Thursday, April 02, 2009

Barackobamun in Baden-Baden

Barackobamun is in Europe, and the press is alight with prefab stories on "tension" between the US and its NATO allies. Which, of course, automatically means that everyone will be giving each other backrubs and handjobs all week. These stories are for the benefit of the rubes back home.

One of his stops will be in the resort town of Baden Baden, right off of the Autobahn. Just outside of Baden Baden (in fact it's right off the exit for the town) is the not-so-world famous Autobahnkirche, officially known as St. Christophorous.

Yeah, that's it. The pyramid. Because the first thing I think of when I hear the word "church" is a pyramid. But the design is the least strange thing about this house of worship.

The grounds are just as interesting. There are four obelisks, set to the cardinal points and "the Abraham Gate" at the entrance, all done in an architectural style I believe is called "Early Annunaki."

Boy, don't those columns just fill you up with the Holy Spirit? I like the big compass at the top of this one. There's a very interesting figure at the bottom- the church calls him Molech, but I prefer to call him "Optimus Subprime."

It's a giant with the head of an automobile. Someone call Michael Bay. And then call Erich Von Daniken.

The inside is just as interesting. This is the crypt- note the octagonal skylight. Lots more of those Babylon-looking reliefs everywhere as well. Not the least bit creepy.

Then there are some interesting stained glass windows that make the Denver Airport murals look like Norman Rockwell. Fascinating stuff.

Let's keep an eye on the news. It will be fascinating if Barackobamun goes to mass here.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster.


    ......& with the echoed thrumming of archaic ritual blood sacrifice, underground tunnels with exorcist-styled figurines lining the passageways, maybe some crypt really makes a great vacation spot. Sort of an international stopover lounge for resurrected pharaohs looking to milk the local earth grid.....

  2. OK, Chris!

    You have definitely taken me where I had no idea I'd ever go. This is beyond beyond any imaginings I could think of! I thought I could handle anything but this really rattles!

    What on Earth (or elsewhere) is going on in this world?

    No wonder the Jonas Brothers sang their oldie SOS at the KCA last Saturday! We need some help here on this planet!

    Keep fascinating us, Chris!

  3. hahahahahahahahahaha


    surprised me, I did not expect to come here and laugh tonight.

    no offense but I did not think you were this funny.

    Good Stuff!

  4. Cheers, guys! This ol' world jes keeps on gittin' stranger and stranger!

  5. Always amazes me that they were able to pull off the blue swastika on the "NATO" (ATON? ODIN?) flag in Europe...

  6. Hm, interesting, Baden-Baden is onl a 45 minute drive from where i live. maybe i´ll go check that place out

  7. @ zane. realized that when i was 16 or so, tried to show other people, esprcially germans, but no one will listen^^ or even see

    greetings from Germany

  8. I am not sure where to post this so here goes...Last night I caught the latest & last episode (how sad) of "Life On Mars" (which I understand has now been cancelled after 17 episodes hmmm). Anyway, after reading on your blog that you were researching Mr. David Bowie (this has stuck in my head for some reason), I thought it was interesting that towards the end of the show the main character made a statement that everything always comes back to Bowie. This was as the cast/crew were rising from a 2 year slumber on their way to Mars to find life! Anyway, there are too many synchs in this show to list.
    Also, this story stuck out for me (as I was reading something on the BBC about Bowie interestingly enough):
    Allot of number synchs there, and also the fact that the guy was famous for portraying a green-skinned demon.
    Thanks for all of your work Chris. I have to ask, do you sleep?????

  9. I'm glad someone else noticed how well the "Life on Mars" finale relates to what is discussed on this blog. Chris, you have a great website. I always learn so much from you and your commenters.

  10. To answer the question- my body may sleep but my brain never does!

    And yes KL- thank you for pointing out the commenters as part of the equation!

    Any nearby Germans, two words- field report!

  11. That is really some odd architectural choices - it is almost begging people to look further into it. It is almost too blatant!! Does anyone having anything (in English) that reports on what the plan was and who the architects were?

