Saturday, April 18, 2009

Looking for Satellite(s)

If you haven't been following the action on The Solar Satellite, you've been missing a lot. This blog has been (relatively) quiet while I clear my plate, but its sister has been buzzing with a wide range of stories charting the emergence of our new sci-fi/synchro reality consensus. It's been incredibly liberating; take a break, find a story, link it up and get back to work. I have felt increasingly bogged down by my growing inventory of Secret Sun posts-in-progress, so this has been a very refreshing change of pace.

Aside from the obvious time constraints, I've been looking at it as a way of letting go of this need to package the narratives and letting the stories tell themselves, at least those stories that fit into my personal reality-perception construction. Which is just a pretentious way of saying I'm simply dealing with stories that cover the same themes we look at here. There is so much going on all at once that I'm never lacking for material. As long as the material is out there, the blog will continue at its present pace.

That being said, I'm working today on one of those monster Secret Sun posts. Look for it Monday at 0:00 EST.


  1. After following you for a year or so, you have changed my life.

    I had a dream the other night, i was reading the secretsun, and you were discussing Hancock(Will Smith) and said Tom Lange was the symbolism consultant or something. Then the dream transitioned to a kind of courtyard setting in front of a big building with a huge tower in the middle with two curving staircases on both sides(no waterfalls though). You were narrating talking about the "battle," if you will, between Ra(y), Horus, and Isis. Naturally, i was Horus and chasing both Ra(y) and Isis. Neither of whom could i catch nor 'beat.' With Ra(y), at the top of the stairs, hovering in mid air, laughing, and Isis nowhere in sight.

    Then i quit, bewildered, and entered the tower with a friend of mine. After saying something about surrendering so everybody wins, waving the flag, & yielding, my friend says if i want to live i shouldn't say stuff like that, saying that a friend of his, who has been missing since 1995 is buried under the tower.

    Lastly, having been humbled, i ask a reappearing Isis if i can take her son, and show him around. As we are walkin over a hill to the tower, courtyard, building, i start to slide down the hill and at the bottom i take off in flight. My friend says to me that i cant do that with kids around or else they will want to also as well.

    I know listening to people explain their dreams are like having your teeth pulled but i wanted to share because of what you said once that part of the problem in america is people dont wanna dream. But since you were in my dream, and i had a dream about/with that same friend once and i told it to him and he said that my dream had juss happened to him in real life. I think of that as remote viewing. Since we can change the channel but not whats broadcast.

    you are my secret sun, keep shinin brother

  2. Thank you, Justie- That's a very timely dream! What I really am trying to do with 3.0 is communicate how myth is a living thing. A lot of people talk about myth in pop culture and comics- but it's always from that wan, Joseph Campbell/ Bill Moyers type of view, which is an autopsy of mythology. It's an outsider's view. I don't see it that way. I think myth is real and alive and powerful- which is increasingly self-evident in these times.

  3. Powerful to be sure. That same friend in the dream and I were at work talkin about a friend of ours who had juss hung himself and i was talkin about transformation and how i still see him in other people and some cat litter started to spill on a pallet, like sand through the hourglass and my friend saw that as a signal that our friend was talkin to us from the other side, me not so much, but my friend used that for his purposes and i juss shut up about experiencing our deceased friend still to this day.

    My great uncle's favorite saying was, "whatever it is, it is." But whatever it is to me isn't so for others, or anyone for that matter. It doesn't matter so much what the artists intrepretation or intention was but moreso the fan/consumer. Thats why i love what you and others like Goro, and Jake do, because i am fascinated by what others think about stuff since i spent 27 years ignoring it.


    - C.S Lewis based Narnia on....

  5. I went to watch a boot leg movie today online and saw they added 17 Again and Crank next to each other. I decided to watch Crank and Q from ST:TNG, John de Lancie is in the beginning of the movie.