Sunday, April 05, 2009


Well, the two NJ "pranksters" are facing charges for disorderly conduct. I guess that's the price of manning the barricades of the Enlightenment. Well, that and the outlay for the supplies.

These guys claimed they did all of this themselves- four separate times- with balloons, helium tanks and road flares. Sounds like they spent a bit of money on this little experiment, don't you think? Those flares run about 10 dollars apiece, helium tank rental is what, 50 bucks or so? Those kinds of balloons are probably a couple bucks a pop.

Call me stubborn, but I didn't believe those lights were aliens then and I don't believe that those two "skeptics" were just a couple of lone pranksters now. As I wrote:
I'm not sure if these UFOs are balloons or ETs (my hunch is they're neither, and may be some new mil-tech) but I certainly love the semiotics of it all (Phoenix! Buto! Orion!) And that's all that really matters on The Secret Sun.
So what stinks about these "revelations?" Just this- no one is addressing the basic issue how balloons could travel in a 20 mile arc in less than 18 minutes. Except for one commenter on a skeptic blog:
posted 01/07/2009 11:01:47 AM
healthyskeptic wrote:

Hi everyone. Before I tell my story, I just want to let everyone know I do not believe that extraterrestrial beings have ever visited this planet. With that said, I witnessed these lights on Monday night, and they were not flares. My friend and I were driving in Morris Plains, and these 5 bright red lights flew (at a fast rate of speed) over our car, then climbed into the sky. After hovering for a bit, they made quick descents, (hundreds of feet) then climbed quickly again. They were unison for the most part, but were not following any kind of wind pattern. I refuse to say it was extraterrestrial, but it was NOT flares. It will remain a UFO in my book.
UFO as in unidentified, not necessarily "alien." The reaction of the "skeptics" is helping to cement my longtime suspicion- that they are merely loudmouthed stalking horses and shills for the Cryptocracy, which is extremely well-represented in Central/North NJ.


  1. Totally agree this is ludicrous SCICOP, crown-approved BS, designed to perpetuate UFO=ALIEN confusion.

    AH, the FEDs. Love to hate em! I think they all mostly scum-suckers & make a damn good case for a negative alien influence acting on humanity. Not extraterrestrial necessarily...but a mind/brain frequency that harbors some regressive restriction on creative & life encouraging reality. Not to claim that they are absolute controllers, but really they are mere hacks trying to manipulate what they can in a low consciousness vibratory manner. They do ace that low vibration though....

    This black-op tech (visible UFO activity) sure seems like it has been around for a long time.
    Even if there is absolutely no physical alien contact, there is plenty of evidence that something so extraordinary, so fantastically crazy & underhanded has been hidden by the elitist brotherhoods from the dumb-ass white bread eaters, that this type of shill-ery absolutely MUST get more & more blatant by the hour.

    Its happening in every aspect of life, as burgeoning movements of creative humanity come to grips with the inane strictures, laws & adolescent control games readily accepted & enforced by the trained animals of earth, the so-called "individuals", as the "way to go". If the headlines this week speak of "indivduals" acting in sovereignty & of free will, then some people are abandoning the soul, on whatever level, for a mass psychosis. Fascism has had its boots stamping on humankind for all too long & now its getting a spit polish..."get on your boots indeed".

    As Robert Morning Sky said, "Walk AWAY from the damned light....theres a whole universe out there dammit!"

    (thanks Andre for pointing to that talk BTW)

  2. "Loudmouthed stalking horses". I want to use that phrase in everyday conversation from now on, it's a good one.

    From your link:
    "...This begs an important question: are UFO investigators simply charlatans looking to make a quick buck off human gullibility, or are they alarmists using bad science to back up their biased opinions that extraterrestrial life is routinely visiting our planet?"

    That is probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    I hate the word "charlatan". People who use it to describe someone else almost always are one.

  3. Not a post related link but I thought this may interest you & Secret Sun readers: The latest Wacky Retro Album Cover of the Week on Adam Gorightly's Untamed Dimensions. Orion Reborn by some guy who claimed to be the deceased Elvis in disguise.

    Image link: Orion Reborn

    Very interesting cover semiotically...

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  5. I have to start proof reading here more. But this is a tough issue for a lot of people. and it's frustrating to me WHY it is a tough issue. We love to see all of these things, the exotic stuff in the air, in a safe realm movies or something. We love that because's just in our heads. It's not real it is just a movie. And anyone who actually believes they see things from the movie in REAL LIFE..well that is just someone who is melancholic and needs to invent things to feel something. I have tried for years to say what if to people. And it's depressing to me that people don't want to ask the what if's anymore. Whether it be talk of exotic craft of terra or not, people will mentally walk away from the conversation even if they are physically still standing right in front of you.

    One of my heroes in life was Barry Goldwater. And yes I am an ex Phoenix resident. But He tried and tried to get people to look in this direction and he too was frustrated by two things. The mass public who didn't care and the hush hush end of those who knew. And since I know no hush hush people who are in the know, my anger, especially as of late is being turned at the people who do not want to ask the questions. When I separate it(my thoughts) all at the end of the day, I feel this problem is on both ends. But I do think certain things are changing in this realm. The discourse is more open and friendly. So I would hope that that being the case, both of those polar sides will step out into the light.


    Please check this out. Hits on this topic to the "T".

  7. Absolutely, OG. My thoughts exactly.

  8. I think what you wrote there or the article you sourced OG could be right on as well. But I also think and feel that some of this knowledge, whether it be UFO non earth or UFO made on Earth is the knowledge equivalent to a very stiff drink. If not a bitter drink. We've all seen the guy whose had a rough day, girl dumps him, life is a downer cause of work who unloads at a bar. Only to be praying to the porcelain god wishing he hadn't gone there. The thing is, in this realm, the realm you are looking at....I don't think I'd wanna know, because it is a short list you are on and a huge bubble you are in. And I would imagine knowing would make you wonder why people even wanted to know at all. Weve all been to hospitals visiting friends and family. There's a smell to them and as you walk down the hall you see people grieving over the death of loved one. They have a stare to them. It's the thousand yard vacant stare. The morning after stare. I would imagine those in the know, live each day of their lives with that stare. Once again I have no proof of this but I do have imagination enough to see through their eyes, or at least try to.