Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Secret Sun Classic: St. Patrick's Day (UPDATED)

It's St. Osiris, er, I mean St. Paddy's Day- don't forget to read (or re-read) The Not-so-Secret History of St. Patrick's Day!

Me, I'll be fixing up the boiled dinner for the brood and hoping that nothing too heavy is rolled out today. I gotta admit I had some pretty disturbing dreams last night. Too bad I don't drink anymore...

UPDATE: Michelle Obama has the White House fountain dyed green. I'm sure that's to celebrate her Hibernian roots...

UPDATE II: Quoting the above-linked post:
General George Washington issued a proclamation during the Revolutionary War, declaring March 17, 1780 a holiday for the Continental Army, then stationed in Morristown, New Jersey, in honor of the many soldiers of Irish ancestry and those born in Ireland. It was reported that this was the first holiday granted the troops in two years.
In this light, don't forget the recent earthquake/UFO activity in Morristown.

UPDATE III: Also, don't forget my childhood encounter with a leprechaun, which I also linked to on the Satellite.

UPDATE IV: Here is some tragic St Paddy's Day news- Natasha Richardson, wife of Liam Neeson and member of the Richardson/Redgrave acting dynasty has been declared brain dead after a skiing accident. Richardson first became known to American audiences in her portrayal of Patty Hearst, whose comrade-in-arms in the SLA Sara Jane Olson was released from prison today. UPDATE 16:58EST- Richardson not brain-dead, flown to new hospital. Hmm...


  1. I had some weird dreams as well.....care to share?

  2. That article is wonderful Chris. Well worth reading!

    ...Although I can kind of feel where you may have held back while I was reading it - and kind of wished you hadn't!

    None-the-less it remains an excellent work!


  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Chris, and your readers!

    I backtracked to your earlier posting on the "Not-so-Secret History" of the holiday, and found it fascinating. Excellent job.

    Within the last two weeks, my son (who has a Celtic name) has moved into his new apartment in Southie, with two friends. South Boston, of course, has the most concentrated Irish population in the USA, so I look forward to hearing how his first St. Patrick's Day went there.

    Since I ran the Charlestown office of DSS from 1980-1983, from the Masonic Temple at Thompson Square, I must say, I already have some awareness about being Irish in Boston!

    Have a great day, and I'll raise a glass of green root beer in honor of The Secret Sun's insights tonight!

  4. Chris,

    Androginy, Royal Blood, London´s Universal (Greenwich) Time, 3:30 am... sounds like part of an interesting script...


  5. Oh yes, and don't forget to celebrate the Green Men today!

  6. Anony 347- I don't trust dreams so no, thank you...

    Andre- Yes, I gotta read that Tsarion book now...

    Strangey- Held back? How so?

    Loren- Well, I'm from Braintree, so I know all about it. If you click on Celtic Culture I may have written on Southie...

    Anony 904- yes, it was called Stargate =)

    Loren II- Ah yes. Loren what do you think of the theory that "Aesir" may be derived from "Ausur?" Seeing all that Osiris worship in Ireland (and Hathor lending her name to "heather) makes me wonder...

  7. Had no idea about the Osiris/St.Patrick connection until now. Secret Sun rocks as usual.

    But I have one question I couldn't find an answer for in the "Not-so-secret-history" link. Unless I didn't read carefully enough.
    Pinching people, who don't wear green, all day. Some sort of secret meaning behind this or just some strange custom that's randomly developed recently?


  8. Richardson played twin Lindsay Lohans' mom in the 1998 version of Parent Trap, which was split between California and England and involved troublesome young girls. Lindsay was just in the news yesterday when an arrest warrant against her was dismissed.

    Richardson's latest movie also was split between California and England and involved troublesome young girls: Wild Child. The star of that movie, Emma Roberts, is in the news today dissing Lindsay Lohan! http://www.ahlanlive.com/10886

  9. Based on what I'm reading here, something doesn't sound right about the nature of what happened to Natasha Richardson. She had a fall that didn't seem serious, and she ends up in critical condition? I'm sure a medical professional might be able to explain how it could have happened, but still...

    Unfortunately, I just did a posting very recently where I mentioned that her father directed the very bizarre black comedy The Loved One, whose script was was co-written by Christopher Isherwood. His writings about 1930s Berlin inspired Cabaret, for which Natasha won a Tony in 1998 (according to the linked article).
    She also starred in a film version of The Handmaid's Tale, whose themes sound all-too-familiar.


  10. What the hell?

    I'm finding way too much today. Call it the luck of the Irish. (Yes, I have an Irish surname.)


  11. Hmm, it is odd, Jason. But by the same token, brain injuries can be like that. It's heartbreaking- someone can seem fine one minute and drop dead the next. Let's hope Mr. Neeson gets to the bottom of it all.

  12. Vyzygoth has just anounced that he is shutting down his radio show and website and will not be doing any more podcats.

    With AK, shutting down his podcast too - I wonder if this portends something - folk closing shop / shutting down (consciously or uncounsciously) because of whats coming.


  13. I don't know about the other guy but Aeolus will be back and better than ever, from what I know. So take heart.

  14. That's pretty F'd up (on Natasha), I just did a post on Liam Neeson + his movie Taken a few days ago, odd/dark synch :S I would have mentioned her if I looked into her more closely, coming from an 'acting/media dynasty' and playing alongside Lindsay... 'brain-dead' indeed! Think a post is in order! Cheers muchly Chris, p.s. thanks for your reply to my Lily Cole comment which I agree on the most part with but will reply with a few things I'd like to clear up soon.

  15. I watched Witch Mountain the 1995 tv version last night. Then I dreamt I ate a banana split with the Sheriff from the show. I had maple walnut syrup and Destiny's Child brand choclate syrup.

    When I was a kid I could find a four leaf clovers every time. Once I filled an entire gallon size zip lock bag in one sitting. That time I found different number leaves too. I seem to recall the most leaves I ever found was 17.

    Your Mom ever dye your milk green? yuk

  16. probably only a 7 leaf clover not a 17

  17. Damn- James, can you repost your comment about the Dublin Masonic Hall? Sorry, brother...

  18. I was looking at the Photo from Freemasons' Hall, 17 Molesworth Street, Dublin. What is the difference between Freemasons and Hasidic Jews? I go inside Hasidic Synagogues often and recently noticed on the little temple, they have a veil with an illustration of Jakin and Boaz. I've seen the Jordan Maxwell illustration of the similarities between the Pope and a Rahbi. The Menorahs and Stars of David are really bizarre in a Freemasonic Temple.

  19. Well, both traditions go back to the same Egyptian and Sumerian roots, James. I always think of Assyrian art when I see rabbis done up in ceremonial garb.

  20. When we looked at the Mormons their pool reminded me of the Hasidic pools too.

    So I sit back to do some drafting, turn on the bootleg website and Dragonball Evolution is playing. I'm five minutes in the film and have already seen the Green Man, Piccolo and a black sun (eclipse). Whoa

  21. Then at the end Goku turned into a Monkey (Thoth/King Kong) when the eclipsed sun turned green. The dragon balls summon a kundalini resonating dragon too.

  22. I find it troublesome that we now have a syndrome called "talk & die" attached to Richardson's death. My radar sadly is up on this one. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. What an awful tragedy, regardless.