    Also you say "handjobs" but don't the 'Celestial on the Monolith' and the 'Devil in the Window' have some kin of hand (loosely-clenched fist?) motif in the general groin region? Of course even if it is it might they are just cupping themselves (which, unfortunately, brings Michael Jackson to mind) but that is still odd. There is a clear armless hand on the right of photo of the Celestial too.

  12. Great scoop Chris! Sorry have been AWOL for awhile, but this story really caught my eyes, nope, not the one in the center of my head! Molech won't be taking that one.

    Unbelievable, so first the Vatican says "embrace aliens", when do you think "embrace Molech" will be out?
    Absolutely amusing!

    Be well bro.

  13. I checked out Empire magazine today, it is a film/cinema orientated magazine. I must say that who was on the cover had nothing to do with why I stopped and checked it out though. That being said, Megan Fox said her fall back career is drawing comics should movies not work. Back to work for me...

  14. Hahaha!! I love your sense of humor -the first paragraph and the "Norman Rockwell" line made me laugh-if that stained glass thingy is the norm-no pun intended-you are sure right about the Denver Airport murals-I have never seen those in person -but when I saw them on the web I was like WTF?? expecially with the thought that so many are nervous flyers-a look at those would really calm down an anxious traveler (sarcasm) best to you as always!!

  15. hi Chris

    did you write about your reaction to watchmen?

    i just saw it, adored it - even went back to movie-reviewing for it, seems lot of folk are calling the movie "dumb"??

    my piece is at

    happy solar trails

  16. hi chris,
    hi all,

    never thought you would pick up that story since there was no reaction on my post at the utu-article - but thank you so much for doing that now.

    When i saw that you picked up that story i felt a very big need to go there today, even i did not have much time for doing that:
    first it was almost impossible to get there (went into 3 police checks and it's just about 15 minutes from my home by car - and i had to laugh realizing i recently got a protection symbol from my grandma in my car showing the holy ChristopHORUS, just like the name of the church AND in that same moment - looking at car in front of me - "KK" on the licence tag).

    We now got police everywhere because of the nato summit beginning tomorrow in Baden-Baden, never saw such an insane effort (Mr. Obama is confirmed to speak there, i think we will all see that on tv).

    I'm not really deep enough into all this as most of you might be, but that place really feels too strange to ignore it:

    first all those pillars, that gate and other stuff outside - it is so weird - then when you get in: the very top of that pyramid is glass and it is very bright insight (today a was pretty sunny day here), right in the middle of that room is a cross and that octagual in the floor, which is the skylight beneth. There are two staircases going down into the crypt and i never been down there before.
    When you go down there you can't see anything at first because it is very dark. I felt extremely uncomfortable going down and my heart was beating pretty fast down there without any reason.
    If you think the outside is crazy then this crypt-room down in this building feels absolutely out of this world. In the middle of this room you see this altar, with it's octangual skylight and it suddenly came to my mind that it could be some kind of sacrificial altar. After this i went back outside to look at one of those four pillars (elias-pillar, this one goes deep into my personal synchronicity with that place which led me there a few years ago and to my post here at the utu-story)- i'll tell that later, because you perhaps find this also pretty interesting - and there was a tank on that pillar (i could not believe it)! Well if anyone can go there: you got to see this crazy things with your own eyes.
    There are tons of symbolism all over that place which i don't understand right now - i will soon be there for a whole day to take pictures, which are not on those official sites.

    again thank you Christopher!

    PS: I'll be on the mountain "Merkur" / translated: "Mercury" to watch things down in Baden-Baden tomorrow

  17. Gah! Guys, I am super crazed right now. My brains are about to explode with frustration and angst. I promise I will get back to your questions and comments tomorrow or Saturday. My apologies...

  18. Backrubs and handjobs amongst the elite? I am about to barf...

    The architecture of that place just screams early masonry, when the teachings of the Druids first became corrupted, as if they are celebrating the corruption of the Serpent Brotherhood.

