Saturday, April 18, 2009

Looking for Satellite(s)

If you haven't been following the action on The Solar Satellite, you've been missing a lot. This blog has been (relatively) quiet while I clear my plate, but its sister has been buzzing with a wide range of stories charting the emergence of our new sci-fi/synchro reality consensus. It's been incredibly liberating; take a break, find a story, link it up and get back to work. I have felt increasingly bogged down by my growing inventory of Secret Sun posts-in-progress, so this has been a very refreshing change of pace.

Aside from the obvious time constraints, I've been looking at it as a way of letting go of this need to package the narratives and letting the stories tell themselves, at least those stories that fit into my personal reality-perception construction. Which is just a pretentious way of saying I'm simply dealing with stories that cover the same themes we look at here. There is so much going on all at once that I'm never lacking for material. As long as the material is out there, the blog will continue at its present pace.

That being said, I'm working today on one of those monster Secret Sun posts. Look for it Monday at 0:00 EST.