Sunday, April 05, 2009


Well, the two NJ "pranksters" are facing charges for disorderly conduct. I guess that's the price of manning the barricades of the Enlightenment. Well, that and the outlay for the supplies.

These guys claimed they did all of this themselves- four separate times- with balloons, helium tanks and road flares. Sounds like they spent a bit of money on this little experiment, don't you think? Those flares run about 10 dollars apiece, helium tank rental is what, 50 bucks or so? Those kinds of balloons are probably a couple bucks a pop.

Call me stubborn, but I didn't believe those lights were aliens then and I don't believe that those two "skeptics" were just a couple of lone pranksters now. As I wrote:
I'm not sure if these UFOs are balloons or ETs (my hunch is they're neither, and may be some new mil-tech) but I certainly love the semiotics of it all (Phoenix! Buto! Orion!) And that's all that really matters on The Secret Sun.
So what stinks about these "revelations?" Just this- no one is addressing the basic issue how balloons could travel in a 20 mile arc in less than 18 minutes. Except for one commenter on a skeptic blog:
posted 01/07/2009 11:01:47 AM
healthyskeptic wrote:

Hi everyone. Before I tell my story, I just want to let everyone know I do not believe that extraterrestrial beings have ever visited this planet. With that said, I witnessed these lights on Monday night, and they were not flares. My friend and I were driving in Morris Plains, and these 5 bright red lights flew (at a fast rate of speed) over our car, then climbed into the sky. After hovering for a bit, they made quick descents, (hundreds of feet) then climbed quickly again. They were unison for the most part, but were not following any kind of wind pattern. I refuse to say it was extraterrestrial, but it was NOT flares. It will remain a UFO in my book.
UFO as in unidentified, not necessarily "alien." The reaction of the "skeptics" is helping to cement my longtime suspicion- that they are merely loudmouthed stalking horses and shills for the Cryptocracy, which is extremely well-represented in Central/North NJ.