Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Secret Storm, Part 2: Watchmen and Beyond

Part Two of the gabfest between Aeolus Kephas and myself is now up here
. Here are Aeolus' notes for the show:

Part Two of the Wind/Sun debate: AK and CK discuss the code of the superhero, myths as blueprints, Watchman - Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan as antichrist and Christ? - Lex Luthor & Dr. Doom, how villains see themselves as world saviors, living by synchronicity, identifying with the archetypes, C.G. Jung, the visionary of our times, the dangers of superhuman potential outside the realm of the archetypes, Stan Lee comics as moral instruction for kids, CK's upbringing, CK's work at Secret Sun, seeking agendas behind the symbols, an autobiographical process, Terence McKenna's Ufo as eschaton, a future event casting ripples into the present, CK's gut feeling on what's coming down the pike, the space program and space-born economy, the war on terror, new rulings as preparation for mass panic in a "contact situation," entering a new paradigm, alien pageants, government systems as experimental models, evolving beyond physical reality, the dangers of exploring the occult realms, the need to integrate our shadow nature, Jung & Crowley as parallel streams of gnosis, CK's opus magnus and latest book, back into the rabbit hole.

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  1. Cool. Can't wait to hear this.

    Keep up the good work, Chris.

    The ALIEN Project

  2. Great second half there Chris. You and Aeolas deserve an encore for sure.

    You seem to be a perpetual motion synchromystic machine these days CK. I'm glad you got the creative juices flowing again after your break last year! You seemed a bit broken down at that time. I think I even remember murmurings of you ditching the label synchromystic and heading for pastures new back then...

    But you're back at full force, so no worries.

  3. That was a super fun listen Dadio. You got defensive about the word "agenda", however you are an agent of gnosis and your agenda is the "propogation" of consciousness. I don't share your fear of change though, it's the status quo which I disdain. There's just a momentary flinch as the doctor inserts the needle.


  4. BBc news (and others) made sure that the 17 times G. Brown was applauded was in the news. I heard it on the radio while preparing for "tea time". Maybe this is the wrong post for this comment...

  5. That was awesome. Very interesting to listen to and brainstorm along with. I too had a horrible upbringing (my parents grew up in the '60s) so I have had plenty of time to get to know my shadow. What you said about younger people into this stuff seeking therapy caught my attention and I had a gut feeling you were reaching out to me (since I am kind of young and comment often). In some way, you are sort of my therapist, but I'm certain you do not want to tread into the darker aspects of what I find myself thinking about. The openness of your ideas is what draws me here. It's never a guilt trip, and I'm glad you've been open to my ideas (of which I will always find some flaw in) and willing to let me know what you really think.

    Jungian archetypes are what I've been focusing on (obsessed with, actually) in my personal time for the past year, though without reading much Jung at all. There's a list of the 5 of them at the bottom of thispage. If you can somehow view my avatar, based on the progression from the list on the site I linked to they start at Green (shadow) and progress counter clockwise, ending in the center (self), colored black for incomprehensible depth (not "evil") and it can be seen as the source, the destination or both.

  6. Chris, love you man, GREAT second half!
    Attributing to your 'I don't know what's going on right now' thread from the interview (as I think we are all going through hence why we're on your blog!), have you ever seen this (tad-lengthy) lecture by Ian Xel Lungold?
    I just posted this series of vids on my blog (, I had forgotten about them, as I watched it quite some time ago, but it's a whole Mayan Calender description (which I'm sure your familiar with), but when he starts to illustrate "the acceleration of time" and attributes this to technology, it really is a fascinating way to look at what is happening right now and what a lot of us are feeling. If no one has checked this series of vids out before, I highly suggest it...

  7. I think spirit (information) is breaking free of matter.... the universe is waking up. Good morning.

  8. I like what 'anonymous' said, I think that's precisely it...The universe is waking up, and the Powers-That-Be(Have Been) are trying their damnest to quickly crank down the restraining bolts...

