Thursday, March 12, 2009

Show Lex the Money (Updated)

From Madoff the Joker to Lex Luthor, the media paints its one-time superheroes as today's super-villains. In related news, Sir Allen Stanford takes the fifth.

UPDATE: Oh, here's a comforting story:
Trust fund millionaire James G. Cummings, an American Nazi sympathizer from Maine who was slain by his wife Amber in December, allegedly had the radioactive components necessary to construct a "dirty bomb," a newly released threat analysis report states.

The man, allegedly furious over the election of President Obama, purchased depleted uranium over the Internet from an American company.

UPDATE: Madoff sentencing set for 6/16. Why does that sound so familiar?


  1. I track the depravity via craigslist, it's a laugh riot but I think it's giving me a nervous break down.

    in other news...

    "At least 17
    people — not including suicide attempts — are known to have gone over the (Niagara) falls."

  2. its just obvious that we all worship comic heroes as you stated in TGWS..

  3. I don't know why but I feel something is horribly wrong in the synchrosphere as of today. Maybe a ripple of sorts but I feel something is horribly awry in the world. I do hope all is well over there Chris. Although I am an opti-myst(ical). I feel something is wrong for this day in time.

  4. I think it sounds familiar because Bono spoke of June 16 and a visitor at his door trying to sell him some junk.

    U2 Breathe Lyrics

    16th of June 9:05, door bell rings, man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer, there`s three things I need you to know...three! Coming from a long line of traveling sales people on my mother`s side, I wasn`t gonna buy just anyone`s ****atoo, so why would I invite a complete stranger into my home?...would you? These days are better than that, these days are better than that...

  5. Here's a super-villain for you...
    c. 2006:
    "A candid Jim Cramer talks about the lies he uses to manipulate the market on TV."

    Candid? No, Boasting.

    Jon Stewart's been attacking Cramer and CNBC for a few days now on The Daily Show.

  6. You bet- I talked about Cramer in yesterday's post. Maybe he and Madoff can be bunkmates in the Graybar Hotel.

  7. Jon Hamm and another weird topic. I already commented on Mad Men synchromystic connections earlier, but here's another one that I started thinking about.

    Robert Morse portrays Bertram Cooper, the wily and eccentric Ayn Rand devotee who founded the ad company on Mad Men. Early in his career, Morse played the lead character an obscure movie called The Loved One, a great dark comedy some of you synchromystics might enjoy.

    A satire of the funeral industry, it is almost a queer cousin to Dr. Strangelove. In fact, the screenplay was co-written by Terry Southern. Furthermore, I am not just using the phrase "queer cousin" metaphorically. Director Tony Richardson was bisexual, and Southern's co-writer was Christopher Isherwood of Cabaret fame. Several actors who appear in it are gay, including John Gielgud, Tab Hunter, and Liberace.

    While not gay, Milton Berle (known for his cross-dressing schtick) is also in the film. As for Robert Morse himself, he portrayed Truman Capote onstage in a play entitled Tru.

    There's also the prominence of men with traditionally female names. Evelyn Waugh, who wrote the original book, and Dana Andrews, who portrays a military man.

    I guess my point is, various types of gender ambiguity (rather than just one) seem encoded in this film. Also, the ending might raise the eyebrows of some synchromystics...


  8. Continuing the gender ambiguity theme, Robert Morley is also in The Loved One. Just five years earlier, he played Oscar Wilde (of Salome fame) in a film of the same name. If you look at the cast for the person who played Wilde's lover Alfred "Bosie" Douglas, I guarantee that your synchromystic senses will be shocked on at least a couple of levels.


  9. Hell, yeah- the Well-Manicured Man is in it!

    I'll dig into these comments in more detail later on, guys. Thanks for all the juicy info!

  10. Chris, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog. I just saw you on the Wonder Woman DVD. You had some great insights into the character.

  11. Merciful Minerva Jason! - Now why did you bring up Robert Morse just now? Here's a personal synch for ya - altho I can't quite parse it for myself just yet.
    I have never seen MadMen as i do not have a television; but this past weekend I was at My Mother's and caught on hers How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for the first time. What annoyed me was the character of Bud Frump - the boss's nephew - who resorted to the character device of exaggerated gay mannerisms to signal to the audience that he was meant to be an unlikeable character. And this when the main character - the straight romantic lead - was ringing all my bells as a true -well, I won't go any further in a public forum - So I immediately went to the IMDB afterward to look this fellow up and read about Robert Morse for the first time in my life. One wonders what the personal synchs are supposed to be about - perhaps I best have a look at this Mortician Movie - or have a look at Morse's Bertram Cooper character a little closer. If he is supposed to be a Anastasia Romanov , err i mean Ayn Rand aficionado then that might be it, because she is definitely in my personal synchrosphere

    oh, and the little pocket book in HTSIBWRT is the exact psychopathic handbook that has got us into the present economic mess - Well, if it was real - perhaps such a thing truly exists and was penned by the lost Russian princess herself - HAHa.
    CUE Lex Luthor . . .