    Interesting placement of the "bone" on the Autobot there, and the stained glass demon freaks me out just a little.

  19. You've got to be kidding. The whole place screams FAKE. It has a pseudo-occult look that shouldn't fool a third-grader. And while the masses are ooh-ing and aah-ing over it and discussing all its "occult" significance, the real occult stuff is going on in private houses.

  20. Chris,

    Wow, what a pic!

    Queen Elizabeth II and Michelle Obama embraced...

    Isis + Isis ? We even see like a right of light flowing in that room...

    And the final message from the Queen to M. Obama:

    "Now we've met, will you please keep in touch?"

  21. Anonymous has a point, it could be slight of hand right now, it does seem they may create large deceptions to cover their tracks, throw those on their heels off the correct track...


  22. Huh? Fake? That's a Catholic Church- where does anyone say it is occult?

  23. HI CK,

    Remember guys, the best way to hide something is to put it right in front of people.
    Once they get used to it it becomes just : Strange.

    Hope I find my notes from school about this portal, even in pictures the vibrations are negative. Here's another AAT for you.

    Check this out guys:

    A movie about serious matters and it become common stuff. And later.....

  24. Man, you need to take a look at the Wikipedia page for St. Christopher.

    And I quote: "According to legend, during the reign of the Emperor Decius, a man named Reprebus or Reprobus (root of English "reprobate") was captured in combat against tribes to the west of Egypt and was assigned to the numerus Marmaritarum or "Unit of the Marmaritae", which suggests an otherwise-unidentified "Marmaritae" Berber tribe of Cyrenaica. He was of enormous size and terrifying demeanor, being a cannibal with cynocephaly (the head of a dog instead of a man), like all the Marmaritae.[5] Reprebus accepted baptism and began to preach the faith."

    Dog headed Saints? Really?

  25. Wow! In the pillar picture is that the eye of Providence above the compass/birthing Calipers?
    Great stuff as always

  26. I simply have to assume that anything in the public realm is the exoteric side of all of this that is deliberately shown to the public for deception/programming purposes. Hidden in plain sight, sure. But then it is the very stuff that immediately catches one's attention that should be disgarded, not? It would be the subtle stuff that people tend to overlook in such a place that would be more interesting. daVinci's "Virgin of the Rocks" comes to mind. Yes, the phallus is in plain sight, but its also very subtle. It doesn't scream its presense at you. Or like Chartes Cathedral...its not the carvings on the outside that are important, although they are interesting. It is the archetechture of the of inside that is important. I'm sorry, but the symbolism is just too blatant and in-your-face...that is why it seems fake to me.

  27. Heh... the Norman Rockwell reference and "norm" pun are highly droll.

    Actually, I was looking for an apt segue to discuss something I've been pondering for a while. The doppelganger of Rockwell (or at least his popular image). Another fellow by the name of Norman.

    Has anyone else wondered about the general strangeness of Hitchcock's Psycho? Other than its generally unsettling aspect, there are some synchromystic goodies worth pondering. The story begins in Phoenix, of all places, and Marion Crane's escape from there takes up 17 minutes of film (according to this article).

    Although the infamous shower scene in the film was (and remains) shocking and religiously symbolic, the original novel goes a bit further; the Marion character is also beheaded.

    Synchromystic magnet Bernard Herrmann made his own contribution by providing the infamous score for strings. Apparently, he was originally offered $17.5K, but Hitch liked the score enough to give him nearly double the amount. To top it off, Herrmann's third wife was named Norma, which seems to tie in a bit too closely with the film's focus on gender ambiguity. (For what it's worth, his first two wives were named Lucy and Lucille.) Herrmann was also slated to score a film called God Told Me Too, but he died before he could do so. Just read the plot description, as well as the paragraph about Andy Kaufman's brief but pivotal role, and your jaw will drop.

    That all I'm sharing for now.