  9. Andre- And you as well, sir. Guys, if you haven't yet, check out Andre's site. He is working in sync with this blog in many ways.

    Sub Specie- Yeah, last summer was brutal. The weather was wreaking havoc with my fibro. Kind of hard to think of things to write about when the pain levels get too high.

    James- I agree with you- I just like to be the agent of my own change. I guess we don't always have that luxury.

    Gad- Yeah, they're really hitting the 17. When it gets real obvious like that, it's usually not Synchronicity.

    Tommy- I was actually making a recommendation based on my own experiences. Once I pulled some of those old demons into the open, the dark side of all of this loosened its grip on my throat.

    I'm going to do a post soon on good, cogent introductions to Jung.

    Transcendie- Yes, acceleration of time is something I think about a lot . When kids notice (whose days are supposed to be like our weeks) you know something is afoot.

    Anony 1143- Cheers!

    Anony 1146- Words of wisdom for us all. Thank you.

    Transcendie2- Yes, and all the fear-mongering is the result of that.

  10. I have just uploaded a new 3 minute peek into Watchmen from the director Zack Snyder. Check it out here: There is an ORDER to our DEEPEST FEARS!.

    Thanks again, Chris.

    One love, my brother.

    The ALIEN Project

  11. I enjoyed your podcast, keep up the good work! I just wanted to say about your "leprechaun" experience, me and my brothers all hallucinated with high fevers. I personally had an out of body experience, and saw reality as a matrix-like grid. These types of hallucinations are so real, and take realistic form and shape. I was able to mess with my brother one time, and whatever I said was manifested as "real" to him.

  12. @anony and @Transcend The M.O.-

    Regarding the idea of spirit breaking free of matter and the universe waking up, I may be looking at this the wrong way but I say that the universe is fully awake, absolutely conscious; and we may be on our way to waking up to that greater consciousness.

    But I guess that is what you guys may mean in a sense anyways.

    @Chris Knowles - I'm glad to hear that that you've come through those bad times back last year and are ripping it up!
    Keep it coming.

  13. Hey Chris,

    I would LOVE to get a post about your general thoughts on the remaking of the Watchmans ending.

    ALthough, I've read all about it, and am DEEP in Alan Moore's work right now - Maybe after the movie goes out as to not give away spoilers.

    The changes they've made, as with all the changes made to Moore's work as they are transferred to the big screen, seem important and telling.



    Ps. Haven't listened yet, but will as I drive to Detroit tomorrow.

  14. Hey Chris,

    Check this out:

    Michael Jackson's Face During Tour Announcement (PHOTOS)

    Seems like the King of Pop, is now a member of Kabbalah.

    The ALIEN Project

  15. Hey Chris, this post (copied by Ben Fairhall at the Daily Behemoth but original from Goodspeedreport) may be related to maybe our slavery to the gods:

    'We are a generation of men who are programmed to worship at the altars of porcelain mannequins and inflatable sex dolls. Little girls in the United States are instantly aware of this perverse, collective idolatry by male beasts. They sense the energy field coursing through the air around their skin. And they know that in order to absorb this stream, they must become ideal capacitors for its electromagnetic frequencies. This means transforming themselves into objects of worship and obsession. Billions of human beings pray to the very gods before whom they tremble in fear and want and pitiful desperate aching privation. One need not love a god in order to hand one's soul to it.'

  16. Chris,

    here's a brand new synch spotting idea!

    I've set up a Synch account at twitter.

    Any blog can share the tweets sent to @synchs -
    Live from the SynchroVerse!

    Synchronizing the Synchromystics!

    Check out the information post and tweet gadget at


  17. Chris - I see what you mean. I could use a mind-purge, though. Sorry about my lengthy comments, I understand you're a busy guy.

    I could also use a good look at Jungian archetypes from someone who knows.

  18. There's an article in New Scientist entitled "Quantum Superheroes: The science of the Watchmen" which can be found here:

    Apologies if this was posted before, but I thought I'd pass it along. The article could have been a little deeper, IMHO, but it was cool to see it at all.