  12. James- I'm always a bit suspicious when I see these numbers in news stories- they'll always change them later. Remember 4666 dead at the WTC when Bush addressed Congress?

    Andy- Superheroes are bigger than comics! It's going to be interesting to see how the archetype mutates into the memestream.

    Anony 1150: The wise old oracle Captain Beefheart once said "Everything is wrong but at the same time it's right." Eternity is now and dark and light are always with us. What do we choose to manifest? This is not an abstraction. I use a white background on this blog as a signal. Light, the Sun- these are powerful triggers within your consciousness.

    Anony 1211- Bono's lyrics are so lousy they have to have a secret meaning!

    Lynnertic- I used to have cretins calling me all the time trying to get me to invest. I used to mess with their heads, since most of them seemed to be a bunch of dumb jocks reading off a monitor. I've never trusted Wall St.. Funnily enough it was my experience in comics retailing that made me aware of the corrupt nature of speculation.

    Jason- Damn I need to see that movie. I love those types of films about the inner workings of the media from the 60s- that was the period when things started going meta. The gender issues coupled with the Hollywood memes really stir up echoes of Jung's Alchemical theories, the Rebis and all of that. Thanks again for the tip.

    Optimyst- Yeah, I have more to say on Wonder Woman. It was such an honor to do that doc, since I'm such a DC Tooniverse nut. And like I said before, I used WW as a muse for my book and ultimately for the blog.

    David- There's another one, Succeed. Any more suggestions in that vein are much appreciated.

  13. David, if you can get access to a television, Mad Men is worth watching, with or without applying synchromysticism. So is The Loved One. I have never seen How to Succeed…, but I know about it, and that Robert Morse was in it. I’m sure his casting in Mad Men was an ironic wink towards that movie, much like “Ferris Bueller” portraying a teacher in Election.

    If you’re saying what I think you’re saying about Ayn Rand, I’ve never actually heard that story. I am aware of the rumors about Anastasia Romanov surviving her family’s execution, though. (My mother, an avid history buff, found the story intriguing; she seemed to believe that it might have been true.) I suppose this is piecing something together.

    Referring to Christopher's recent comment, I myself have a affinity for films from the 1960's, when the Production Code really started breaking down. I get a greater sense of "shock" from those than from movies now, because I tend to think about the context in which those films were released. With 40 years having passed since the abolition of the code, films that try too hard to "shock" nowadays evoke little more than a yawn because anyone can do it. The Loved One is probably less shocking than a typical TV episode nowadays, but thinking about it within the context of its time makes it damned shocking. Probably not available at your local Blockbuster, though.

    Back to the Robert Morse/Loved One/Robert Morley/Oscar Wilde thread, I had some more insights on that as well. The same year as the Morley as Wilde / Well-Manicured Man as “Bosie” film, another one was coproduced by Irwin Allen of the disaster pictures, as well Albert Broccoli of JB/007 [veils] fame. For what it’s worth, James Mason portrayed Edward Carson, who prosecuted Wilde during the infamous libel trial. Just a year before that film was released, Broccoli married his third wife Dana.

    James Bond… Wilde/Salome… X-Files… The possible connections of things I've gotten interested in from different times of my life is too much.


  14. Looking at the story about the American Nazi, I was was interested to see that he was shot on December 9th. That might actually be a date to watch. I have mentioned this before, but I now have a few more items to add. Oddly enough, they're related to my previous postings:

    1905: The premiere of Richard Strauss' Salome

    1934: Birthdate of Judi Dench, "M" to JB/007.

    1949: John "Well-Manicured/Bosie" Neville is married. Strauss also died earlier that year on 8 September. Interesting Kubrick tie-in... Neville was cast as Humbert in a musical version of Lolita.

    1965: The Kecksburg Incident, or "Pennsylvania Roswell."

    Nothing else I can think of, other than the fact that 12/9 is 13 days before 12/22. Hell of a day to be superstitious.


  15. Jason my apologies on the AR/AR misdirection - I only believe it because I imagine that it ought to be true - it makes sense to me on some days.
    But it isn't true. Anastasia Romanov was born in St. Petersburg in 1901 and Ayn Rand was born as Alice Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg four years later. As much as i can tell myself those four years don't matter, in the end they have to remain a permanent divide between the two.
    But it is fun to imagine - I make a point of only ever believing half the things i think I believe . . . . sometimes

  16. I thought that you might have been pointing to speculation that Ms. Rosenbaum was actually a pseudonym taken on by Anastasia, and that she changed her pseudonym yet again to Ayn Rand before building her following. Even if it isn't true, it would make an interesting novel. Of course, hardcore Objectivists would probably bristle at the historical inaccuracies, because Objectivists never do that sort of thing.


  17. Hi Christopher,

    I read your fantastic book and want to speak with you. I am directing a documentary on Superheroes and would like to discuss your thoughts.