  28. Oops... "God told me to." Terrible, unintentional(?) pun. But sentences shouldn't end in prepositions, anyway.


  29. Just found this:"

    Same spelling, different place, also a pyramid.

  30. Guys, as I said above I'm playing catchup here, but I'll dig into all of your comments either tonight or tomorrow. Lots to chew on here- I appreciate it.

  31. Orgone- It's something, alright. If nothing else it's a solid entry in the annals of bizarro roadside attractions.

    Soapie- The Jonas Bros have an oldie? I'll tell you one thing though- I took my daughter to see the Jonas Bros a couple years ago at a big fair and ended up with a terrible case of food posioning. Or was it....?

    MH- Oh, I'm a laugh riot. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

    Zane- Good catch. The PurposeD church uses a similar cross.

    Skinjob- Roadtrip! Bring the camera- and the geiger counter.

    Anony1009- My body sleeps, but my brain never does...

    KL-Cheers. I've watch some of the US LOM- I should watch the UK.

    Emperor- This place definitely deserves more research. I wonder if it sits on a ley line.

    Skaggsie- Welcome back! Hope all is well with you. Embrace Molech? Maybe there will be a papal bull on it

    (sorry, bad pun).

    MH- I hope she has something to fall back on cuz the girl can't act.

    Devin- Good point- who needs to see that weirdness before they get on a plane? Crazy.

    Jason- I haven't seen Watchmen- waiting for the DVD. Money is tight and I put Witch Mountain and Knowing atop my movie list. Will get into it when it comes out on DVD. For the rest of you- Go read everything Jason writes- time well spent.

    Anony 508- Thanks for the field report- and the tip. Let us know when the pics are up and I'll do a post on them. You are the rock star of the day!

    Tommy- I don't know what it is- the sculpture looks like it was designed by a mental patient. Our German spies will hopefully fill us in on the details the sites don't.

    Anony 1045- We have a couple commenters attesting to its existence, so I don't believe the pics or the site is a hoax. Apparently it's on google earth too. There are stranger things out there.

    Anony 1132- Eloah-Isis-Beth and She-Michael are good buds, didn't you hear? Love all the open "new world order" talk out there in all of the newspapers. I thought they put that phrase in mothballs in favor of "The International Community."

    Skaggsie II- Like I said, it seems to be real. Check out Anony 508. He tipped me off on it and has been there.

    Anony 1245- Oooh. I'm not touching that one!

    PJ- Wow- good stuff. Will that air here? Celestia is my sistah from another mistah. Thanks!

    Anony 535- Christopher=Anubis. Interesting, isn't it? Early Christianity was a million times more strange than what i became.

    Kool- Yeah, crazy. Thanks for checking in!

    Anony 957- There's a two tiered system at work when it comes to symbols. Those for the rubes and the hidden meaning for the initiates. This is referred to in the Gospels. I had a friend who first showed me all the crazy stuff in the swanky old money neighborhoods in NYC. It was an eye-opening experience seeing all this weird symbolism in lobbies or right over your head. No one ever notices it but when you look it punches you in the face. So never assume they are talking to us- this is the one message I hope people understand.

    Jason- Great stuff as always. From now on you're Secret Sun name is Mr Erudition.
    What was Hitch into? Lots of weird symbolism in his films, all meticulously designed.

    Justie- Cheers- what's going on in Germany?

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  33. I don't know if anyone else noticed in the stained glass picture there is a reverse "666" in the "Crown" of the figure in the picture. I've flipped the pic so you can see it clearer now.

    Stained Glass Pic

  34. "The Trip" continues:

  35. By the way, the interesting thing about "HuffPo" is that you can read the immediate effect of the imagery on the adoring public.

  36. "Mr. Erudition." That might work for a comic book character, or maybe some anonymous X-Files character. If only this could be turned into a TV show...

    More on Psycho... I couldn't think of anything weird about Anthony Perkins, until something hit me. His widow was among those killed on 9/11. Nothing strange about that, unless one thinks of that terrible day within a synchromystic context (as discussed many times within The Secret Sun).