  19. In the year when a movie called SlumDOG Millionaire sweeps the Academy Awards, I give you this bit of info:

    Anoop Desai just made it into one of the top positions on the season 8 of American Idol. Anoop didn't qualified for the coveted Top 12, but was given a special spot as a part of the new Top 13.

    According to egyptian mythology, Horus was baptized by Anup the Baptiser in the Nile. In several interpretations Anup is also referred to as Anubus, who is usually represented as either a jackal or a wild dog, or a hybrid of both. It is also mentioned by several scholars that this mythology gave birth to the legend of the Dog-Man or Wolf-Man.

    Interesting, considering that this is the year when Hugh Jackman unsheathes the claws once again to play Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie.

    It gets no better than this.

  20. Awesome Andre!
    The desi, Anoop Desai !?!
    listen closely to the 'Noop dogg' at the
    IDOL8(try) Audition.

    A Masters student in WHAT?!?


  21. nice interview, good listen.

  22. Just watched that A.I. Andre!

    "Anoop "BROWN" Dog", Randy JACKson said.
    and also
    " Bobby Brown's cousin..."

    Anoop/ANUP said this after rocking out the song "My Perogative" by Bobby Brown, (who is also famous for his stormy relationship with Whitney Houston)...
    "We're all thinking of Eve and I love you Chapel Hill"

    Eve Marie Carson, 22, was elected student body president at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in February 2007. Her term would have ended in April.

    A native of Athens, Ga., Eve was born Nov. 19, 1985. She came to Carolina in the fall of 2004 as the recipient of a prestigious Morehead Scholarship. A member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society, she was a pre-medicine student majoring in both political science and biology. As a North Carolina Fellow, she was part of a four-year leadership development program for undergraduates.


    Eve Marie Carson the 22yr old PBK born on 11/19/1985
    1119 a very Templar year!
    Wikipedia lists the creation year of the KT as 1119.

    An instead of the Top 12 a Top 13 to include Anoop!



  23. Not sure if any here have read this one. Thought I would post the link.

    James Kakalios - Putting the Science Into 'Watchmen'

  24. Hey man, sorry to re-iterate, but I'm re-watching those vids I was telling you about that I posted, and man, you GOTTA check these out and tell me what you think, this guy really raises some cool points...I know your totally busy, but they're something you can listen to in the backround and take a peek at his illustrations every once in a while...Amazing stuff...Really gets your gears turning...

  25. After she accepted a faculty position at one of the many universities in the area, my wife and I moved to the Research Triangle area a few years ago. We are, of course, aware of the Eve Carson story since it appears on the local news every so often.

    Based on my own experience, I was surprised to learn that Carson was a member of PBK already. Perhaps different chapters have different standards, but I was inducted at my alma mater the day before graduation.

    I have noticed some strange things around the Research Triangle as well. No mysterious manifestations of unexplained phenomena, but some symbolically interesting structures. Just in the past year, the Royal Bank of Canada finished its pyramid-capped skyscraper in downtown Raleigh. Also, slightly northeast of downtown, there's a long grass field surrounded by buildings between N. Salisbury and N. Wilmington Streets. At the north end is the Archdale Building, which has three skeletal pyramid-shaped structures. (Here's another interesting image.)

    Even stranger, however, is University Tower in Durham (note the number of stories). Every time I see it, I wonder about the rationale for its location. It isn't on a university campus, and it isn't in a downtown area. It's just amidst a bunch of strip malls, car dealerships, and restaurants. This has additional photos.


  26. Jason,

    Also, slightly northeast of downtown, there's a long grass field surrounded by buildings between N. Salisbury and N. Wilmington Streets.

    Is this the location you are referring to...
    on Google Maps


  27. StrangEye,

    That is precisely the spot. The slightly off-center triangular convergence of the two paths is quite interesting as well.

    Looks like a great place for an aerial vehicle to land in a pinch...