical view of free markets and grotesque distortion of values one associates with America. By the timeframe of the Alien movies, wasn't their consolidation of power pretty much a done deal?

    And don't get me started on so-called "state's rights." We all know where that led about 150 years ago.

    Almost forgot the "Christian" fundamentalists and their megachurches. I've been convinced for years that, if there were a Satan, the clowns leading these flocks were among his legions.


  10. I wish I could believe that it's us who make the future, not the power blocks which are trying hard to build a future for themselves, to organize it, to manage it like some rational mad cows. And I'm afraid it's their future which gives meaning to humble present nowadays. As Philip K. Dick once said, "If you think this world is bad, you should see some of the others!"
    Another "dark" future has been built around the 2012 meme in a recent video Kymatica, which you may find interesting
    Yet another one is TechnoCalyps from 1999, which is availabe at
    Part 1: Transhuman
    Part 2: Preparing for the Singularity
    Part 3: The Metaphysics of Technology
    Personally, I don't believe in any of the suggestions in these future stories, but they tell me one thing: If we don't turn on politics now, politics will turn on us in very disagreeable ways. And politics, nowadays, is nothing more than manipulation of words:
    "The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."
    --From How to Build A Universe That Won’t Fall Apart in Two Days by Philip K. Dick

  11. I don't have much to add than to say these are some of the best, most information packed comments I've ever seen on this blog. Lots of new avenues to explore here- thanks.

    We're all being distracted by this pathetic clownshow over taxes and TARP and all of that, when the real agenda could be hiding in plain sight...

  12. since transhumanism was mentioned maybe you guys would enjoy the last video ive made about the Aquarian transition and Artificial Intelligence and Obama.

    be very well

  13. Happy Springtime to You all..

    from italy

  14. Look who wants to run for President of Texas, in the event the state secedes.

    And they say liberal celebrities are nutty and clueless...


  15. Check out the numbers 13 & 33 in action on the Pirate Bay Verdict.

  16. Truth is stranger than fiction!
    EVERYTHING is connected. The secrets of our past and present day are connected
    With those thoughts in mind, I want to touch on a few subjects that Yahweh has led me to. First of all, lets speak of Adam and Eve. Eve was beguiled by Satan and I believe had twins, both having separate fathers which is called superfecundation. Adam fathered Abel and Satan fathered Cain, which led to the seed-line of Cain being cursed.
    On to Atlantis, Not all fallen angels went to Tartarus, other fallen angels including Satan, decided to come to earth and use technologies for breeding humans and animals, taught humans many trades and tricks. They slept with women and begot the Nephilium and Raphaim. This is where the clay mixed with iron comes in. The mixture of bad blood with good. Wheat and Tares. We have the Greeks history of giants and "semi-gods", which also included Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules, Atlas, Titans, etc. The dinosaurs and mixed breed animals such as the pegasus, unicorns, were of their doing. The Atlanteans were of the fallen angels which led them to be called the Sea People, Island of the Dead, People of the Dark, People of Caphtorites, and other names. The leaders of the Atlanteans were called "The Ten"/"Ten Princes." This group is the ten that I believe the Bible speaks of. They migrated to nations of the north, in BC 1200 because the storms broke which sunk Atlantis. Then what's called The Great Migration took place, this being in the Bronze Age. Otto Eisfield, who studies the age of the Pheonicians(Phoenix),Philistines, said they led and integrated with the people of the north/sea people in the lands of Egypt, Syria, Germany and other nations.Their Egyptian Hieroglyphics consists of symbols of an All-Seeing Eye and UFO's with beings with wings, lions heads, etc. This leads me to the dictator and nation builder named Nimrod, who was the son of Cush/Kush, grandson of Ham. Nimrod was a pagan and his mother was Semiramis, who conceived his child. She led the people to worship herself and Nimrod with wreaths and trees with decorations on them. Sound like Christmas? At least 90% of our holidays are of paganism The masons helped him build The Tower of Babel, which some believe is where the Freemasons descendants are from.
    In the First Council of Nicaea in AD 325, was the first ecumenical council of Christian Church. Their Emperor Constantine decided what books would go into the Bible and changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Leaving out some very important books including Enoch's books, which included the "Watchers"...the fallen angels.
    The Ammorites are just one of the many races of the seed-lines of the fallen ones.The list would consist of at least 30 different races and cultures, including Satan's seed-lines. So, of course it goes without saying that those bloodlines are still in the blood of many of our current cultures of the world. Wheat and Tares.
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  17. Anon with the evil shape shifting evil ones rant.If they, Alien hybrids from Atlantis and blood of Cain were so omnipresent and powerfull? How is it that you can expose them in public? The power of soul is truly unstoppable my parinoid xtian. Pray for their demonic souls and move on. Time is of the essence. (tired of myopic xtian rapture BS) Dennis from Oregon


    nice culture

  19. Can someone provide some sorta confirmation on the Limbaugh-CFR connection. Sure sounds right, and I hardly doubt it, Im just having trouble confirming it myself.